Which Is The Best Car Audio System

By | April 9, 2023
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Which Is The Best Car Audio System – You spend a lot of money on your car – and a lot of time driving it – but when people are paying for luxury spoilers and big wheels and upgraded interiors, your car’s sound system is often an afterthought.

Considering how much time we spend in our cars – around 11 hours a week, according to a pre-quarantine study – it may be time to rethink your car audio system. Whether you’re listening to music while stuck in traffic, or playing a playlist for a road trip, the best car audio systems can give you a concert-like experience in the safety and comfort of your car’s cabin. Like a pair of luxury headphones, the best modern car audio systems can create a great soundstage whether you’re behind the wheel or in the back seat.

Which Is The Best Car Audio System

Which Is The Best Car Audio System

They call the audio system the ’emotional engine’ of the car, and rightly so: a good car radio system shouldn’t just play music, it should also play.

Suzuki Spacia Aftermarket Radio

The songs you listen to, giving all the little details and arrangements that add to the feeling of the song.

Today, some of the biggest automakers put the same thought into their audio systems as they do into the overall design of the car, partnering with major audio brands to create an incredible in-car audio experience, whether it’s a six-seat sports car or an SUV. family. . Here are some of the best car audio systems we’ve reviewed this year.

McLaren, the loud British sports car brand, is no stranger to road and racing thrills, but the company has also increased the power of its sound systems, with a new partnership with Bowers & Wilkins. The respected audio brand has long been known for its range of luxury headphones and speakers, the latter of which can now be found in the new McLarenGT.

The car has a 12-speaker, high-quality Bowers & Wilkins sound system with carbon fiber subwoofers and Kevlar mid-range car units. Bowers and Wilkins speakers have been used in some of the world’s finest recording studios, including London’s Abbey Road, and with McLaren’s performance-driven heritage, the sound system in the McLaren GT roars and roars with a sound that it is equally attractive and powerful. it’s like the best maintenance of a sports car.

Car Hi Fi Ranking

McLaren and Bowers & Wilkins worked closely to create a sound system that integrates seamlessly with the car’s interior, reflecting the clean lines and curves of the interior architecture. Speaker placement has been carefully considered, using “tweeter-on-top” technology that the company says helps reduce “sound reflection” from the windshield, while also reducing coloration – a term used in the audio industry to denote poor or distorted sound. .

The acoustic enclosure also creates a quiet and surprisingly comfortable listening experience, especially when you consider that the engine is in the back of the car (yes, it’s the trunk in the front and the engine in the back). McLaren says this is intentional, with 12 speakers lined up to ensure “clear sound transmission”. What you get: An enhanced acoustic experience that feels like you’re sitting in a listening booth, with a consistent flow of deep, clear and clean sound.

This is, in fact, a bold and powerful sound system, so you can really turn up the beats if you really want to.

Which Is The Best Car Audio System

Music. What we like: The speakers are loud, but not so loud that you can’t hear the engine. This is a McLaren after all and you want to hear that as you accelerate off the line.

Lossless Installation 6.5

When Chevrolet wanted a new car audio system for the redesigned Corvette, the company turned to one of the best audio brands in the industry: Bose. The result is a stunning 14-speaker Bose Performance system in the Corvette Stingray that delivered one of the most immersive listening experiences we’ve had in any vehicle.

First introduced in the eighth-generation Corvette, the new system continues the tradition of collaboration between Bose and Chevrolet that began with the fourth-generation Corvette of 1984. Engineers from both brands did not work on the latest model. of the car, they also had to modify the entire sound system layout, as the Corvette moved to a mid-engine layout from the more conventional front-engine layout.

The result is a perfectly placed acoustic enclosure, with a combination of neodymium speakers on the dashboard, along the top of the doors and behind the cabin. Two 10-inch Bose speakers boost bass, with one connected to each door. With a total of 14 precision-placed speakers – the most Bose has ever put in a two-seater – driver and passenger experience balanced and spacious sound.

You might think that the sound system in a sports car like a Corvette would be full of bass (and not much else), but you’d be wrong. A custom Bose sound system delivers studio-quality sound, so you can hear the song as the artist intended. Both the highs and mids are very well blended, with the bass humming rather than roaring, adding to the soundscape without dominating it. The speaker placement also simulates 360-degree sound, so the sound seems to “float” around you instead of coming straight at you from the front or back.

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Bonus: Bose designed the audio system to automatically adjust your movements when you roll the roof off the car. Even when your hair is blowing in the wind, your songs sound full, smooth and crystal clear.

Let’s face it – you’re behind the wheel of a Jaguar F-TYPE to take it through some tough turns and really enjoy the thrill of a stylish and practical sports car. Indeed, the car’s superior handling and aerodynamic performance handled the curves of Mulholland Drive and the plains of the Malibu Gorges beautifully. But we were equally impressed with how good our driving sound sounded, too.

That’s thanks to Jaguar’s partnership with Meridian, which offers three different car audio settings for the all-new F-TYPE. We tested a car with 14 speakers, producing a total of 380 watts of loud and clear sound, with two subwoofers in the back to bring out the bass. But Jaguar’s Meridian headset systems can include up to 26(!) speakers on select F-TYPE models, with a whopping 1300 watts of power. That said, this is a car whose sound is as exciting as its performance.

Which Is The Best Car Audio System

The music in our car was fine-tuned for brightness and contrast, and the deep speaker placement made sound echo throughout the interior. The sound was wide and expansive and seemed bigger than the car itself, as if we were listening to music in a concert hall or – at least if we had Def Leppard blaring – as if we were in a huge arena show.

Ways To Improve Your Car’s Audio

Although the tracks were loud and raucous, the cabin was surprisingly quiet, thanks to Meridian’s “Cabin Tuning Technology,” which eliminates unwanted noise disturbances whether the roof is up or down.

We also love the thought that has gone into the design of the audio system, which has been designed to blend perfectly into the luxury car’s interior. Meridian says its car audio systems also use a unique coding algorithm to automatically correct or compensate for different surfaces and shapes inside the car. What that means: The music always sounds warm and clear, bouncing off the walls rather than sounding muffled or absorbed by the seats and upholstery.

Acura has partnered with Panasonic for its head systems since 2004 and the fruits of the partnership are on full display in Acura’s new ELS STUDIO 3D audio system. We tested the ELS STUDIO 3D system on a 2021 Acura TLX and couldn’t believe that a system of this quality and standard comes on par with newer TLX models (as well as most new Acura vehicles).

The 16-channel, 17-speaker system is a game changer for luxury sedans, creating an incredible 3D sound experience, capable of playing songs in true 5.1 surround sound. The addition of four ceiling-mounted speakers helps provide a three-dimensional sound image and fills the cabin with sound, whether you’re sitting in the front or back.

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Acura says the car’s audio system was tuned by Elliot Scheiner, a Grammy-winning producer/engineer who has worked with everyone from the Foo Fighters and Nine Inch Nails to Fleetwood Mac and Queen. Unfortunately, we heard “Somebody to Love” playing through the speakers during our test, and you can hear the producer’s hand in improving the car’s sound system. Everything was beautiful and exciting, and the speakers picked up even the smallest details, from the soft sound of a drum brush to the beautiful tones of a guitar or keyboard. Most importantly, the vocals remained front and center, which made the songs reverberate throughout the cabinet.

Land Rover is synonymous with luxury, and so is the sound system in its vehicles. Luxury

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