Home Again Consignment Furniture Store

By | February 20, 2023

Home Again Consignment Furniture Store – Home Furniture Stores are also a time to shop for home furniture like no other. We are a collection of private sellers who specialize in our art of finding, salvaging and finding unique pieces for the home. There is always something new in store! Our vendors bring antiques, vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces, salvaged pieces, made from reclaimed materials and more!

Stop by and check out our ever-changing inventory! There is something for everyone at Shop Home Antique Furniture!

Home Again Consignment Furniture Store

Home Again Consignment Furniture Store

We are always looking to add more Stores to the Home Antique Furniture Family. If you want to become a seller and show off your finds and scraps with us, stop by or contact us today!

The Missing Piece

Our vendors are always bringing new products and savings to the store. This is part of what sets us apart and makes for a truly unique shopping experience. It doesn’t matter if your home or office space is beautiful, there is something for everyone here! Stop by today to see for yourself, and find the perfect piece to complete your decor.

Call or Visit Home Antique Furniture Stores to view our selection of one-of-a-kind home furnishings, or if you would like to become a dealer with us! 410-467-3233.

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Meet John Amadio, the new owner of Home Again Consignment Shop, as he presents these beautiful and timeless chairs and painted drawers.

Driving down Namquid Drive in Warwick, it’s hard to miss the beautifully displayed items of furniture that line the sidewalk in front of the popular Home Again Consignment Store. Chairs, side tables, wicker furniture, bookcases, office drawers are just a glimpse of what’s outside the doors and inside the airy and spacious showroom of the Home Again Consignment Shop.

Home Again Consignment Furniture Store

Home Again Consignment is a place where one feels “home again”. Here, one can find everything they need to furnish, acquire and repair a home. Everything sold in this consignment shop has a story to tell; whether acquired at an estate sale or brought in as consignment, the merchandise sold here is vintage, gently used and has “soul”. Lest you think that these things are worn by the days, think again. No items are accepted here unless they meet owner John Amadio’s standards of quality. Everything sold here must be clean, in excellent condition, free of stains, and generally, pet and smoke free.

About The Store — Home Again

When John Amadio took over this popular business in September 2011, he brought with him a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction, a fresh perspective ~ and many years of experience in the world of furniture. As a skilled woodworker, he knows good furniture when he sees it. Amadio also spent much of his childhood scouting flea markets with his father and has a “sixth sense” about what will be sold and how to present it here in an attractive and visually appealing store.

At “Home Again”, you will find something new every day. Maybe you’re looking for a comfortable bed or loveseat that fits your style. You can find the perfect coffee table to compliment the perfect arm chair you’ve been looking for! Maybe you’re looking for a room to display your china – or better yet, display all the tableware, glassware, cutlery and even linens you’ve just bought here! There are household items for every use, collector’s items, vases – everything is functional, and funny. You will find area rugs, tables, dressers, armoires, lamps and all dining sets! Don’t forget all the pictures and old jewelry or clothes. There is really something for everyone’s taste and “wish list”. In fact, if you see something you like, get it while you can. Each item is one-of-a-kind, and when it’s gone – it’s gone!

Home Again Consignment is always looking for quality items to sell – so bring your item in for shipment today. Home Again is located at 941 Namquid Drive in Governor Francis Plaza. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00pm. For more information, call 463-3310.

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The Red Collection

“It’s definitely a work in progress. But it feels good to have a fun workspace. Pictures or not, right? Judy-Lynn Home Again Consignments? Perfect rug! Long!”

“I love shopping at your store. Great prices, selection, inspiring displays and great customer service from the ladies!! I get things on consignment that I can’t find anywhere else!”

“Several shopping trips to Home again and I have my front room finished. Go check it out! Here is a list of all the things I bought from them to help me finish this room. Side table, plant stand, 2 chairs, coffee. table(spool) , collection sign, candle sticks , bird, round mirror stand. Thank you ladies, I’m going to the next room, so I’ll see you soon! It’s Tyrone in the chair. He loves this room too!”

Home Again Consignment Furniture Store

“I just bought this beautiful white distressed tree candle warmer at Judy-Lynn Home Again Consignment for my Candleberry Candles. It looks so much better than what I had. Love it.”

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“In the pictures of my living room, the sofa, the back chairs, the coffee table, the side table, the table lamp, the mantel lamp, the rabbit in the clock, the bed cushions, the writing desk, the tea cup, the cherub on the rug, the throw. , the corner of the raised chair next to the sofa, and even the little table on the wall in the dining room was all from Judy-Lynn! And this is just one room in my house.”

“Sweet little table …  Thanks Home Again for making my Frankfort experience feel like Home Again!!!”

“Everything we’ve bought has been great quality and a great price! Love the selection and how hard they work to make your shopping experience easy! We moved during a crazy pandemic and they made the shopping process so easy! Even though there’s still a lot to fix! unpack and put away, here’s a picture of the rug beautiful and the rocking chair we bought from here!”

“Where do I start?? This store is the best! If you’re looking to fix things up on a budget or don’t want to bother with a budget, this is the place to shop. Or, if you just want home furnishings and don’t want to pay full price, go check out the great items they have. They have a store full of great items of all kinds. decorations at a fraction of what you would pay at other furniture stores. The items are clean and ready for you to use without any worries in your home. Also, when you are ready to change things in your home, they are good to work with to help you sell your items and sell. You take your accepted furniture. to them and they do the rest. Finally, they stock an awesome selection of Candleberry Candles!

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“What a great place to find your next favorite piece for your home! A family business where you can find a little bit of everything for the home, from furniture to decor, and a side of great interior design advice as a bonus! One of my favorite places to shop… ❤️”

“This store offers a wide variety of fun things to do. It’s clean and has excellent customer service! I love the selection and how it’s always changing so I can be sure to find something every visit!”

“It’s a very popular consignment shop in the area. They have quality items that are affordable, organized and clean, and friendly. You’ll enjoy browsing, and finding your treasure.”

Home Again Consignment Furniture Store

“This store has more energy than anything else you turn your head around. The quality of the items is first class. If you see something you like, buy it because tomorrow it will be gone! The staff are friendly, helpful and polite. These are the three ladies from the village with delicious designs and skills. It’s a great place to take those decorations you are tired of.

Almost Perfect Furniture And Home Décor

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