Furniture On Consignment Near Me

By | February 8, 2023

Furniture On Consignment Near Me – For the latest rate of our favorite places to shop vintage in Tulsa–consignment stores! But more wonderful destinations to hit when looking for that perfectly elusive vintage item.

What is a consignment shop, you ask? Consignment stores take goods on consignment (hence the name) which means that the store does not actually own its merchandise; they instead take a cut of the profit once something sells. The percentage the shop takes varies from shop to shop – typically we see anywhere from 50% to 20%. There are many genres of these stores – clothing, jewelry, children’s clothing, furniture. We only have eyes for furniture and home-related consignment shops, of course. Some of these stores pack the furniture while others arrange the pieces in a more thoughtful way. As such, your experience can vary greatly when shopping vintage at consignment shops.

Furniture On Consignment Near Me

Furniture On Consignment Near Me

Consignment stores usually have a narrower focus, better quality, and a higher (though still reasonable) price point compared to thrift stores. Often, you can negotiate prices at these stores, although the store must get an okay from the owner of the item before agreeing to a lower price. Items that have been around for longer periods of time usually have owners who are more motivated to sell, and you may be able to negotiate a better price more easily.,

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Note that not everything in a consignment shop is vintage. These stores usually stock all eras of furniture and homeware, so make sure you really inspect an item if you want a true vintage piece. There is nothing more disappointing than spotting the “made in China, 2001” stamp on the bottom of your hand-carved vintage bird figurine. Am I right? The more vintage you shop, the better you get at deciphering what’s old and new. Besides, if you really love the bird figurine from 2001, who really cares?

Another pro tip to note when it comes to consignment shops: the back room. Yes, you heard right. We especially love consignment shops that have a forgotten back room to house “old” stuff. You can get great deals there. Tulsa folks, be sure to check out the Consignment Furniture back room.

After Janie’s Upholstery got its hands on it, this rocker became the star of the modern bohemian nursery.

Below are a few of our favorite consignment shops in the Tulsa area. Comment below with some of your own!

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Be sure to check out our favorite antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets to shop in Tulsa! Furniture consignment stores in Toronto are the perfect solution for compulsive redecorators, regardless of whether a piece is coming or going. If you’re looking to make room for a new find, they can help by managing the move, photography and sale of your old pieces.

This consignment store stocks their two locations — a 5000 square foot location called OTP Living and a massive Castlefield Design District showroom — with stunning secondhand gems.

This Baby Point store knows the importance of careful placement and editing, with staff finding a perfect home for each piece in the immaculately maintained space. Their aesthetic tends towards the sweet and cheerful-farmhouse-chic.

Furniture On Consignment Near Me

Otherwise known as Furniture on Consignment, this Leaside store is at the top of the range in terms of price. They sell Victorian, Art Deco and antique pieces collected from commercial vendors and “the city’s finest private homes”.

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This furniture consignment shop near Leslie and York Mills deals in furniture and home decor. There’s a mix of vintage and contemporary here at great prices on high-end accent pieces for your home.

The Queensway consignment depot spans 13,000 square feet and is packed wall to wall with finds ranging from tiny treasures to large dining room tables. There is a nice variety of eras and styles represented, from rustic to ornate to mid-century modern. With 12, 000 square feet of showroom space, Chamblee’s Consignment Furniture Depot is one of the largest consignment furniture stores in the region. The sprawling shop is owned and operated by husband-wife duo Mark and Victoria Schutter. The couple, once consumer electronics professionals, opened the store 12 years ago in an attempt to keep busy after retirement. They were encouraged by the delivery furniture business model, despite the questionable timing of their launch: It was 2008 and the thick of the recession. “If we had gone into any other type of retail, it would have been bad, but at that particular time, it was great for consignment shops,” says Mark. With rare exceptions, Consignment Furniture Depot is strictly a consignment store. According to Schutter, they do not increase their furniture selection with new pieces. Instead, buyers find pieces from model homes, returned items from manufacturers and other contemporary furniture in good condition.

Those interested in consigning pieces can email photos and a brief description of the items to [email protected]. Once the email is received and reviewed, you will likely receive a phone call from Victoria who will discuss the photos and what she thinks will sell (or not sell). Once approved, consignors deliver pieces for a 90-day delivery period. Generally, 80% of items are sold in the first 60 days. The consignor split is 50/50, and checks are mailed on the 15th of the month following the sale. Items that sell well (and quickly!) include modern, contemporary and mid-century pieces, but unfortunately, you’ll have to find another place for more traditional or antique pieces like china cabinets and cabinets.

Translated from French, “mélange” means mixture or melody, and that’s exactly what Mélange brings to Buckhead’s Miami Circle. The store is a hip but harmonious mix of a variety of design styles. Think Henredon country chests paired with French-inspired dining chairs. Now in its sixth year, the consignment shop run by Edie Yao accepts high-quality furniture, lighting, home decor, art and rugs. While the store has a wide range of styles including antique, mid-century, modern and transitional, Yao is careful not to use the term “antique” store. “[It’s] a very eclectic mix,” she says. From the front, the store looks quaint, but a walk through the front doors reveals a vast interior with a series of rooms, each revealing more treasures than the last.

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To consign Mélange, start by sending photos and information via email to [email protected]. You will likely receive a follow-up phone call to discuss further details. During the call, a Mélange representative will go over the basic parameters of the warehouse delivery contract. Like other area consignment stores, Mélange has a 50/50 split policy, and items are typically on the floor for no more than six months. In some cases, the store will arrange a home visit to view the items in person. Regardless of whether you intend to buy or sell, Mélange is a must see.

Now and Again is one of Atlanta’s oldest consignment shops. Owner Mary Kirchner opened the store 30 years ago near East Andrews when the former Buckhead Glass space, a well-known business on Roswell Road, closed. Kirchner, a former Hilton Head real estate agent, jumped at the chance to move to what she describes as an ideal location. Today, Now and Again is a premier consignment shop for those looking to offload high-end, traditional and antique furniture without the hassle of selling it themselves. The store is neatly laid out in vignettes, so shoppers can get an idea of ​​how the pieces would look in their own spaces. As you pass, don’t forget to look up and down: Now and Again always has a collection of rugs underfoot and an assortment of chandeliers overhead.

Consignors are requested to submit photos, dimensions, item history, brand and other details to the shop via email at [email protected]. net. The split is 50/50, and items are required to stay for at least a month. If a piece has not sold after four months, consignors can collect the items or leave them for another four. At that point, if it hasn’t sold, Now and Again donates the item to a local charity or keeps it in the warehouse to sell at a discounted price. Kirchner accepts a variety of pieces ranging from mahogany beds and dining tables to Chinoiserie accessories and lamps, and is always on the hunt for English pieces, which sell well. However, in the case of Now and Again, size matters. “People are downsizing their homes and the size of their furniture, so that tells us we can’t accept a piece that’s too big,” says Kirchner. While those large pieces are harder to sell, Kircher makes the occasional exception, so don’t hesitate to inquire, just in case.

Furniture On Consignment Near Me

Now in its sixth year, Chamblee’s Simple Finds for the Home is part consignment store, part dealer booth collection, meaning it offers the best of both worlds.

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Shoppers can find a bookshelf and fill it with books and trinkets, too. Owned by the trio Ken Matthes, Carolyn O’Kane and Michael O’Kane, the shop aims to offer turnkey pieces that customers can take home, fit in and enjoy. Michael says that finding items that match that ready-to-use description depends on truly understanding what sells and why. “It is critical that the shipper is educated on current trends, buyer demands and expectations.”


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