Cole An Furniture

By | March 12, 2023

Cole An Furniture – Coleman Furniture is on a mission to set a new standard for the online furniture shopping experience. As a family-owned, customer-focused business, this online-only retailer places customer satisfaction and trust above all else. An early adopter of eCommerce technology, Coleman Furniture is focused on pioneering innovations to improve the customer experience at scale. Since its inception in 1999, the retailer has shipped over a million furniture items. Coleman Furniture is a pioneering online home decor retailer dedicated to providing variety, convenience, and value to consumers at every click.

*Results are based on customers using the solutions (ie customers who clicked on the result provided by ) compared to the average number of customers on the website.

Cole An Furniture

Cole An Furniture

Coleman Furniture’s main challenge was to create a customer experience that was compelling, personalized, and encouraged customers to buy furniture online with confidence. With an inventory of 100,000+ items, Coleman faces the added challenge of connecting customers of all age groups and diverse tastes to pieces that match their style. The seller must:

Living Room Furniture Brought To You By Coleman Furniture

Coleman Furniture partnered, setting clear revenue goals for the Visual Discovery Suite. The retailer has launched Camera Search, Icon Finder, Buy Similar, and Buy View solutions to make it easier for customers to find items that match their preferences within a wide range.

With Camera Search, customers can now quickly find what they’re looking for, even if they don’t know how to describe it. Shop the Look allows customers to find beautiful items and decorate every room, driving AOV. And the same Find & Buy carousel icon creates new ways of motivation by letting customers add items that match their style.

“We knew that to provide the customer experience our visitors expect, we had to go above and beyond to make product discovery easy and personalized for each customer’s journey. Once we cooperated, customers could easily find the products they liked, and the conversion and AOV increased significantly. “

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