Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana

By | March 12, 2023

Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana – Amish furniture has earned a reputation for great quality. And rightly so. Because the Amish are known for their hard work, discipline and integrity. And they approach furniture craftsmanship with the same ethics with which they make life. Here because

Located in northern Indiana, Shipshewana is home to a small Amish population. And the Amish have lived here for two centuries. Furthermore, many of the furniture craftsmen learned the trade from their father and grandfather. And they, in turn, learned the trade from their ancestors.

Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana

Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana

The Amish people adhere to the pious Anabaptist faith. It is a branch of Christianity that traces its roots to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Like their ancestors, today’s Amish eschew “modern” conveniences. And these include driving cars or having electricity in their homes. But Amish shops get around this problem by powering their tools with diesel compressors. As a result, Amish furniture represents the pinnacle of cabinetmaking excellence, coupled with the efficiency and precision of modern woodworking machines.

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Another hallmark of Amish cabinetmaking is the use of solid hardwoods. In fact, Amish cabinet makers use hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry and hickory. In addition, they use more difficult but more robust techniques, such as dovetails, mortises and tenons. Additionally, Amish men avoid cheap substitutes such as particleboard and veneer, tacks and staples. These elements are common in chain store furniture.

Furniture made by the Amish generally features recognizable styles. They include Shaker, Mission, Traditional and Rustic designs. These classic Amish designs feature timeless beauty that accents any home. Our craftsmen take such pride in their work that they even go as far as signing your one-of-a-kind hardwood furniture. Our flagship store has been a part of the Indianapolis community since 1994. We design and manufacture every style of furniture you can think of, including a wide selection of upholstered furniture from Norwalk, Elran, and Charleston Forge, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, you’re looking for, we would be thrilled to design it, just for you.

We sand and color each part of each piece entirely by hand. Our solid drawers extend fully, close softly and are hand finished with dovetail joints in both the front and back, so they will function and look the same generations henceforth. Our tables are sealed on the bottom to avoid deformation and, like a work of art, each builder signs everything he has created.

At Simply Amish, quality comes first. We know you’ll love Simply Amish’s fine hardwood furniture as much as we do once you bring it into your home.

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When we say “made to measure” we mean it. At Simply Amish, you choose the wood, stain, and every other element that helps make your selection unique. We don’t start construction until we receive your order. From then on, your furniture is tracked with your name, so every craftsman knows who they’re building for.

At Simply Amish in Castleton, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional shopping experience from start to finish. And that starts with our highly talented and dedicated team of sales people and designers. Stop by and see for yourself what sets us apart and makes us the most unique shopping experience in Indianapolis. We look forward to meeting you!

Julie has over 19 years of retail and management experience. She is passionate about cultivating a unique customer experience and takes pride in her service skills. “Every day is a new day” is her core philosophy and this helps keep innovation and core goals at the forefront, despite the ever changing environments in the industry.

Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana

Cindy designs and sells more than just furniture. She is creating a lifestyle, an attitude and reminding us that furniture and accessories should serve us, give us joy and not require the incessant expense of trying to ride the latest trend wave.

Highback Slat Hardwood Sofa

Randy is a longtime associate of Simply Amish with over 20 years of experience in the furniture and design industry. A lifelong Indiana resident, Randy has strong ties to his community, work, and family with a solid track record that brings character and trust to the Simply Amish brand.

Nikki is an Indiana native who has worked with fabrics in the form of apparel manufacturing as well as custom drapery and upholstery. She likes all aspects of aesthetics and she has also designed flowers for weddings and events. Her passion is helping clients define their overall needs and carefully addressing every detail to ensure they love the end result for years to come.

“My name is Brenda Marriott and I have a total of over 30 years in the furniture industry. The last 18 years have been with Simply Amish Furniture. It is a pleasure to work with clients and assist them in their design choices for their ‘forever’ Furniture selections.Working closely with clients very often develops meaningful personal relationships.”

“What an amazing job I have. I make new friends every day, helping them create their own family heirloom and I get to be a part of it! I don’t sell, I assist in their decisions! How blessed is that?”

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Inspire me! Check out our fabulous hacks, recipes, furniture and design trends, fun tips, and all the things we absolutely love, right here!

We hear a lot about the design trend, ‘Modern Farmhouse’ lately, but ‘Modern Farmhouse’ is not a trend, it’s timeless.

What exactly is a vintage glamor you may ask? A vintage glamor is what I call, the best thing ever! However, she’s also what my husband Jay calls his worst wife idea to date.

Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana

One of the current dominant trends in home decor is personalization. The new wave of furniture and furniture design is based on the premise that every home has a personality and no two homes need to be alike.

Olde Oak Tree

I had a great experience at the Simply Amish shop in Castleton. The employees answered all of my questions (I had MANY questions) and showed me tons of furniture and samples and even offered me refreshments when I said I was hungry. We’re decorating almost our entire home with Simply Amish pieces and I can’t wait! Next time I’m in town, I will definitely stop by! Thanks Simply Amish of Castleton!

I was thrilled with the customer service. Jill was so knowledgeable and patient and she helped us select the perfect table. HIGH quality products. Delivery was also excellent.

Excellent shop and quality furniture. So happy we stopped by today. They have earned our business. Thank you for being kind, helpful and allowing us to navigate without problems. What a beautiful experience. I asked myself this question when thinking about buying a TV stand. What makes an Amish Mom and Pop furniture store different than a chain furniture store? Is a family-owned Amish furniture store (sold out of a garage in a small town in Indiana) really that different from Ashley’s massive furniture showroom? After deliberating and not coming to a satisfactory conclusion. I decided that the only way to get a real answer was to take it to the streets.

I started by visiting three major furniture retail chains over the course of a day. My mission was simple: browse the selection of TV mounts and note quality, price, custom options, and sales support. At the end of the day, one thing was clear. In terms of quality, price, customization and sales support, each of the three retailers was virtually identical.

Mission Childs Table And Chairs

There was a modest selection of moderate to low priced TV stands. Each mount came with no custom options (unless you wanted to change the hardware yourself as a vendor suggested). But while the sales help were all genuinely friendly and I noticed a few nice pieces, I found myself wanting more.

Fast forward a few months and I’m in the heart of northern Indiana Amish country looking for a mom and pop Amish furniture store. I soon find myself at Weaver Furniture Sales poking around a busy and inviting showroom (formerly a farmhouse) to find a wider selection of TV stands which, while priced higher on average than chain retailers, boast a wider selection of options customized. In some cases, TV stands may be custom designed

With the help of a salesman. The environment was warm and friendly, and the overall quality of the pieces was outstanding.

Amish Furniture Stores In Indiana

What makes Amish mom and pop furniture stores unique? I thought about the question again and happily recalled my experiences with the four furniture retailers. One thing is certain: fine furniture is not found everywhere and you consider yourself lucky when you know where to find it.

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