Nearest Coin Machine To Me

By | March 22, 2023

Nearest Coin Machine To Me – Most people know Coinstar machines as places to exchange coins for cash, but did you also know that Coinstars are a great way to find valuable coins?

Coinstar machines work by weighing coins and checking their magnetism. If a coin is outside the parameters of most US coins, Coinstar will reject it. Because silver coins (mostly quarters and half dollars minted before 1965) are heavier than modern coins, Coinstar will not accept them.

Nearest Coin Machine To Me

Nearest Coin Machine To Me

Most people who exchange coins at Coinstar don’t realize that their rejected coins may not be accepted because they are silver! Some people return the rejected coins, but many people leave the coins in the reject drawer or on the Coinstar desktop.

How Does Coinstar Work: 4 Easy Steps To Cash In Your Coins

Getting into the habit of checking the Coinstar reject drawer every time you go to the store can be very rewarding. It takes a few seconds and you can find silver, tokens and foreign coins.

I recommended looking in the junk drawer first. Do a quick eye check, then reach along the bottom of the discard pan to find the coins. It doesn’t take more than a second.

This will really depend on the area you live in. I have some Coinstars where I will find rejected coins about 1 in 5 times I check and others that are closer to 1 in 10.

The best Coinstar to use will be the ones in busy places, the more often Coinstar is used the more likely you are to find something good!

Does Coinstar Take Dollar Coins? Half Dollars? Solved

Not all rejected Coinstars are valuable. Coins may be rejected because they are dirty, damaged, or simply due to machine error.

I simply only talk about Coinstar machines because it is the most popular coin counter. You can also find counters at some banks and credit unions. (And some bank coin counters don’t charge a fee!)

One of my friends told me that his brother once found a gold sovereign in Coinstar! His brother sold the gold to a pawn shop and then went to buy an Xbox.

Nearest Coin Machine To Me

There’s always a small chance you’ll find something amazing at Coinstar, so it’s always worth checking out.

Publix Coin Machine

Without a doubt, the most common coin to be found in Coinstar is this prayer sign pictured below!

I’ve probably found about 5 of these prayer tokens while searching the Coinstar discard tray over the last few years!

I’m not sure if the store could confirm they have the coins when they go through the machine, but I’ve never been asked not to check the machine. Besides, it would be difficult to prove that they are not your coins.

It only takes a few seconds to look for rejected coins, so I doubt most of the employees even know what I’m doing when I go to Coinstar.

How To Use Coinstar’s No Fee Option

There is a great Reddit community on sub r/CoinstarFinds where you can post pictures of coins, tokens and random objects found in Coinstar.

You can also share your photos on my contact page or on the American Coin Stash Facebook page!

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Nearest Coin Machine To Me

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Nearest Coin Machine To Me

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What Is The Coinstar Fee And How To Deposit Coins For Free

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Budgets are tight and back-to-school expenses are expected to increase. According to a recent Coinstar survey, 84% of parents plan to send their child to private school this fall, and 61% of parents expect back-to-school costs to be higher than before the pandemic.

Never fear – here are some smart tips on how you can turn that spare change hanging around your home or car into back-to-school shopping money. And no, we don’t mean you’ll have to pay change while shopping for school supplies! This is much more convenient. We have been using Coinstar for years, since my kids were little and it works! My kids have always¬†loved the sound of change being counted and the excitement of how much we cash. We always turn it into a game, where everyone guesses in advance how many changes they think we have, and the person who gets the closest gets a small prize.

Coinstar is known for its green kiosks in grocery stores where you can bring in your coins and turn them into cash, fee-free eGift cards or charitable donations. They have kiosks in select locations across the country. You’ll be able to exchange change hanging at the bottom of your purse, or in your clothing pockets (and anywhere else), into cash or eGift cards that you can use to shop at school!

Crypto Atm Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

For those of us in the Northwest, many Safeway stores in the Puget Sound area have these bright green Coinstar kiosks, as well as Fred Meier and more stores.

You can check out the Coinstar Kiosk Finder page to see if they have a location near you. We have found many suitable locations in our area. In many cases, you can do this while doing your regular grocery shopping.

The best way you can use Coinstar is to turn your change into eGift cards for FREE! There are a number of options for eGift cards, but if you want to use it for back-to-school shopping, check out eGift cards for stores like Amazon, Nike, Gap, and more!

Nearest Coin Machine To Me

If you choose to turn in your coins for cash, a service fee of 11.9% will apply (but you won’t have to get rolls of coins and spend time on them etc.). Just drop the change and exchange for cash!

Use Coinstar For Back To School Shopping!

Another option is to donate your coins to charity. If you want your kids to learn more about giving, this is a really fun way to do it as a family. Keep your coins together, then head to a Coinstar kiosk to decide where you’d like your charitable giving to be applied.

I love all the options there are to turn change, which is often lost, into something really useful!

Coinstar has created an easy and convenient way for people to turn their change into money or gift cards they can use. You can benefit from their convenient and simple Coinstar kiosks by dropping your bucket of change into the machine and it can turn your change into cash, a fee-free eGift card or donation to charity at the supermarket.

You’ll probably be surprised how quickly your change adds up. Especially if you include quarters. For example, a large pickle jar can easily cost $200 in cash when it’s full. I’m always shocked at how much my change jars end up making.

This Change Machine Gives Out $1 Dollar Coins Instead Of Quarters.

My kids usually fight over who gets to put the change in the machine. I have to divide and let them take turns. Kids love to do this and it makes saving fun for them. That’s a great way

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