Quartz Countertops Price Per Square Foot Installed

By | May 15, 2023
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How much does a quartz countertop cost? It is an attractive choice for the kitchen, whether you are renovating the kitchen or replacing an old table with a new version. And you need to know what you need to budget for a new page.

Quartz Countertops Price Per Square Foot Installed

Quartz Countertops Price Per Square Foot Installed

Quartz countertops are engineered stone. In other words, they are made of natural stone, but together with resins and pigments to create these slabs. The process results in a table that is durable and does not require periodic re-covering. It can look like natural stone or concrete, and there are many other looks to consider as part of your kitchen remodeling ideas.

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But if you have these preferences, you want to know what you can pay for quartz, how much installation costs, and how much you can save by DIYing, and we have the answers you need.

Quartz is an easy to care for and attractive countertop material. “Quartz is definitely the most popular countertop material in the United States—and for good reason,” says Jason Quint, owner of Central Florida kitchen design studio Signature Kitchens (opening in ‘new lane).

“Its non-porous nature makes it a very clean and stain-resistant surface, and because it’s synthetic, the styles match natural stones like marble, but without the imperfections.”

But how much does a quartz countertop cost if that’s the option you choose? “Quartz countertops cost an average of $4,500 to install, including materials and installation costs,” says Bailey Carson, home care expert at Angi (opens in a new tab). “The total cost of the project will depend on the specific cut of the quartz and your location.”

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While quartz is often a countertop option that can be considered alongside natural stone, the pricing structure is different, explains Adam Graham, construction industry analyst at Fixr (opens in tab new). “The material is manufactured, so the costs are not based on rarity like with natural stones. Nor are they based on how fragile the material is or how difficult it is to get a large slab out of it, like some delicate stones.

The total cost of a quartz countertop actually includes several elements. “It includes model, material, fabrication and installation, but the price can vary by brand, design and color,” explains Kerry Sherin, Consumerist at Ownerly (opens at new tab).

If you choose quartz countertops, you should expect to pay between $70 and $100 per square foot for installation, or between $1,500 and $12,000 for the entire project, says Bailey Carson.

Quartz Countertops Price Per Square Foot Installed

Remember that the control details you choose can affect the cost of your kitchen mod. “A beech edge or bevel edge can add $10 to $30 per linear foot,” says Jason Quint.

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You may be considering a DIY quartz countertop installation to keep your costs down, but is it a good idea? “Installing new desks is a complex task that usually requires a professional,” says Bailey Carson. “Quartz slabs are very heavy and difficult to move, so at least you need other people to help you.”

Jason Quint explains, “A board can weigh over 700 pounds, and not only do you need special equipment to handle that weight, but you also want experienced people who can handle and move heavy objects regularly. DIY installation is all about your cabinets, the board itself, you, and a recipe for damage to the rest of your home. Let the professionals do what they can. Besides, you’re not saving that much, the installation is the -the least expensive element.”

Quartz countertops are not a cheap option for kitchens, but there are ways to spend less. “Quartz is usually sold in slabs or half slabs, depending on the manufacturer,” explains Jason Quint.

“Some manufacturers have warehouse programs with a limited selection of styles, but you only pay for what you need, which is a great savings opportunity. One of the manufacturers we work with has six layers starting at $48 and going up to $105 per sq. ft., includes preparation and setting of tables.

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If you want to spend less, pay attention to the details. “You can save money by choosing straight-edge, a simple, budget-friendly shape for your quartz countertop that requires less cutting and fitting than a standard top-mount sink,” suggests Volodymyr Barabach, co- founder and project director of Structural building contractors. Radius (opens in a new tab).

“Choosing natural colors will save money because they are easier to source than complex patterns.”

However, be aware of the quality. “Quartz on the market varies in hardness and quality,” says Kerry Sherin. “To respond to the lower market, manufacturers are forced to change their ratio of resin to quartz, quality control, manufacturing processes and warranties.”

Quartz Countertops Price Per Square Foot Installed

Always choose quartz from a reputable manufacturer that will perform as intended. “I remember the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” says Jason.

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Granite and quartz countertops can be relatively similar in price, but granite costs more. “Granite countertops can start at $40 per square foot for some of the most basic stones, but average over $100 per square foot installed, and some exotic stones can go up to $400 per foot square,” says Adam Graham.

They are attractive and durable options for countertops, but keep in mind that granite requires maintenance, which can reduce costs. “Granite is more porous, so it needs to be sealed once a year, whereas quartz doesn’t,” says Bailey Carson.

In this Moreland Hills, Ohio kitchen designed by Dawn Cook BLDC Design (opens in a new tab), Cambria quartz was used for the countertops, bar, and full-height backsplash. The price was 15,000 dollars.

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You may have heard of quartz before. It is a beautiful crystal used primarily in jewelry. However, it can also be used to make tables for kitchens. To make quartz countertops, manufacturers mix crushed quartz crystals with a polymer resin to help form the shape. In addition, quartz countertops are also mixed with different colors for a beautiful appearance.

Of all the types of countertop out there, quartz is on the steep side when it comes to price. However, if you want something that will complement your kitchen well and serve you for years to come, then you are definitely investing in the right table. Before we go ahead and understand what makes quartz kitchen countertops better, let’s first talk about its cost.

On average, a kitchen has about 60 square feet. number of counters, so if you are thinking of changing your countertops, this should be the standard. Small kitchens are about 25 square feet. of the banks. Manufacturers often charge per sq.ft. additional service charges for the tables you need.

Quartz Countertops Price Per Square Foot Installed

High-end quartz countertops can cost around $120-$200 per square foot. Going by this calculator, you’re looking at $7,200-$12,000 for a large kitchen of about 60 square feet. For a small kitchen of 25 square feet, you can spend between $1,875-2,250. This type of quartz is more durable than others. They also have a more stylish design.

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If you want something cheaper, you can buy premium quality quartz for around $100 per square foot. Although they are less expensive, they are just as durable as high-end quartz. The main difference is the appearance. While high-grade quartz has a simple and elegant appearance, premium quartz is bright and solid in color.

These two options are considered the best type of quartz. They are simply the first choice. They are just like everyone else