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By | March 13, 2023

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American Furniture Manufacturing has a consumer rating of 1.53 stars based on 23 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. American Furniture Manufacturing is ranked #269 among furniture sites.

American Furniture

American Furniture

I’m trying to figure out how do I get the warranty or do I get it at the store. Or do I need to void the warranty.

Dorsten Sofa Chaise

I have a sectional. Within 2 months of use, the “bonded” skin or paper thin skin peels off like crazy. I have never had such bad furniture. Pillows cover even more areas of peeling.

I bought a set for the living room a year ago, the pillows sag terribly. Trying to contact someone to see if they have replacements. No one will help. Also, I love the set.

Pop (cardboard), thin padding/lining for furniture handles, also sofas move easily even on carpet.

The photos really don’t show the lack of quality, and you definitely can’t hear your hands popping when you put your hands on your hands!

Furniture Designers Who Make, And Manufacture, In The United States

A little over a year ago I bought what I thought was a really nice sofa bed for my spare bedroom. My wedding party comes from Tucson two or three times a year. He sits for a week and then goes home. She is 60 years old. Anyway, she came to Thanksgiving, She sat on him. The leg was broken. American furniture came out. It turned out that the legs are held by a staple. It cost over $400.00. It looked nice, maybe worth $50.00. I was told it was out of warenty. If I paid them $100 they would repair it. What are the main new legs on JUNK. I’m out because of it. Offer to really look at what you buy at American Furniture!

Talk about a waste of time and money. I’m constantly going back and forth with customer service… I’m constantly being rushed…

I purchased the chair and ottoman in March 2019 from Levin Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio. I would like to show you this photo. My husband says it looks like a broken car. I bought it for myself, I weigh 120 lbs. And it looks like it was an elephant chair. This week he will go to the curb. In the trash in less than a year. Levin Furniture shame on you for such garbage.

American Furniture

I bought 2 chairs and a couch from Breault & Martineau in Saint Bruno, Quebec that the AFM crap is throwing at us, no fabric finish on all 3 pieces, lining sewn wrong, I just bought this $#*! in May 2019 and it already looks like it has been used and abused for years, I WANT MY MONEY BACK! 2050. 00$

American Furniture Classics Deer Valley Sleeper Sofa

This is a very cheap piece of furniture. The skin is very bad. The production is bad. Especially for the price they were asking. I will never buy anything from this cheap construction company again.

Bought a couch from Boscov’s, I didn’t even know it was junk. After 2 years, the “skin” comes off one sofa armrest for no apparent reason. I tried to call the manufacturer, but there is no answer from this company. The protection plan is called Guardian, but the peeling “skin” is not covered – not surprisingly. Terribly disappointed with the build quality and response from both Guardian and Boscovs

The ACM production section was purchased. A few months later, the shoulder of the section on one side simply collapsed completely. The frame was faulty. AFM’s 1 year warranty on the frame is worthless as they claim any problems with the frame are not the result of normal wear and tear and refuse to honor their warranty or correct their shoddy workmanship. It didn’t work while my hand was on it! If you want to spend a lot of money on junk furniture made by a dishonest company, then AFM is for you. CAREFULLY!

Bought 2 chairs from large lots and one is still fine with my petite 120lb wife using it exclusively. The other one was doing fine until I fell asleep in it once. (280 lbs) when I woke up the arm was out 2 inches and the footrest was bent. When I flipped it over, I found that it had a thin steel support and cheap, useful OSB combined with decent laminated plywood. Cheap thing failed. The cover material is good. I am writing to them to see if they will make a stronger model and if so I may try them again. But in the future I will turn the furniture upside down to check before I buy. I also feel like I’m not too upset because I paid a great lot price and not a furniture store price.

American Furniture Manufacturing

The sofa is less than two years old, and the seams are coming apart. Nothing but FLY, a replacement will come from your company.

I bought the couch in November and when my daughter came home for Christmas break it was ruined. She fell like any teenager/young adult and all the springs failed! I called the company and not only were they unkind, unprofessional and unintelligible, but they didn’t even try to help me. I will have to pay someone to fix the springs. I wish I had researched this company beforehand. If you are thinking about buying this manufacturer, think hard and long. The couch I replaced has seen many years, many family gatherings, many children, and many nights of use as a bed. Ten years later, it was replaced by real junk.

I bought 2 chairs and one and a half chairs. Within 6 months they started falling apart and within 9 months we contacted them and they did not replace them but sent parts to repair. All the reclining mechanisms are bent and broken, and the chairs are coming apart. Also, paper clips were sticking out all over the back.

American Furniture

This is a cheap company that takes no pride in their work and doesn’t mind inconveniencing their customers when they get your money. They don’t care about their reputation. This is pure garbage and I wasted my hard earned money when I could have bought something of quality for the same price elsewhere.

American Furniture Warehouse Coming To Marana

This is unnecessary! Just received the section we have been waiting two months for 2 of the 4 scatter cushions have holes and one has the seam inside out. Big hole in the seam and a staple visible on the front of the couch! trash Shame it’s American made!

AFM makes the worst damn furniture and then won’t support their products. Bought a sofa chair that completely fell apart and was told to go back to the store and see what they can do for you, what a terrible company support

I bought 3 from BIG Lots! Everyone has chairs. The sofa has 2 armchairs, very large and very poorly constructed. The large chair has not yet broken, but it is hardly used, because it is very uncomfortable in the lying position. In fact, all chairs are uncomfortable, very uncomfortable when lying down. All 3 parts have a wooden beam that cuts into your back when you’re lying down! I am very dissatisfied with the quality. I paid over $2000 for all 3 pieces! I will never buy furniture from this company again!

The first $25k table arrived months late in the wrong boring color and the top was scratched.

Rogness End Table

I am emailing you again about the purchase of a new couch that I recently made. I have some pictures I’d like you to see. The arms consist of 5 sections, and the end of one is broken not once, but twice. I am in the process of contact for 2 news. Thanks

I bought a sofa and chair after 1 year, all the springs in the cushions started to pop out and the material is worn out. I bought all 3 parts from jc pennys and they told me it was a manufacturing problem and there was nothing they could do about it so now I’m stuck since it’s out of warranty I will never buy another American made product again and will not recommend it to anyone this company

Last year I purchased an AFM chair from Big Lots. Within a few months, one side of the chair frame fell apart. I stuff pillows on the sides to make it comfortable, but it’s very frustrating. I will not buy from this company again.

American Furniture

We purchased the red leather sofa and love seat from JMP Furniture in Gulfport. American-made furniture. The first kit was damaged and replaced with JMP. They were very cooperative, but it took a long time to get a new kit. 2nd seat was damaged. Again replaced on time but not on time. The third love seat continued for some time when the color started to fade and the seat

Contemporary Pewter Sectional

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