Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina

By | March 25, 2023

Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina – With 1.3 million square feet and $180 million in sales as of 2004. Called “the Walt Disney World of Furniture,”

Noted for its 85-foot-tall highboy, the store is the first in the group of stores that in 2004 came to be known as “Furniture Row” as well as the “Gateway to the Furniture Capital of the World.”

Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina

Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina

A. Darrell Harris founded Furnitureland South with his wife Stella on South Main Street in High Point, North Carolina in 1969 and offers a small selection of market samples.

Hickory Furniture Mart

Over the next two decades, the small business grew in size, profits and prestige; By 1986, the original store had $18 million in annual sales. Harris built a furniture distribution facility on 50 acres in Jamestown at Interstate 85 Business and Riverdale Drive, in an area that was mostly farms.

A $10 million, three-story, 228,000-square-foot retail store opened on October 1, 1990, possibly earning coverage from USA Today; the original, 78,000-square-foot High Point store became a clearance-cter.

And the store grew physically along with its growing income; In 1996, Furnitureland South billed itself as “The World’s Largest Home Furnishings Showground.”

A 342,000-square-foot expansion in 1994 to the company’s headquarters and distribution center provided more space for showrooms. A $22 million, 500,000-square-foot addition, completed in 1998, gave the store twice its previous space. Around the turn of the decade, around 80 percent of the customers were from countries outside the state. A location in Raleigh, North Carolina was planned, but scrapped.

Antique & Design Center Of High Point

Furnitureland South’s ever-increasing profile reached a symbolic citta in 1999 when an 85-foot highboy placed at the showroom trance became the largest piece of furniture in the High Point area.

The expansion continued into the new millennium. A $15 million, 250,000 square foot distribution facility opened in 2001, replacing five warehouses.

In 2008, a $15 million addition gave the distribution 225,000 additional square feet, for a total of 475,000 square feet that also included corporate offices.

Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina

Subway opened its largest restaurant, at 6,668 square feet, in Furnitureland South on November 11, 2015, joining Starbucks as a second dining option on campus.

High Point: The Tiny North Carolina Town That Makes Most Of America’s Furniture

In April 2016, the company donated $1 million to High Point University, which subsequently designated a wing of its Flanagan Cter for Studt Success as the Harris Sales Education Cter.

In October 2010, Darrell and Stella Harris were inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame by members of the American Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc. based on their professional achievements, personal standards and civic engagement.

Leaving leadership of the company to sons Jeff, who assumed the positions of president and CEO, and co-owner Jason, who also founded a streaming TV network, The Design Network.

In September 2015, Furnitureland South was recognized as one of the “Triad’s Best Places to Work” by the Triad Business Journal.

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In 1996, Thomasville Furniture stopped selling its products at Furnitureland South because the store apparently violated Thomasville’s policy of not quoting prices over the phone.

In 1999, when rezoning was requested for expansion, Furnitureland South agreed to switch from wells to municipal water. People in the area had wells dry and had blamed Furnitureland South, which used several wells.

After 45 years of selling furniture, Scott Knox filed a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General regarding the practice of exclusive offers for manufacturers to only sell their product in one store in the area. Knox could no longer sell products from certain companies that had contracts with Furnitureland South, and he could not afford a lawsuit. Attorney Geral’s office said this practice was not normally a problem.

Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina

In the mid-1990s, Boyles Furniture purchased 65 acres near Furnitureland South. Boyle’s chief operating officer Rick Grant said: “We knew when we bought the land that our vision was to make this a furniture destination.”

Entrance To A Furniture Store My Dad And Stepmom Checked Out Today

Boyles only needed eight acres for its store, which it moved from downtown, which the company thought was not going well. The new location allowed the Boyles to expand more than they could have at the previous location. Ziba Fine Orital Rugs began with a separate location in the Boyles store in 2001.

Also in the mid-1990s, Abu Khan saw significant potential due to the size of Furnitureland South, and he purchased a building for his Abu Orital Rug and Home, which he later expanded.

