Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me

By | February 12, 2023

Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me – Located just an hour from Toronto in the small town of Baldwin, Antiques on 48 is a two-story store. This barn-like building boasts over 5,000 sq. feet of floor-to-ceiling antiques, collectibles and vintage finds.

What sets Antiques on 48 apart from other antique malls or markets is that all items are priced to sell quickly, so the range is constantly changing. In fact, they are proud to report that they receive new shipments daily from their in-house suppliers.

Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me

Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me

When planning your trip, be sure to clear your schedule, because you can easily spend a whole day rummaging through all the treasures hidden in every inch of space. Everywhere you look, you will be amazed by the character, charm and timeless classics of yesteryear.

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From stunning crystal chandeliers to shelves lined with colorful cigar boxes, from designer pieces (a 70s Gucci watch and an iconic Hermes scarf were among some of the exciting finds) to quirky knick-knacks, Antiques on 48 has a little bit of everything.

There’s also a significant range of vintage clothing, designer shoes, Hudson’s Bay wool jackets, and even gold armor if you really want to make a statement.

Antiques on 48 is open from Thursday to Monday. During the summer, they also use the open space around the store for larger items such as furniture, lawn decorations, doors and windows, and farm equipment.

If you still haven’t had your fill of treasure hunting when you leave, be sure to check out the nearby Queensville Antique Mall. This mall also contains over 5,000 square feet of antiques, collectibles and furniture from over 115 vendor stalls. Have a good hunting! Surviving Art Deco lamps, rare mid-century chairs and Royal Doulton china plates can be found in Toronto’s best antique shops. Vintage magpies will love sifting through these treasure troves of nostalgic items – you might have to scrape off two layers of dust to find your perfect piece.

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Don’t let the name fool you: this spacious antique shop is actually located at 1702 Queen St. West. This store has a large selection of 1960s teak furniture, and the basement is full of curiosities like old cigar boxes and rotary telephones.

This King West store has a lot to look at, but if you’re looking for jewelry, this is the place for you. Even better if you’re looking for an engagement ring, you won’t find a better place to buy a unique ring for that special someone.

Green’s, a longtime Cabbagetown antiques purveyor, is known for its extensive collection of furniture, Persian rugs and lighting fixtures. They will also repair any old family heirlooms that are dear to you and dear to your heart.

Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me

Vintage finds are the best part of this friendly Junction store. There’s a huge variety here, from 1940s aluminum serving carts to cool knick-knacks like brass wind chimes.

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This Parkdale store sells gold cabinet plates, jewelry, and a full range of glassware. There’s also plenty of vintage lighting if you need to brighten up your space with a decadent Angelica Kaufmann-style table lamp.

English and French furniture is the trademark of this Mount Pleasant antique shop. You’ll also find plenty of other trinkets and rare curios scattered across the store’s two floors.

Check out this showroom on Bridgeland Avenue for a collection of consignment furniture that takes a cut of the profits from every sale and gives the rest to the shipper. Murano glass bowls, crystal lamps – it’s all there.

This Bloordale Village store has a lot of clothes, but head downstairs to see plenty of other cool items like old school skates and cufflinks, as well as furniture essentials like small work tables and bedside tables.

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Old map lovers will love this shop in Mount Pleasant, which sells old maps and wall maps from all over the world. There are some items dating from the 15th century, although “new” ones like the 19th century also coexist here. Tired of the same old standard beds, tables and chairs? Then antique shops are the answer for you. Rare collectibles, antique furniture, music records and an endless list of artifacts await you at one of Bangalore’s finest antique shops. Whether you’re an antiques collector or just a fan, these shops are a must-see.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Bamboo Bazaar has only four stores that sell exclusively bamboo products. The rest of the lanes of this 50-year-old bazaar are lined with shops selling all sorts of old and antique furniture. Search hard enough and you can get rosewood or teak wood furniture at very low prices. Being antiques, most items are unique, so they may be the only one. Be careful when choosing furniture because of hidden damaged parts!

BalajI’s Antiques and Collectibles Shop, commonly known as “Rare”, is Bangalore’s oldest shop selling antiques and collectibles. The store, which started out selling gramophones, is now home to one of the world’s largest collections of antiques. Here you can find unique items such as a 1950s toy gun, lighters from 1940s London and authentic 19th century furniture. And you will end up finding amazing ones no matter your budget.

Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me

Located next to Johnson Market, Urban Magiq is like walking through an old family home. Find furniture and decor from the late 19th century, Victorian, colonial and post-colonial furniture. Whether it’s a desk that helps you capture the image of Edgar Allen Poe, a reversible teak swing, vintage (advertising) posters, or coffee tables that turn into a chessboard, you’re more likely to find it. The real treasure lies in the attached storage area – shell casings have been turned into coffee tables and barbecue grills, and bedposts have been turned into coat hangers. There really is no end to the delightful surprises in store.

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Curio City operated from a beautiful little house, but the amount of treasures to be found in this dainty antique shop is endless. From Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi phonograph records to classic Phantom comics, this store has something for history buffs of all kinds! Old radios, antique stamps, gramophones (in working order), this is a real treasure trove. What’s more, they even remake antiques, so if you have something that’s collecting dust, they can help!

Sanchi Antiques in Shanti Nagar specializes mainly in colonial furniture and antiques. The three-story store hosts interactive meetings with lovers and collectors of antiques. Sign up for their mailing list and attend these sessions for free! The store is designed like a house with a separate living room, dining room and kitchen. You’ll find beautiful chandeliers, vintage spice boxes, and many other vintage kitchen utensils. They also have a small museum displaying valuable collectibles from the owner’s personal collection.

Full of unique treasures, Asiatic Arts & Crafts is the most iconic decor store on the busy commercial street. When we say never seen before, unique, we mean at least for several generations, because here you will find things like old railway lights, metal lunchboxes that your great-grandfathers, Victorian clocks, probably used. , which can usually be found at train stations in London. and gramophones. Each piece is more eye-catching than the next, and you’re sure to find what your vintage heart is looking for here.

This modest antiques shop with an equally unfussy name is a treasure trove of antique furniture and antiques. You will spend a significant amount of time here considering there is something to discover in every corner of the store. You’ll find chairs of all kinds – director’s chairs, Parsons chairs, rocking chairs and sun loungers – vintage chandeliers, decorative painted plates, old London-style street lamps, vintage radios and clocks, doors and, well, we say, you need to visit the place quickly. .

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Artefacts is a shop that sells a variety of antiques, vintage decor and architectural pieces. You’ll find old vinyl records stacked on Victorian rosewood chairs, as well as brass idols, doorknockers, and statues stored inside beautifully carved cabinets and nightstands. You will also find a range of enamelware made up of pots, pans, plates, bowls and ladles, as well as Dutch plates.

You’ll find period furniture and antique collectibles at The Haveli in Indiranagar. You can learn and learn about traditional Indian antique furniture, Victorian chairs, yesteryear sofas and rocking chairs, as well as Tanjore paintings made as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries. Check out their collection of antique carved cabinets, bar counters and sideboards.

We also have a list of vintage decor items to help turn your home into a vintage wonderland! If you’re looking for other iconic furniture and home improvement stores in the city, we’ve got lists of them too. Click on the links right now. Thrift furniture stores in Toronto are the perfect solution for obsessive repairmen, whether an item comes in or goes out. If you want to make room for a new find, they can help you with moving, photographing and selling your old items.

Antique Used Furniture Store Near Me

This thrift store sells merchandise at two locations – at a 5,000-square-foot outpost called OTP Living and

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