Tiles Design For Home Flooring India

By | May 13, 2023
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Tiles Design For Home Flooring India – Staying in touch with the times and what the world is doing when it comes to interior design is very important. Building beautiful spaces that reflect your personality and offer you the joy of belonging with all that matters. When it comes to the interior or exterior of a space, we all have to consider the walls and floors of the house, which play an important role in your design. When it comes to tiles, you can choose from several materials, colors, finishes and designs. However, only one of them is suitable for certain applications. Answer: tiles!

Here are some tile designs we picked that you should definitely add to your aesthetic list:

Tiles Design For Home Flooring India

Tiles Design For Home Flooring India

The use of tiles and stone in the interior and exterior of your home is considered an investment. It gives your property a premium look and feel and increases the market value of your home by maintaining the shine and glossy effect for a long time. It is recommended that you use the appropriate tile adhesive and grout because all your hard work in choosing the tiles and designing your home depends on the tiles being laid correctly and not breaking for a long time so that you can enjoy your home for generations to come.

Eco Friendly Flooring Options For Your Apartment

Ceramics, one of the leading ceramic tile companies, has been part of the ceramic industry since 1977 with the belief that “innovation is a state of mind”. Visit our website to view our collection of the best tile designs in India or visit your nearest showroom to learn more about us. These are high-quality porcelain tiles that are produced with four main steps. The four stages involved in the process are mixing, creating, firing and finishing. It is made using a mixture of feldspar, different types of clay and silica. Great effort is put into each stage to produce high-quality porcelain tiles.

It is one of the most popular exterior and interior options for both residential and commercial projects. If you want an elegant and classic look for your home, then 20mm thick porcelain tiles are the perfect choice. leading manufacturers of porcelain floor tiles in India.

The 20mm thickness ensures high resistance to stress, making it an ideal choice for areas that are subject to high wear and draw heavy traffic. It is the perfect choice for walkways, driveways, pools, gardens, kitchens, home floors and much more.

Now we come to the big question, how do you choose the right 20mm thick porcelain tile for your project?

Best Home Floor Design Ideas For Every Room In Your House

It is important to do a thorough and detailed research on the project and the styles that match the desired theme. Thanks to this, you will be fully informed about the current trends in the market. You can refer to online magazines or contact other customers who have used 20mm tiles. Also, don’t forget that our tile experts here at Décorcera are available to answer all of your tile questions.

Choosing the right tiles is important. The tiles should match the room you are designing. It should complement your decor and furniture. Tiles should match the rest of your interior.

Get light-colored tiles that will add character to your bathroom. You can choose glossy or satin tiles for the walls. Use dark or earthy tiles for your hallways as these are high traffic areas and dark colors will hide dirt and wear. Use basic colors for roof or patio tiles. White is preferred because it helps to significantly reduce the temperature in the room. You can visit our official website for more design ideas.

Tiles Design For Home Flooring India

Saving money is important in any project. You can enter the dimensions of your room and our tile experts will help you determine the correct number of tiles needed for your specific project. When buying tiles, make sure you only buy more than the required quantity. This ensures that your project does not get delayed and you do not face shortage of raw materials in the middle of the project work.

Vitrified Tiles, Granite Or Marble

It is important to be aware of the porcelain stock in your city or town. Learn more about them, their famous projects, customer satisfaction and more. Search their store, website online and then choose you, the supplier.

Décor Cera has been a leading supplier of porcelain tiles in India for over three decades. We have customers from all over the world. We have a team of experts to guide you through the entire process of selecting tiles. We have a regularly updated website where you can contact us and also learn about our latest collections.

Laying tiles requires professional help. Although it is a quick and easy process; you need to find the right professionals to get the job done perfectly. Here at Décor Cera, we not only provide our customers with high-quality porcelain tiles, but we also help you find the right professionals to perfectly tile your home.

Once the 20mm tiles are installed, it is important to maintain them as well. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, but it’s still important to take care of them to extend their life. Check out this post from Décor Cera for porcelain tile maintenance tips.

Buy Vitrified Floor Tiles + Best Price

To get in touch with us, you can visit our website or you can also communicate through mail and telephone. You can email us at pm@ or call us at +91 82856 44444. Finding beautiful tiles that meet the criteria of luxury, good and cheap is the biggest challenge in the design process.

Each room has a specific design element and also a specific use. Therefore, a specific mosaic pattern must be selected for each room to match the overall space. Here are some beautiful porcelain tiles that suit any area and design trends that many people love.

Tiles not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but also help make everyday life at home easier, more comfortable and cleaner. To choose a beautiful tile pattern for yourself, you must follow the following criteria:

Tiles Design For Home Flooring India

A good pavement with a long service life is a quality pavement. Please do not skimp on the cost of tiles, choose poor quality tiles as it can be dangerous for your family. To identify quality tiles, try putting a few drops of water on the back of the tiles, if it can absorb water, the tiles are standard and vice versa.

Buy The Best Types Of Floor Tile At A Cheap Price

It would help if you chose a pattern for gypsum and kaolin based tiles. The back side should be completely white.

When purchasing, touch the surface of the wood-looking porcelain tile, if you hear a sound, it is a stable, solid and graded tile.

Pay attention to the uniformity of the tiles. If the tiles do not deform when laid next to each other on a flat surface, if there are no gaps, this means that the tiles meet the standards and can be used.

If the owner of a family house manages to choose the tile models he likes in the style of the general design of the room, then the owner of houses and apartments with small areas will have a headache from mathematics: How to expand my small room with visual taste.

The 12 Different Types Of Tiles, Explained By Pros

Architects have understood this concern and identified several criteria for choosing a beautiful tile pattern in 2020 that can expand the maximum positive area suitable for homes with defects in the area related to the color and motivation of the tiles.

The size of the tiles is a factor when the owner wants a more spacious room than the actual room. Ceramic tile 600×600, Ceramic tile 400×400 is the best solution that creates the effect of a paste zone for small rooms.

Small houses are mostly made in neutral tones such as gray, beige, grey, so architects advise homeowners to choose light tones of tiles that can capture natural light so that the room always looks clean and bright. , more broadly. However, pay attention to the color of the furniture you are going to decorate, so that the harmonious color scheme is balanced.

Tiles Design For Home Flooring India

A limited area should say no to tile motifs, complex patterns, complex eyes. Instead, choose a tile pattern that is smooth, simple and light.

What Types Of Tiles Used In Indian Homes?

The living room is considered the face of the family, it shows the class and aesthetic taste of the owner. That is why every step in the selection and design of the living room is family oriented. This space allows the family to create creative and innovative designs that match the look and reflect the “artistic spirit” of the entire home.

Please note that if your family has children, use a special tile with a rough pattern to reduce sliding and keep your child safe. tiles with too many decorative patterns should not be used in the living room, as this place is often in contact with water and causes a lot of wear.

The color and design of the bedroom directly affects the quality of sleep in the home. One way to create a comfortable

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