Places To Consign Clothes Near Me

By | February 4, 2023

Places To Consign Clothes Near Me – 5 Places to Shop in Rhode Island Browse these consignment shops for gently used furniture, books, nostalgia items, and adult and children’s clothing.

There are many great places in Rhode Island where you can shop for consignment items for a fraction of the cost of what mainstream stores charge. Whether it’s furniture, books, antiques and toys or adult and children’s clothing, you’ll find what you need (or didn’t know you needed) at these thrift stores.

Places To Consign Clothes Near Me

Places To Consign Clothes Near Me

A furniture and home decor specialist, East Bay Consignment brings you pre-loved pieces at a reasonable price. While you’re looking for your coffee table or back chair, pop into a bookstore and find a used book at a price you can’t beat. You can also order a custom-made bookcase to display your new books.

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This consignment shop offers quality, stylish clothing for men and women. The boutique-style store releases new items daily at discounted prices. A carefully crafted product line of handbags, shoes and casual wear.

For unique views, visit Nostalgiya. This shop is filled with three floors of vintage and one-of-a-kind treasures from fashion to tchotchkes and toys and more for everyone. Take a look at the strange world of interesting things!

This highly rated women’s consignment store is open for safe shopping with new items on display regularly. Clothes, bags, shoes and more are in shape and ready to find a new home.

Designer clothes for toddlers may seem perfect until you shop here. The children’s consignment store provides gently used luxury labels and sells them for a fraction of the original cost. Customers can carefully select everything based on the season and current trends so that their children are always fashion-ready without breaking the budget.

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We will also determine if a store is resale or consignment. (Resale stores buy items on the spot, offering cash or credit, when the buyer orders your items at a store or shopping station. Shipping is when the buyer picks up your items, places them in the store, and when it sells, the store offers you a percentage in the form of cash or credit.)

Buffalo Exchange accepts appointments to resell up to 50 items individually. Customers here accept clean clothes packed in bags or suitcases. All seasons, all year round, but especially plus sizes, men’s clothing, clothing (jeans, T-shirts, dress shirts, dresses, shoes, dresses, jackets, shorts and dresses) and designer, vintage, they buy jewelry, clothes. , and sportswear. Buffalo resells and pays 25 percent of the selling price in cash or 50 percent on a digital trading card.

Places To Consign Clothes Near Me

Uptown’s new and consignment store Poor Little Rich Girl accepts high-end items purchased new in the last year and a half (and they kind of know it). Customers here accept up to 30 items from street vendors, washed and wrapped, and put on hangers or wrapped in bags or bins (but not plastic bags). For items purchased wholesale, sellers receive 25 to 30 percent cash or 50 to 60 percent in-store credit. For high-end pieces (think Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, and Chanel), PLRG sellers receive at least 50 percent of the sale price in cash when they sell.

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Next door to the Poor Little Rich Girl, Sell If I Were a Rich Man is a men’s consignment shop stocked with some novelty items, handmade accessories from local artists, and collectible music and sports memorabilia. Shoppers are looking for seasonal items from brands like Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Volcom, and more to shop here. When items sell, you’ll get 40 percent cash, or 50 percent store credit. If I Were a Rich Man Resale accepts walk-ins.

Upscale consignment store My Sister’s Closet has locations in Desert Village at Pinnacle Peak and Lincoln Village, both in Scottsdale (RIP, Town and Country location). Businesses demand items that are beautiful (retail for at least $75), current (items no more than four or five years old, and on hangers) and clean. When an item sells, you’ll receive 55 percent of the sale price as store credit or 45 percent cash. My Sister’s Closet accepts walk-ins, or you can request a free shipping kit.

For men’s clothing, My Sister’s Closet has a spin-off business next door (actually, it’s in the same square): Good. With two locations in Scottsdale—Desert Village at Pinnacle Peak and Lincoln Village—Well Suited is well-suited (and sells for at least $75), current (items no more than four to five years old and on hangers) looking, and clean. When an item sells, you’ll receive 55 percent of the sale price as store credit or 45 percent cash. Well Suited accepts walk-ins, or you can request a free shipping kit.

Name Brand Exchange is a full-service consignment shop with two locations in Mesa. Shop here for items like jeans, shirts, shoes, and bags from Anthropologie, Cotton On, Lucky Brand, Madewell, and Tory Burch that last 6 months to a year. The shopping cart is open to surfers only and sellers pay 35 percent in cash or 50 percent in trade. Purchases over $75 will be paid in a company check.

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A number of Closet Plato locations in this city are looking for gently used youth and youth clothing, shoes and accessories – boys and girls. Just bring your ID and current fashion items neatly wrapped in a band or box. No appointment is required for the sale, and after the buyers have had time to inspect, they will pay you during your visit. Plato’s Closet carries year-round items, meaning sweaters and T-shirts, plus shoes, jewelry, and bags.

Turn Style Consignment is a consignment shop for clothing, accessories and furniture. Turn Style buys trendy clothes on hangers and accessories like shoes, bags, belts, hats and more in bins. Your items (limited to 35 at a time) will be appraised while you’re in the store (perhaps filling out shipping paperwork before purchase) and you can decide between store credit or a later check out. Charges are found on a first-come, first-served basis.

High Society Resale Boutique, open since 1984, is an upscale consignment store that covers 4,100 square feet – including 15 cases of jewelry. Shoppers are looking for clothes that are a year or two old, then washed, ironed and hung. Delivery time is 60 days. Sellers receive 50 percent of the sale price or 60 percent if used for store credit. Brands St. John, Misook, Chicos, Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, Burberry, Anthropologie, and J. Crew.

Places To Consign Clothes Near Me

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Phoenix Resale And Consignment Shops: A Guide

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Not connected to consignment stores yet? NYC’s top places to swap old clothes for second-hand items will blow your mind.

Looking good in Gotham can be a full-time job, but luckily, you can save a ton at consignment stores. NYC has enough department stores and high-end shops to please the city’s most fashionable people, but sometimes, you need money for something more practical. (Hey, it’s rent again.) Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe on the cheap or just don’t have the closet space to store everything you’re shopping for, these best shops and stores in town will have you covered. help you look stylish at least. Whether you take cash or opt for store credit, shipping your duds to New York is one of the best ways to hack.

In Tucson, Arizona, started in the early 70’s, there is this charming chain

Places To Consign Clothes Near Me

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