Amish Made Sheds Near Me

By | February 28, 2023

Amish Made Sheds Near Me – Kim’s custom Amish sheds are handcrafted from milled pine in place with board and batten doors and exterior siding unless ordered otherwise. All sheds have pine and spring floors and are built on 2 slats/skids that have chains attached for easy mobility. Tin roof and 2 end valves are standard.

If you need something custom built, don’t hesitate to contact us – just tell us what you want: Size, color and shape of tin roof (Peaked Roof, Hip Roof, Saltbox Roof), Color of stain (Can have several colors), Siding (board n batten, metal, shiplap, log), type of door (slat and groove, board n batten), size of window, height adjustment of wall – 7′ or 8′,  Covers, flower boxes, porches, roof (metal) , Shingles, Cedar shingles), ramps or lofts for storage.

Amish Made Sheds Near Me

Amish Made Sheds Near Me

Check out our different Shed models below. The details including dimensions and pricing information are also provided. We also provide delivery services.

Sheds For Sale Near Me

Metal roof in any color                    Custom sizes available to order

1 – man door                                                         You can choose from two colors per stall               available for custom sizes

Outhouse 4′ X 5′ – Small window in door with homemade curtain for privacy – Small step inside – Toilet seat included – Stink pipe and door on back for easy disposal

10′ x 16′ with a hip roof 2 – 18″ x 28″ Windows 1 – Man Door 1 – Double Door

Amish Built Storage Sheds

8′ X 12′ – Dormer 2 – 18″ X 28″ Window 1 – Man Door 1 – Double Door

10′ X 14′ with 4′ Porch 4 – 18″ X 27″ Window 1 – Window Door 1 – Double Door

8′ X 10′ 2 – 18″ X 27″ Window with Screens 1 – Single Door                                                        1 – Double Door

Amish Made Sheds Near Me

Metal Roof of any color                    Option: Flower Boxes $25.00 each

The Barn Raiser

8′ x 12′ 2 – 18″ x 27″ White Windows with Screens 1 – Double Door 1 – Man Door Metal Roof In Your Choice of Color Options: Flower Boxes $25 Each Option: 60″ Ramp $75 Each Custom Sizes Available to Order

10′ X 16′ with a 4′ Porch (Interior Shed 10′ X 12′) Storage loft above the inside porch. 2 – 18″ X 36″ Windows 2 – 18″ X 28″ Windows 1 – Double Door 1 – Lintel and Track Man Door                      Metal roof in any color

8′ X 12′ 2 – 18″ X 36″ Window 2 – 18″ X 28″ Window 1 – Tongue and Spring Man Door and Screen Door 1 – Double Door

1 – Single door                                                 Metal roof in any color

New] Beautiful Collection Of Amish Storage Sheds For Sale

1 – Man Door                                                        2 – Cover on the outside opens to allow easy access to the nests without going inside. Groove and spring flooring                                   Metal roof in any color                   Custom sizes available to order

1 – Double door                                              Metal roof in any color                Custom sizes available to order

1 – Man door                                                      il metal roof in any color                    Custom sizes available to order

Amish Made Sheds Near Me

1 – Man Door Metal Roof in your choice of color custom sizes available for order view Cataloghigh quality Amish sheds in PA, NY, NJ, & MD Looking to buy a quality Amish storage shed, and you are not sure where to be sure where get the best value? River View Outdoor Products sells and supplies authentic, handcrafted storage sheds to our neighbors throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and New York. You can trust our Amish Shed builders to build your shed using only the highest quality materials with service that will make you smile. What are Amish sheds made of? Our Amish built sheds are constructed with pressure treated base lumber, 2×4’s are used for framing and exterior wall construction is your choice of LP Smartside wood siding or vinyl siding. 30-year architectural shingles are used for roofing. We Sell Many Sizes and Styles of Amish Sheds We offer outdoor sheds for sale in a variety of popular styles including Mini-Barns, Hip-Roof barns, Cape-Cod, Quaker, A-Frames, Dutch Barns and Lean-To. All of our shed styles are available in your choice of wood or vinyl and are fully customizable to match your preferences and needs. Did you know we also sell other Amish structures including garages and playhouses? See our full range of sheds below, click on a style to learn more and be inspired by our shed gallery! Also, be sure to check out our FAQ on the garage page for more information! Buying an Amish-built shed is easy at River View Outdoor Products Looking for a shed for backyard storage? We will be happy to help you with your purchase of a custom-built shed! At River View Outdoor, we strive to provide our shed customers with the highest quality at the best price. Looking for a garage sale? See our monthly garage sale and learn how you can save even more on your next garage purchase! To get started, choose the wood and vinyl Amish shed styles below that appeal to you the most, browse our gallery of inspirational photos, and request your free, no-obligation quote! Need a shed quickly? We often have sheds for sale that are in stock and ready for delivery. See our booth move the Mule in action.

Groffdale Barns, Prefab Horse Barns

3 steps to a quote! Browse the products. Request a quote. We will keep in touch! You can always call us or visit the store!

Simple storage is the name of the game, with the a-frame shed! Choose between dura-temp painted siding, or vinyl siding, and get the size that best suits your needs.

River View Outdoor Products is your source for Amish sheds and backyard storage solutions in Bristol, PA. We offer backyard storage sheds in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your needs. Wood and vinyl outdoor sheds are available.

Your garage can be adapted to your wishes. Add a ramp for easy entry and exit to your garage, or put a dome on top to stand out from the crowd. We’ll even work with you to match the color and

The Amish Are Invading Canada, One Shed At A Time

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