Consignment Antique Stores Near Me

By | March 3, 2023

Consignment Antique Stores Near Me – Photo by Rebecca ShimWhether you want a mid-century modern desk in Hudson or an antique typewriter in Rhinebeck, you’ll find a real gem at these antique stores.

When it comes to ancient times, the Hudson Valley is like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. Walk into one store and you’ll walk away with everything from cast iron and coffee pots to Shaker chairs and vintage tablecloths. Visit someone else and you may find the perfect dining room table, bedside table, or record player to liven up your living space. Whatever the whatamabobs and whatchamacallits call your name, you’ll find them all, and some, in most areas of the antique store.

Consignment Antique Stores Near Me

Consignment Antique Stores Near Me

Get ready to grab a wallet, clean out your car (trust us, you’ll need that space), and embark on a classic adventure.

Roanoke, Va Antiques Shops

Trojan Horse Antiques started in 2008 on River Street, but grew into a successful store that required more space. Now located on 3rd Street in the heart of downtown Troy, Trojan Horse Antiques offers a diverse list of home decor, furniture, pottery, and many other pieces and pieces that will catch your eye.

Located outside of Hudson’s Warren Street antique store, Cottage Treasures is a 40,000 square foot store that offers homewares to shoppers of all sizes of home styles. Whether you want to decorate a house or a large house, you will have a field day organizing about 3000-plus items from 1500 to 1950.

If you’re looking for a store that showcases the quintessential Hudson vibe, Finch is it. Andrew Arrick, who previously worked for luxury fashion brands Yves Saint Laurent, Celine and Vera Wang founded the antiques store. Arrick’s fashion merchandising experience allows him to carefully assemble quality products and combine them with a modern, timeless feel that is perfect for the Hudson Valley. Finch sells sought-after furniture in a combination of contemporary decor and an experienced shopping environment.

True to its name, Luddite keeps a low profile online, preferring to showcase its wares exclusively on Instagram. If you’re looking for modern furniture with a touch of the Adirondacks, you’ll want to check out the Germantown store as soon as possible. One thing to be aware of: The store is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and by appointment.

Antique & Consignment Stores In San Luis Obispo, Ca

Antique shop, thanks to its impressive collection of 17th, 18th, and 19th century antiques. One step into the Warren Street store, you’ll think you’ve stepped right into a photo gallery. With treasures that play in grey, blue and white, the shop focuses on Swedish, Belgian and French antiques, and owner Jocie Sinauer often travels to France to hand-pick the items. for the shop. Even if you’re not in the market for antiques these days, the Red Chair store is worth a visit for interior inspiration alone.

When you need a statement piece for your dining table or a last-minute gift for a friend, head to the Annex. Red Hook’s antiques center has products from more than 30 vendors, making its selection comprehensive. What’s more, new items arrive every day, which means that the store’s appearance is always in the edit.

Like a hidden gem in Rhinebeck, the Beekman Arms Antique Market is a top destination for antiques, jewelry and jewelry. It’s behind the Beekman Arms in a red, two-story building, so keep an eye out when you drive by.

Consignment Antique Stores Near Me

When Hoffman’s Farm Market closed in the 1990s, it slowly moved into a beautiful old building. Inside, it’s not good at the end of all types that save the land. Hoffman receives a selection of new merchandise every week. Go in with an open mind and you might come out with a record, book, or even a vintage tub. Hoffman’s Barn is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but you can visit on weekdays by calling ahead.

Antique Shops In Rhode Island: Where To Find Vintage Treasures

Hudson Valley Vintage is a truly unique vintage store. It offers all the expected things like furniture, home decor, and accessories; Plus, amazingly, it also hosts a contemporary art studio where you can learn to give life to your old furniture. In keeping with this theme, Hudson Valley Vintage offers a variety of paintings with a variety of finishes for all your DIY needs.