In 2003, Charlotte, North Carolina developer Jay Chambers announced plans to develop the site into “Furniture Row,” in an area he called the “Gateway to the Furniture Capital of the World.” In the following years, Drexel Heritage, Thomasville Furniture, and Klaussner Furniture built stores on Furniture Avue, and Furniture Galleries, with six tances, was announced by Gresboro, North Carolina developer R.W. Hamlett, Jr. Chambers wanted hotels and restaurants to be located in the area to make it attractive to people who travel long distances to buy furniture. Most of the area, but not Furnitureland South itself, was in High Point’s city limits, although an agreement between High Point, Jamestown, and Gresboro gave High Point the right to later annex the area.

As of 2005, according to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, 200,000 people came to High Point each year to buy furniture, from places as far away as Chicago. High Point Market has many locations in downtown High Point, but they are not accessible to consumers. People who come to High Point to shop for furniture have a hard time finding a downtown store where they can shop, so a central retail location would suit tourists. Thanks to a group of forward-thinking individuals, High Point, North Carolina, is no longer just a destination for design professionals. Showrooms are now opening their doors to the public so you can experience the hype for yourself.

Republican U.s. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Greets Supporters During A Campaign Stop At Absolute Style Furniture

Every year, design professionals descend on the small town of High Point, North Carolina for the twice-yearly High Point Market, the “must see event in home decor.” Meanwhile, those outside the industry wait patiently for the after-market reveal of upcoming trends and new collections. Last year, the world’s largest home furnishings trade show was postponed and then canceled for the first time since World War II due to the coronavirus pandemic. This created an opportunity for some distribution change, according to a bunch of industry insiders and friends.

Over a series of casual Saturday morning meetings, these professionals (passionate about the community, its rich history of furniture making, and the ever-present ingenuity) made it their mission to create a year-round destination for design and creativity, open to All. Enter: High Point X Design (HPxD).

The question of how to make High Point, North Carolina, a year-round destination began last year when the biennial event was canceled for the first time in decades. A group of individuals dedicated to the success of the field and its creatives developed HPxD, or High Point X Design. Photo: Ron Royals

Furniture Stores In High Point North Carolina

Now the showrooms welcome everyone to experience the long history of furniture manufacturing and the ever-present creative energy of High Point. They open their doors to members of the trade as well as locals, design-hards and everyone in between. This is just the beginning of the initiative to draw crowds to the city. Photo: Ron Royals

High Point: Hidden In Plain Sight

During Market Days, which take place over a five-day stretch twice a year, High Point celebrates American design and welcomes approximately 200,000 event attendees and nearly 2,000 exhibitors. HPxD supports this long, celebrated tradition by building the community as a destination for the remaining 355 days each year. The market then becomes the jewel in the crown of a more robust community. HPxD was founded to create a year-round draw to the town of High Point, and this begins with the opening of flagship showrooms to both the trade and the public outside of market hours. In partnership with the High Point Showroom Association, HPxD expects to open nearly five dozen showrooms. Discovering world-renowned and up-and-coming manufacturers is no longer limited to professionals attending the annual event. Now the average design lover can make discoveries for himself.

The list below will introduce you to some of the furniture capital’s top creatives, who open their doors to the public (by appointment and during events) and foster an inclusive community for designers, makers and design lovers – all year round.

Founded in 1953, Thayer Coggin remains a family-owned and operated boutique manufacturer of home furnishings. Led by President Royale Wiggin, the company focuses on original furniture design and sustainable construction. Their 200,000 square foot showroom, office and workshop is minutes from the city centre, where it has lived on the same South Road site since the early 1960s. “Having literally grown up among the employees of the family business, I inherited my passion for furniture design and construction from my parents, Dot and Thayer Coggin,” says Royale. “Producing high quality classic designs with our family of master craftsmen is my joy. As a team leader, I enjoy maintaining and building on the legacy of Thayer Coggin.”

She continues, “We enjoy showing guests the experience, expertise, smiles and enthusiasm of artisans who craft Thayer Coggin products with time-honored skills.”

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