Different Types Of Shower Floors

By | April 15, 2023
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While most of you probably refer to the bottom of your shower as the floor, you may see this essential component referred to as a shower base, pan or even container. Whatever you call it, the shower base acts as the foundation for your shower and ensures that water falls down the drain and not into the basement or floor.

Different Types Of Shower Floors

Different Types Of Shower Floors

Before choosing, consider ease of maintenance, durability and cost. Take a minute to learn some important information to help you make this important decision.

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You can choose from a variety of high-quality options, so your best choice may depend on your budget and preferences.

You may decide to tile your shower floor to match the walls or tiles in your bathroom. This is generally an excellent shower solution due to cost and maintenance. Since people showering will be standing on wet tiles, you may also want to consider the texture of the surface to make sure it’s not a slip hazard.

Some coatings can help protect grout, but in an area that gets a lot of use, like a shower, it’s more prone to staining and requires a lot of maintenance. If possible, jointless cladding may provide a better solution.

Cast stone bathtubs can offer you another high-end and elegant solution. They are usually made from a natural stone and synthetic plastic for a combination of durability and a luxurious look. High quality cast stone should be easy to keep clean and resistant to such threats as mold and mildew. It also does not require grout, which can become a cleaning problem. Not including fixtures or labor, cast stone shower floors usually start around $800. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay for tiles or spend time laying them.

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Top 4 Shower Floor Options: Tile (top left); Cast stone (top right); Acrylic (bottom left); Fiberglass (bottom right).

Acrylic shower tubs can provide a mid-priced solution that gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of your shower floor. Acrylic systems come in a variety of colors and sizes, although white, gray and black are common options. You can also order custom pans to fit non-standard spaces or to match specific colors. Expect the price of smaller acrylic showers to start in the $300s, not including labor and accessories. Starting at $900 for the system, you can even buy acrylic bathtubs with molded shower seats.

Some advantages of acrylic shower bases include easy cleaning and maintenance and a relatively modest cost. Because they come in one piece, they are not as prone to cracking as tiles.

Different Types Of Shower Floors

It is possible to find fiberglass bathtubs off the shelf for less than $200. This price makes them an attractive alternative for some uses. However, cheap fiberglass tends to discolor quickly, so it probably won’t give you long-term satisfaction. Even if you take care to clean your shower, mineral deposits can build up in the water over time.

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Because an abrasive may be needed to remove these mineral deposits, cleaning them with abrasives can scratch the fiberglass. You can clean it with some acidic chemicals, but if you prefer not to use it around the house, you can consider an acrylic shower tray. You can find some more expensive fiberglass and composite showers that reduce the chance of stains, but until then the price range will be similar to acrylic or tile showers anyway.

Regardless of the type of shower base you choose, remember that this part of your shower performs vital functions. This mostly prevents water from draining into the plumbing and not dripping through the floor or into the basement. Problems with cisterns or their installation can lead to distortion, mold, mildew and other costly damage. You’ll also want to make sure you have a safe surface to stand on.

While you may have the chance to cut back on other parts of a bathroom renovation, don’t skimp on the shower floor.

For example, you can choose an inexpensive fiberglass shower tub if you only need to repair a shower in a house that you intend to sell relatively quickly for a modest price. If you want to keep your home for years and add value when you sell, you’ll likely find that a more durable solution will save you time or money in the long run. Acrylic showers can provide you with a moderately priced customizable solution that is fairly easy to maintain. For a more luxurious look and to match other parts of your shower and tub, you can consider cast stone or tiles.

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SCHEDULE Free Consultation We hired Legal Eagle to completely redo our master bathroom. This was a large and complex project and Dan and his team did an amazing job… APPENDIX free consultation There are only two types of downspouts, linear and point. However, you will find five different subtypes of these drains: one-, three-, and multi-piece (point) drains, along with tiled and decorative (linear) drain grates. Grilles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and we can install them in a variety of ways.

It may seem like a simple matter, but the type of shower drain you choose can have a huge impact on the finished look of your bathroom or rental property.

If you’re considering a bathroom redesign, here are some tips gleaned from working on countless showers and consulting with other professionals.

Different Types Of Shower Floors

Shower center drains are available in three different configurations: one-piece, multi-piece and three-piece. Linear drains that run along the side of the shower wall are called “concealed and attractive shower drains”. Even though the most common and cheapest option is the point drain, linear drains are more suitable for use in rimless showers.

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The most common type of shower drain is the point drain. It is common for them to be placed in the middle of shower floors, with the floor sloping downwards to drain in all directions. The shower floor acts as a gently sloping funnel that channels all the water into the drain under the floor.

A square draining grate is preferable to a round one, so keep that in mind when shopping. Using a square drain will make the shower floor look better and the plumber will not have to make round cuts on the square tile.

A disadvantage of point drainage is that you cannot always use large slabs to install a point drainage. Point drains are inexpensive, easy to install and readily available. Point drains may look small, but they rarely fail to drain all the water.

As a result, point drains are easier to install than linear drains. If you want to give your shower a unique look, you can buy decorative drain covers for point drains.

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Easy to install and maintain, one-piece shower drains are an excellent choice for the home. If your shower is built on a concrete slab, you most likely have a one-piece shower drain. The easiest to install are one-piece shower drains that fit directly over the drain pipe.

One-piece shower drains may seem basic, but they are useful and adequately prevent clogging and leaks. Concrete can resist water, so one-piece shower drains are ideal for concrete foundations.

One piece shower enclosures can be found at a reasonable price. Since all you need to connect a one-piece shower drain is a screwdriver, there are no installation costs.

Different Types Of Shower Floors

Leaks and expensive repairs can be avoided by using three-piece drains, which are quite effective. Three-piece shower drains are ideal for homeowners with hardwood floors in the shower. If you have a wooden floor, you need a sump, and this is where three-piece drains come into play.

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An ideal shower drain is a three-piece unit that prevents water from draining to the bottom. Mold and mildew can cause serious health problems if allowed to grow in showers built over wood. Installing a three-piece shower drain is more difficult than installing a one-piece drain, so it’s best left to a professional.

The most advanced and most difficult point drains are multi-piece shower drains. If you have a one-piece shower enclosure, you will need a multi-piece shower trap. There is only one section of a multiple downspout that does not connect to a downspout: the top.

Multi-piece drains screw together in the same way as one-piece drains and require two to four screws to secure the top plate in place. In multi-piece shower drains, rubber seals are strong enough to handle high water pressure. Installing a multiple shower trap is a hassle, but it works with even the simplest of showers.

Linear drains, as the name suggests, are long and narrow, as their name suggests. In recent years, these drains have become more and more fashionable, adding a touch of elegance to the shower. However, most of the time they are instead installed next to one of the shower walls

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