Home Improvement Programme Simei

By | April 14, 2023
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Home Improvement Programme Simei – I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with the Housing Board of Singapore’s Home Improvement Program (HIP), which was intended to solve the maintenance issues faced by apartments built before 1986; The main thing is a comprehensive renovation of the two bathrooms!

Although my apartment did indeed go through the program before it was purchased two years ago, my parents’ apartment is not, because they only got the notice last year (I think) and work started last Thursday.

Home Improvement Programme Simei

Home Improvement Programme Simei

I need your help because we needed to clean several things and most importantly I had to put plastic covers on to keep the items protected from dust and debris. To be honest, I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through this ordeal.

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It’s very hard work, and as close friends know, I’m easily the clumsiest person in Singapore; It’s a wonder he managed to survive for so long!

Three hours; And my dad and I just ended up with the kitchen, master bedroom, and TV console. We didn’t even have enough plastic sheeting to cover the high altar and sofa set. It didn’t help that the tapes didn’t do a great job of sticking to the tiles and ceiling.

And given my age, I broke again! However, compared to my 66-year-old father, I think it’s still safer for me to be on the stairs and in the high chair; despite my foolishness.

Incidentally, when I left the next morning, I arrived at my parents’ house after buying extra plastic sheets and tape; Only to realize some of the sheets had come loose and we had to reattach them! After trial and error the night before, we were quick to tape the sheets with the strongest masking tape recommended by the board.

Entree Kibbles: Busy With The Home Improvement Programme At My Parents Place

A pity we weren’t as quick as the workmen who quickly put the floor under protection and put more plastic sheeting (tentacled to the poles) to protect our furniture; The sofa set was already hemmed in and I made the “executive” decision to leave it “unfolded”.

Dad is thumbs up; Hopefully the little renovation will go smoothly as poor guy has to say goodbye to Gaga home.

Anyway, only two pictures of the empty bathrooms; One in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom. It is rare to see them so empty and they are definitely looking forward to their new “look” in a couple of weeks! Welcome! There is plenty of time! In my previous HIP post, I shared how meticulous I was when finishing the house. In this post, I will tell you about the progress of our HIP business and see if the hard work is paying off.

Home Improvement Programme Simei

We were the last unit at our level to start doing HIP. We deeply feel what Gotong Royong really meant

We Survived Home Improvement Programme

Times like this. Our neighbor put up chairs in the lobby so we would have a place to sit while the hacking was going on in the unit. We spent many evenings chatting with neighbors in the lobby while eating a huge amount of dinner (you wouldn’t want to dine in the covered house).

Rubber mat to protect the floor and dusty plastic sheeting which should ideally reduce dust (placed by the contractor)

The plastic sheeting we put in (in my previous post) was to prevent dust from entering, while the rubber mats put in by the contractor were meant to protect the floor (tiles) because the workers would push their equipment and tools around. The contractor’s plastic sheeting was really dusty. from the previous units. With gaps between each sheet, I’m glad we made our own dust protection system. The contractor’s plastic panels were removed on the third morning, as only significant breaches were made on days one and two.

The hack job was huge (floor and wall tiles, pipes in both bathrooms), and it was hard for us to stay close to our unit, so we decided to take a risk and leave the house to the workers. We left after the foreman told us about the new layout of our bathrooms (water heater location and shelves), so they could plan how the water pipes would work. Our undamaged rooms were sealed and sealed with plastic sheeting. Valuables in master bedroom also cleaned, take the built in wardrobe (also airtight) if you wish. But I would like to stress that leaving the house to strangers is really our responsibility.

Home Improvement Programme (hip) And What You Should Do

So here is the portable toilet, installed at the end of the first day. For our case, the contractor has informed us up front that we need a portable toilet, and we don’t know if it’s a default item that should be in the HIP package. No additional fees are required for this bathroom. It is placed outside our kitchen toilet because it needs to be connected to the water inlet and outlet.

I read that not all contractors offer portable toilets with water heaters, so we are lucky to own one with a Bennington water heater. You can use this bathroom from the night until the next day before the workers start work.

It’s small but has everything you need, faucet, shower head, toilet, proper drainage system, hooks and even space to put your toiletries. Remember to clean the toilet before the workers start working, because you don’t want to be covered in dust at night. Yes, we were reminded that the bathroom is for “small business” only; Please settle for your “big deal” on empty contractor-supplied deck toilets.

Home Improvement Programme Simei

Workers helped pack the water heater and shower head so they could be reinstalled later.

Simei Street 1 (tampines), Hdb 5 Rooms

We start to purchase new faucets, toilet sprayer, toilet paper holder and shelves after confirming the design on the first day. The installation takes place on the ninth day for us, so we have enough time to look for new things.

I’m so glad we did the setup right, otherwise that cement would end up on the shingles instead of the plastic sheeting we put on earlier.

The workers left their tools in our unit one night. We called your office to pick them up. You should not leave your items with us and we do not want to be responsible for your items.

The RTO and site supervisor must check progress and sign off daily. The red ink we put indicates the days that could not be verified. The contractor shredded the paper and threw it away after HIP, but we tore it up beforehand and sent it to HDB.

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We stayed in the old HDB, which is why we went through HIP, the washer water outlet was outside the bathroom, plugged into a hole in the wall. Bubbles run across the bathroom floor after each use, leaving the floor wet and slippery. This new drain has two water outlets, one for the sink and one for the washing machine. No bubbles now, hello dry and safe bathing.

The portable toilet was removed on the morning of the ninth day prior to installation. But that’s okay, there is still a makeshift toilet on the empty deck.

During the bathrooms renovation, a new wood door and a metal door (HIP package) were installed. New keys are ready for collection on the same day from your office. We’ve noticed that the quantity you’re trying to add to your cart qualifies as a bulk order.

Home Improvement Programme Simei

If you would like to proceed with this bulk order, our team will contact you within 1 business day to inform you of product availability, expected delivery date and applicable delivery charges. You will only be charged for the actual quantities delivered.

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Check your zip code coverage, choose your delivery slot before purchasing and complete your payment in 45 minutes. We will release your delivery slot if you exceed the specified booking time.

Being approved for HDB’s Home Improvement Program (HIP) is a bigger commitment than you might think. Everything can be a real disaster, so from preparation to inspection, you need to weigh your options and plan carefully.

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However, this sounds stressful, so another way to look at it is with the end in mind: Imagine your rejuvenated and more comfortable home after 4 or 10 days of this experience.

Whether you’ve decided to move in temporarily or to stay during renovations, you need to stay on top of your HDB home improvement project and be fully equipped before, during, and after your renovation. We’ll help you get through it with the following tips:

Know what to expect. This HIP Handbook explains the entire process very well and addresses any concerns homeowners may have. While building your HDB improvement home, expect a lot of dust and noise buildup, especially from all the hacking work. This is inevitable, but knowing what is the worst can help you make better choices. Also, you and your family can prepare

Home Improvement Programme Simei

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