A historic center of the Hudson Valley, the Hyde Park Antiques Center fills its 9,500 square feet of space, filling it with everything from vintage bureaus and chairs to sconces, clocks, and dishware. Set back on Route 9 in Hyde Park, the old site was used as a staging post between New York City and Albany in the 1700s, and served as the headquarters for President Roosevelt’s secret service in the 1930s and 1940s. . Today, the Hyde Park Antique Center offers an ever-changing selection of antiques that reflect the history of the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Specializing in 18th and 19th century European furniture, Millbrook Antiques Mall is located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, with more than 30 stores under one roof, and offers three floors of furniture, collectibles, vintage jewelry, rare books, and more.

Located on Route 9, the Rhinebeck Antique Emporium is a must-see for everything from art and decor to research and antiques. Rhinebeck Antique Emporium provides antiques research and is home to a repair team that can restore antiques and heirlooms to their original value.

The Carlisle Antique Mall

Tannersville’s favorite antique shop in the Catskills area has a wide selection from over 80 vendors. Whether you’re looking for handmade items, New York art, American textiles, or Americana furniture, you’ll find everything you need to organize your home.

With over 50,000 sq ft to its name, the Newburgh Vintage Emporium is a vintage empire. It has two locations just seven minutes apart (Newburgh Vintage Warehouse is the name of the second location), open six days a week, and includes shopping options from a collection of over 125 vintage and antique dealers. , so be prepared to kill a few. hours wandering from section to section if you go.

Known for its beautiful mix of antiques and home decor, Garage Girls is a treat during a visit to Suffern. Stop by regularly, as the inventory changes frequently, and keep an eye out for unusual items. Garage Girls also offers painted furniture as a way to give old people new life.

Consignment Antique Stores Near Me

If the name doesn’t convince you already, this Rockland County store is a one-stop shop for awesome treasures. There’s a little bit of everything here, so take your time exploring the advanced levels. If you’re particularly interested, scroll down for even more (read: loads) of vintage merchandise.

Thunder Bay’s Best Vintage, Antique And Thrift Stores

Located within the Water Street Market shopping complex in New Paltz, Antiques Barn offers fine jewelry, glass, furniture and pottery. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a weekend shopper looking for a few knickknacks to jazz up your outfit, you’ll love strolling through the beautiful red barn.

Housed in the 1792 Hallock House in New Paltz, Jenkinstown Antiques blends local vintage with Hudson Valley heritage and local craftsmanship. If you want to know more about a particular art or artist, feel free to ask owner Sanford Levy; he is more than happy to share his expertise.

Unlike many antique stores, which stick to high-end or fast-moving merchandise, Kingston Consignments melds the two to offer Hudson Valley shoppers a variety of prices. The center of the two floors has a planned delivery on the first level and a preserved antique shop on the second level at the back of the ground floor. If quirky knickknacks like typewriters, glass bottles, and antiques are on your “to buy” list, you’ll want to know right away.

Yes, it’s an old store. It is also a design company that works with clients to create the home of their dreams. Visit the showroom to see the best vintage, industrial and traditional accessories on display or, if you’re looking for a piece, call or stop by the store for a pick-up. you it.

With So Many Quality Used, And Consignment, And Antique Stores, Hamilton’s A Gem

Among the ocean of Hudson Valley antique stores, Antiques is a unique item. Let’s start with the fact that it’s actually a restaurant that offers decadent brunch-style treats and good drinks. Still, it’s no longer a vintage wine shop secret. That old school desk you’re sitting at, for example? It is likely to sell out. In addition, Outdated offers food for its homemade desserts and accepts orders for wedding cakes. It doesn’t get much more flexible than that.

Phenicia Arts and Antiques is an informal market with galleries, local vendors and artisans, antiques, and art classes in the former town drugstore on Main Street. Phenicia Arts and Antiques is also home to Phenicia Honey Co., selling a variety of honeys from chai spice and chocolate and bergamot to smoked habanero and sea salt. A stop at Phenicia Arts and Antiques is a must when you’re in the Catskills, and you’ll probably find yourself making the trip.

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