Discount Furniture High Point North Carolina

By | February 24, 2023

Discount Furniture High Point North Carolina – Last weekend we went to North Carolina to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. North Carolina is the manufacturing location for many major American furniture brands such as Broyhill, Hooker, Thomasville and our favorite Bernhardt. While there, I was very excited to visit the outlets and furniture mega stores that have earned High Point, NC the title of Furniture Capital of the World.

Prior to visiting, I requested an information packet from the High Point Visitors Office. The information pack included a map and a list of furniture sellers with very vague descriptions, a brochure on other attractions in the area, and several advertisements. It wasn’t very helpful for trip planning. Instead, I relied mostly on a 2017 USA Today article to guide my planning.

Discount Furniture High Point North Carolina

Discount Furniture High Point North Carolina

Our goal was to exploit the manufacturer’s outlets. We were looking for good deals on well made furniture. After all, we have a wonderful designer who knows our style and budget and can pick out great furniture at full price. So I did my best to take advantage of the one day we had set aside for discount furniture shopping.

Jh Adams Inn, Trademark Collection By Wyndham

Since our favorite furniture maker (which we found through our designer) is Bernhardt, we decided to visit their Hickory, NC location first. Hickory was about an hour and twenty minutes from our final destination at High Point, but in our minds it was worth the detour. We were impressed with the Bernhardt outlet, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything that met our immediate needs. We felt there was a good selection and that the prices were reasonable for the quality of the furniture.

Although it wasn’t in my original plan, we also visited the Kincaid and Century furniture outlets as they were located right next to the Bernhardt outlet. The Kincaid Outlet was well done, just not really our style. The Century Outlet was a little smaller and disorganized and we didn’t find anything there either.

Our last stop in Hickory was Hickory Furniture Mart. The furniture market was huge. It was so big you could easily get overwhelmed. The Furniture Market contains both full-price furniture sellers and a few outlets. We were primarily interested in outlets. We considered purchasing pieces at both the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams outlet and the Heritage Furniture/Hooker Factory Outlets. The prices were reasonable and there was a good selection but still nothing was right. We also visited Hickory Park and Vanguard Outlets, but the prices were still quite steep (a $3,000 console, for example).

After lunch we made the trek to High Point. The most iconic store here is Furnitureland South. They claim to be the largest furniture store in the world, and with over a million square feet in three gigantic buildings, I believe them. Despite their impressive size, we were disappointed. I would not recommend Furnitureland South to anyone looking for good deals on furniture. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of money and want to work with one of their designers (who you’ve just met and who has never seen your house), then this is the place for you.

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Furnitureland South has an outlet, but that was frustrating and very expensive. I found a single ornate armchair marked $8,000. The other very frustrating part of Furnitureland South Outlet is that you have to buy all the pieces in one group. For example, if you only need one chair but it’s grouped with another chair and sofa, you should purchase all three pieces. Not only did this not meet our needs, but it felt unprincipled because most designers will tell you that the number one design mistake most people make is buying matching furniture sets.

We left Furnitureland South Outlet with a bad taste in our mouths. We toured the other two buildings as well and they had a lot of nice full price furniture, some of which was insanely expensive. The designer who greeted us as we entered explained that on a scale of 1 to 10 they were selling furniture ranging from 4 to 10. Each building has multiple floors; the Mart, which groups furniture by type, and the Showroom, which groups furniture by brand.

While we were disappointed with the heavily promoted Furnitureland South, we wanted to visit some of the other outlet stores that are in the High Point area. Based on the map I had received, we decided to visit Furnishings 411. The brochure indicated they specialized in market samples and I read an online blog endorsing this shop. However, it was closed when we arrived. The brochure and website clearly stated the hours were 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday but the shop was not open. It was also easy to miss due to poor signage.

Discount Furniture High Point North Carolina

We made two final stops at High Point before throwing in the towel. We visited the High Point Furniture Sales Clearance Center. It was very small and quite uncomfortable. You have to walk through the office space where people worked at their desks to get to a small warehouse with very limited furniture. We were able to view all of the furniture in about five minutes. They encouraged us to visit their full price shop.

Hickory, High Point & Beyond: Furniture Shopping In North Carolina

Finally, we stopped at the Furnitureland on Main store. This is an extension of Furnitureland South, but at real outlet prices. There were many beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. Out back, they also have a building marked Salvage. It’s a scratch and ding shop with some very steep discounts.

All in all, the trip was not very successful. I certainly wouldn’t visit Furnitureland South again, but if I lived closer I would stop by a few outlets from time to time. If I had to do it all over again, I’d prioritize individual furniture manufacturers’ outlets (like Theodore Alexander, Dynasty, and French Heritage) over larger stores. The individual outlets we visited had the best deals and selection.

If you can’t make the trip to North Carolina, you should check out all of the local furniture outlet stores. We have had quite good luck at our nearby outlets. I have a list and description of many of the local furniture outlet shops that we visit on a regular basis in one of my previous posts.

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Free Things To Do In High Point, Nc

High Point is a modest-sized city in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina most of the year, with a population of approximately 100,000 (108,629 at the 2014 census) composed largely of students, faculty, and personal at the private tony High Point University. Twice a year, though, the city nearly doubles in size, attracting more than 80,000 visitors as it hosts the High Point Furniture Market, the world’s largest furniture trade show and a biannual showcase of the region’s most historic industry. .

The biannual event attracts approximately $140 million in revenue for the city across hotel reservations, restaurants, transportation and more. The First United Methodist Church congregation isn’t the only group cleverly doing an unconventional out-of-market activity: Dozens of food trucks and pop-up vendors head into town for the market and the firefighters of the city ​​(and neighboring cities) hire themselves as drivers for fair-goers – after all, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows the quickest routes around the city better.

High Point’s niche industry arose, like most, through a combination of geographic and cultural factors. The town, set amidst forests which afforded a good supply of timber, saw its first wave of furniture manufacturing in the 17th century, as English manufacturers settled there and continued their trade in a new homeland. During the Reconstruction Era, burgeoning manufacturers benefited from cheap labor, which only increased with the completion of the Southern Railroad in the late 19th century, an advance that also allowed for easy export of the region’s produce.

Discount Furniture High Point North Carolina

In 1909, the High Point Furniture Exposition Company and the Furniture Manufacturers Exposition Company joined forces to organize a new fair, and the Southern Furniture Market was born. The story of the event thereafter generally follows the course of American history in general: a setback in World War I, a postwar boom, success in the 1920s followed by a devastating lull after the crash of 1929, then the addition

The Hottest Furniture Trends From High Point Furniture Market

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