Different Type Of Wood Flooring

By | April 13, 2023
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Different Type Of Wood Flooring – Who doesn’t love old hardwood floors? Whether it’s hickory, oak or maple, a beautiful hardwood floor helps create a bright, luxurious space in any residential or commercial property. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 54% of buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors. And a survey by the National Wood Flooring Association found that 99% of real estate agents believe that hardwood floors sell faster than their carpet counterparts.

There are many reasons to have hardwood in your home. Hardwood floors create a clean, modern aesthetic while ensuring your home remains warm and inviting. Ideal for homes with pets or children, hardwood is easy to clean. Hardwood floors retain their bright, natural look for many years – no matter how small steps are taken on them. Of course, all hardwood needs to be protected from scratches, and hardwood floor casters are a great way to do that. In addition to all the other benefits, hardwood does not cause or exacerbate allergies and increases the value of your property, making it an ideal choice for anyone suffering from asthma or other breathing difficulties. It is important to note that hardwood is durable and environmentally friendly. According to the US Forest Service, the annual net growth of hardwoods is greater than the annual rate of logging. This means that more hardwood trees are planted each year than are removed to make hardwood flooring.

Different Type Of Wood Flooring

Different Type Of Wood Flooring

In America, more than 20 species of deciduous trees are considered abundant and sustainable. Some popular hardwoods include birch and cherry, hard maple, walnut, white oak, and many others. When choosing hardwood floors, you have a variety of grains, colors, and styles to choose from. For example, the relatively rare hickory/pecan wood is the heaviest of American hardwoods, known for its impact strength and durability. Pacific Coast maple, on the other hand, has medium density and a light pink color with fine grain. And, according to the National Hardwood Flooring Association, affordable and attractive, white oak is the most popular type of hardwood flooring in the United States. Yes, the possibilities of hardwood flooring are truly endless. But no matter what type of hardwood floor you decide to install, protect your investment with high-quality casters designed for hardwood floors.

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1. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors – Manufactured in the USA to the highest precision standards. This New Hampshire-based company specializes in modern hardwood flooring. This attractive option is more than twice the width of traditional hardwood floorboards. It’s designed to create the wood feel you’d find in an old barn – if the barn wood was made entirely to strict specifications and colors. Wide plank flooring is more expensive than narrow plank flooring. Because of the high value, it is especially important that the hardwood of the wide planks is secured with high-quality casters. Carlyle uses a variety of materials including American hardwood, pine and reclaimed wood to achieve impressive results. A favorite of high-end designers and architects, the Carlisle brand is known for stylish looks and long-lasting quality.

1. Bruce Hardwood Flooring – Another notable brand you may have come across in your research is Bruce Hardwood Flooring. Known for its affordability, Bruce is sold at major home improvement stores such as Home Depot. Available in many styles and ready for quick installation, Bruce is a real remodeler on a budget. If you’ve ever toured a new home in a middle-class community, you’ve probably come across Bruce hardwood flooring. An American company with a hundred years of history, most of Bruce’s hardwood is grown in the Appalachian region of the United States. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable hardwood value, Bruce is an excellent choice. Your Bruce hardwood floors will be better protected if you choose to place office chairs and other portable furniture on high-quality casters.

The key to maintaining beautiful hardwood floors is to keep them scratch-free. To ensure your hardwood floors stay as bright as the day they were installed, consider purchasing high-quality casters. Casters are attached to the bottom of the furniture and allow heavy objects to be moved smoothly on smooth surfaces such as wooden floors.

We’ve already mentioned one important benefit of casters – they can protect your investment in hardwood floors. However, there are many other benefits to installing high-quality casters.

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1. Installing the right type of caster allows for greater mobility and flexibility in space. Of course, the most common example of furniture with wheels is the office chair. Moving on any smooth surface is easy if your office chair has quality casters.

Large shelves and chests of drawers can be easily moved with casters. The humble caster has many benefits that help reduce workplace injuries and turnover.

Casters are also useful in industrial and hospital settings – for example, all hospital beds have high-quality casters for easy portability. Wheels help reduce physical (and emotional) stress on employees in medical and industrial settings.

Different Type Of Wood Flooring

A child’s bed is often a good place to install casters – high-quality casters make it easy to move the cot frequently to pick up toys and other items and change places as the child grows and their needs change.

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Casters are useful in both large and small spaces. For example, many people choose to install casters on a portable kitchen island.

3. Another important benefit of a high-quality caster is that it helps streamline processes and reduce time between jobs. Moving a storage cabinet usually takes half an hour and 2 or 3 people, but with the help of casters, just one person can do the same job in minutes.

Although there are many types of caster, the three types commonly used for hardwood floors are soft rubber caster, nylon caster, and polyurethane caster.

First, the soft rubber wheel is cushioned and flexible, and it protects hardwood floors well, and is the choice for light and medium-capacity loads. These high quality wheels are made of a special type of flexible rubber. Standard rubber casters are made with a material called carbon black filter that marks floors and should therefore be avoided in areas with hardwood floors. Fortunately, with new processes, rubber can also be made from a non-staining material. A big advantage of rubber wheels is that they absorb large shocks, which makes them smooth and quiet. This type of caster is well suited for offices, hospitals and other commercial and light industrial premises. Soft rubber wheels should be avoided in environments with very high loads or high temperatures.

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Second, nylon casters offer a much higher load capacity and last longer. On the other hand, it is specifically designed for heavy industrial use. Relatively cheap, nylon is very strong and can withstand heavy loads. A nylon caster can withstand high temperatures and strong shocks because it does not absorb shock well, and can be noisy or uncomfortable when placed on office furniture. A nylon wheel is an ideal choice for industrial environments. However, it is also often placed on office chairs and other furniture because it is inexpensive and impossible to mark floors.

Third, polyurethane casters – higher load capacity than rubber are easier on floors than nylon casters. A polyurethane wheel offers the best of both worlds. The material has more capacity than rubber but offers better absorbency than nylon. The wheel is designed to ensure a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces, so it is easily placed on furniture or beds. Although polyurethane casters vary in price, they are more expensive than other options. Most polyurethane wheels will not mark the floor.

Before deciding on the right type of casters for your hardwood floors, there are a few things to consider.

Different Type Of Wood Flooring

Some casters that may be factory fitted to your furniture are not suitable for wooden floors. Depending on the type of wood in your home or office, some factory-installed caster wheels can cause marks, especially if the item sits in one place for a long time.

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If you already have hardwood and caster wheels in place, the first thing you should do is check and make sure it’s the right type of wheel. If the wheel is too hard or too narrow, or if it is metal, it can cause some damage. In general, the softer the wheel, the less likely it is to mark the floor.

If you find that wheels can damage your home, you can use a carpet, area rug, or chair mat as a short-term solution. Place an attractive design element or