Used Heavy Equipment Buyers Near Me

By | March 2, 2023

Used Heavy Equipment Buyers Near Me – Buying new weight equipment is an expensive investment. One that requires a lot of time for research and capital. One option that many contractors consider is buying used equipment. Buying a used skid steer for sale, for example, comes with some benefits that cannot be passed up. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider buying used heavy equipment.

This is an obvious one. Of course, buying a used backhoe for sale will cost you less than buying new equipment. Used equipment will operate and be as productive as new heavy machinery; but for a fraction of the cost. You may be able to buy used heavy equipment and invest extra money in your business area or buy additional attachments. Or imagine buying some used mini excavators, for the same price as a brand new piece of heavy equipment. This will allow you to grow your fleet faster and get more work done.

Used Heavy Equipment Buyers Near Me

Used Heavy Equipment Buyers Near Me

An ugly truth is the depreciation that comes with purchasing new equipment. Most heavy equipment loses 20 to 40 percent of its value within a year of purchase. You can not miss the depreciation, so one of the benefits of purchasing used equipment is that someone has experienced the initial depreciation expense. Whether you are looking for a used backhoe or a used dozer for sale, it will not depreciate at the same rate as new equipment, especially if you take care of it.

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As mentioned above, buying used equipment is not as fast as buying new heavy equipment. Heavy used machines retain their value for a long time. In fact, if you keep up with regular maintenance, you may be able to sell or trade in for almost the same price you bought for when you are ready for an upgrade. This is a great perk that can only come by purchasing used equipment.

Buying a new piece of equipment means a long waiting time when it is shipped from the manufacturer’s factory. When it comes to used heavy equipment, there is undeniably a massive amount of inventory around the world. For example, Sonsray Machinery, the largest CASE CE distributor on the west coast, although they specialize in new CASE CE equipment, their used inventory has a wide selection with different makes/models. They carry all brands from used Caterpillar, John Deere, Bomag, Macan just to name a few. Many of them were acquired as a trade-in, but all of them underwent a 101 point inspection performed by a Master Certified technician. After the inspection is carried out if suitable, the skid steer sold for sale becomes Ownership Certification. With heavy used equipment, you have a good chance of finding what you are looking for without waiting months for your machine to be built.

These are the benefits of used equipment that not many people think about when buying a heavy machine. New equipment insurance will assess the value at replacement cost as if it were new, even if it has experienced depreciation. However, a used wheel loader for sale must have its premium adjusted, which means you will pay less because the value of used heavy equipment is lower.

Imagine you have a project with a deadline of 6 months to complete. Requires a specific piece of equipment that is not in your fleet. You don’t want to commit to buying a new one because it’s not a machine you’ll use often once the project is finished. But renting it for 6 months straight can be too expensive. Buying used equipment gives you the ease to acquire a used asphalt roller for sale near you pretty quickly and then easily sell it after the job wraps up-with a little depreciation.

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When you buy a new machine, you have to put hours to fully break it in, many times not ready for a rigorous job that needs it for the right away. Plus, it takes some downtime to train your operators. Like a new machine and/or model, it comes with new controls, cab interface, new technology, etc… Choosing used heavy equipment, similar to what you already have, will allow you to get back to your project faster with no downtime to train your operators.

Surely this is one, not many people think about as the top of the list as a benefit. However, purchasing used heavy equipment is a green way to go. The used market helps limit the number of machines produced each year. By reducing the amount of steel and iron consumed, this helps reduce industrial waste and the factory’s overall carbon emissions. Plus, it’s a good feeling to know that a piece of equipment gives it everything and you get the most out of it … before it will be sent to a scrapyard.

Adding heavy equipment to your fleet is an important decision whether you go with new or used. The important thing is that you do your research and stay informed. No one knows your company better than you; and only you know what your needs are. Whatever you decide to do it is best to cooperate with a heavy equipment dealer who not only answers all your questions, but presents the most attractive package in its warranty program, protection plan and Parts & Service Department.

Used Heavy Equipment Buyers Near Me

About Sonsray Machinery – The largest CASE CE distributor on the West Coast with 13 locations in 4 states (CA, NV, OR and WA), equipped with state-of-the-art dealerships from the Mexican border to Canada for new & used sales, rentals, and parts & service .Following a recent blog highlighting some new online resources to find, buy and sell used construction equipment here are some additional websites to check out.

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The main goal of Machinery Marketplace is to have an open online marketplace where sellers can list new and used equipment for sale and buyers can search, get information about and buy equipment.

Back in July I wrote a blog highlighting three online sources for contractors looking to buy or sell used construction equipment. Since this blog was published, I have found some additional resources that I thought I would share with you. So, if the first blog doesn’t provide you with a website to help you find what you’re looking for, perhaps this additional resource will.

The Machinery Marketplace website is advertised as a free online listing marketplace where sellers can list new and used equipment for sale and buyers can search, gather information and shop for equipment. According to Michael Tran, director of business development for Web Horsepower – the developer behind Market Engine. Marketplace focuses on 100% web marketing. In fact, it offers a growing list of features that make it easy for shoppers to shop for gear anytime from any device.

The main goal of Machinery Marketplace is to have an open online marketplace where sellers can list new and used equipment for sale and buyers can search, get information about and buy equipment. Machinery Market has equipment listings for construction equipment, lift and material handling equipment, trucks and other vehicles, and farm equipment. On the home page you can quickly see a list of reviewed tools and attachments as well as your last viewed tools.

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For contractors looking to purchase equipment, the Market Engine website includes advanced search tools that include maps, Equipment Details pages, eCatalogs, Vendor locator tools, comparison tools and more.

If you cannot find the equipment you are looking for after browsing the website, fill out the Equipment Wanted form. The search is then sent to hundreds of Marketplace Engine sellers who may have what you need but are not yet listed.

Buyers can search to find local equipment to buy or search across the United States for the equipment they need. This feature is convenient and effective for buyers

Used Heavy Equipment Buyers Near Me

If you want to sell your equipment, the website includes tools such as Dealership Management tool, Equipment Listing tool, Lead report, Buyer Inquiry subscription tool and more. Sellers can upload an unlimited number of equipment listings to a free virtual showroom and sell directly to buyers.

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Started as a print catalog developed to connect buyers and sellers, My Little Salesman has been around since 1958. The website was developed in the 1990s to help reach a larger audience through the online marketplace. is an online resource where equipment buyers can find new and used equipment and parts available for sale, rent or auction. If you are looking to buy, the website has equipment for sale including paving, lifting, logging and farm equipment. There are also over 190,000 heavy equipment, trucks and farm equipment for sale. In addition to equipment, you can find for sale listings for attachments, tools, commercial trucks, trailers and more.

You can filter your device search by keyword, industry, category, manufacturer, model, condition (new, used, remanufactured or dismantled), year, price and market type (sold, for rent or at auction). You can sort the search results based on the most recently updated distance

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