Best Audiobooks Self Development Reddit

By | May 10, 2023
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Best Audiobooks Self Development Reddit

Best Audiobooks Self Development Reddit

The events of the past two years have left much to be desired, including despair and loss. These feelings can lead to tunnel vision that is hard to escape from, but reading can help you find an escape route. We can engage with new ideas that promote hope, certainty, and help us imagine the possibility of a different world.

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To wrap up 2021, we asked our staff to share the books that made us think or act differently this year. We hope these books bring you into the New Year with encouraging intentions and peace of mind.

“I’m very interested in people’s home lives,” he explains. “I used to think I was wasting my time, but the fact is, what’s more interesting than how people live? I personally could not think of anything. Maybe war or death or something, but not for me. I like how they eat, what they do, how they look.

Colvin, who died in 1992, was celebrated during his lifetime as a quietly elegant writer of quirky bohemian love stories. But since her death, a cult has formed around her food writing, the columns she wrote for Gourmet magazine celebrating her domestic life: washing dishes in the bathtub of her small East Village apartment, with veal medallions and seaweed. After Thanksgiving, he feasted on a roasted turkey neck “without a trace of guilt because I did all the work.” Colvin’s food writing is based on a commitment to good, simple, very well-prepared food; What he describes in one of his novels as a kind of domestic sensuality.

Both were reissued this year as part of Harper Perennial and Vintage’s Laurie Colvin of the Year. Both are great, but if you have to choose one, go for it

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. This is what expresses Colvin’s philosophy that he “wastes time” on simple household matters, such as what people eat and how they eat it. Because what could be more interesting than people living? –

I felt many things about the layout of Washington’s streets: anger, frustration, general disbelief that such a counterintuitive mess could exist. I don’t think I’ve ever felt awe or even gratitude. But when I picked up Amir Alexander’s book,

, it took me through Euclidean geometry, French gardens, and absolute monarchies, culminating in why the DC map is what it is.

Best Audiobooks Self Development Reddit

It was another reminder to me that everything in the world – even the most seemingly absurd – is a product of culture and social history. Street maps are political arguments. Gardens is an essay on power. You just have to dig a little deeper (or read Alexander’s work) to understand what is being said. –

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In early 2021, in connection with the anniversary of the quarantine of “Kovid-19”. The anniversary coincided with America’s expanded vaccination campaign, and there was speculation that it might finally end.

It was a reminder that endings are rarely that simple. Aleksievich’s book documents the collapse of the Soviet Union through the oral histories of the people who lived there – soldiers, former party leaders, factory workers. Alexievichius, Belarusian journalist, 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature, he allows his subjects to speak. You get these intimate portraits of everyday life framed against the turmoil of the collapse of the USSR.

At the same time, oral histories reveal a collective disillusionment with the end of communism and the gangster capitalism and corruption that replaced it. Nostalgia for Soviet rule lingers, even as people tell horrifying stories about life under it. The past is rewritten in the chaos of the present.

It got me thinking about how we will remember this time—the pandemic, but also the social, political, and economic upheaval that accompanied it. Anna North and I prepared an oral history of the pandemic from the New York area, but

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It made me think about what people might say in one, five or 10 years. Alexievich’s work shows that memory is as much about what we experienced then as it is now. Almost two years into the pandemic, we don’t really know where the present will take us, so we’re still creating and re-creating our collective past. –

I love the change of perspective. When the book isn’t written in the first or third person, grab it right away. Some readers may find this gambit incredibly clever, but not me. The narrative conventions we use to explain the world and the people in it often don’t explain the world or the people in it.

It might be the book I devoured the most this year. Author A.E. Osworth frames this story of a young woman in the video game industry who is almost forgotten by the faceless online mobs to make the most sense in the first-person plural. The crowd is what this book is about, which means the reader is immersed in “we” statements over and over (just like the title!).

Best Audiobooks Self Development Reddit

Osworth is shrewd enough not to leave the reader in a crowd of misogynists throughout the book. They find ways to single out certain subsets of that crowd, especially queer voices who feel left out of the crowd’s actions, even if those queers are also “watching Eliza Bright.” You can watch someone online because you’re stalking them, or you can watch because you want to help them, but the feeling of being watched is still what your target understands the most. Osworth and their novel understand that there’s not much to write about our online lives.

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But who really wants to hear that? I know we are living in a climate crisis of our own making; I just want to read the novel under the cover, hidden from the burning world. But if we continue to slide toward disaster—and perhaps try to do something about it too, too late—we could do worse than

It’s a rare book that manages to surprise, horrify, and be hilarious in an I-told-you-so way. There’s still a lot that author Lydia Millet leaves vague in this tale, but the battle lines are clearly drawn from the start: the world is being destroyed by children and parents.

Setup is a minor disaster. A few affluent families stay in a lakeside vacation home and barely make ends meet. Millais wisely uses the opening to make us dislike both camps equally (it’s hard to sympathize with the indifferent parents or the casually cruel rich kids who even the richer kids envy). But when push comes to shove, we learn more about where their loyalties lie.

The brutal war these characters are involved in doesn’t do much more than reach for another lifeline. I kept making them do this – to keep their bubble of privilege from enveloping the world and not bursting quickly.

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There is no straight line between art and action. But this book also left me ready to engage in an absurd battle.

Slowly but surely I am regaining the ability to read after many months of not being able to look a novel in the eye. Part of what helped me get back on track is audiobooks and Calvin Kasulke

It was such a pleasure to finish it all in one sitting. It’s a novel told entirely through Slack messaging, with full voice acting, and revolves around a boy whose consciousness is somehow trapped within the app itself. From there, it spirals outward, revealing the mundane and exciting conversations that lurk beneath the activities of most white-collar workplaces. The novel could not have been more insightful, given our current telecommuting tendencies.

Best Audiobooks Self Development Reddit

Kasulke’s writing is intelligent and honest, often with precise turns of phrase that I, a happily fired Millennium middle manager, immediately noticed were awkward. But what helped me most was the experience of reading (or, you know, listening to) the book, reminding me of all the ways to tell a story—even in the unique non-colorful ways that many of us organize our work. Professional life. If you’re at all interested in shaping narratives, this novel is worth reading, whatever your brain.

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