Home Improvement To Do List

By | April 29, 2023
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Home Improvement To Do List – Check out this handy April Home Checklist and Home Improvement Tips for Planning for Spring and Summer. It includes a free to-do list that you can print. Helpful tips on how to enjoy the arrival of spring, home care checks, spring preparation and cleaning tips and more!

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Home Improvement To Do List

Home Improvement To Do List

Check that your carbon monoxide detector and exhaust detector are working and insert new batteries. Also check for your home security product recall – an up-to-date list can be found at Recalls.gov.

Simple Diy Home Projects To Do When Bored And Stuck At Home

Inspect your driveways and pathways for cracks and damage from winter freeze and thaw. Schedule repairs as needed.

Get rid of mosquitoes and inspect their breeding grounds by checking for stagnant water on your property. Examine the remaining pots as they can be watered. Get rid of any mud you may find in your yard and garden.

Take out the trash cans and recycling bins and clean them thoroughly with a brush and soap. Let it dry and go home.

We all have one! Take out everything in the trash and throw away anything that breaks. Donate or throw away items you no longer need. Buy the organizer you need to maximize the storage capacity of your trash can. Clean files and folders with a mild soap and let them dry before reinstalling.

April Home Checklist

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Let the light in and make your home look brighter by cleaning your windows! Clean the inside and outside of the glass, vents and frames.

Use a pressure washer to clean your home surface. Mold and dirt can build up over time. Remove to keep your edges rounded and preserve the look of your home!

Home Improvement To Do List

Make your room feel bigger by collecting and removing unnecessary items. Donate them or plan a yard sale! I’m donating my magazine that I no longer read to a local hospice for staff and locals!

Creating A Bullet List For Your Home Improvement Projects

Remove and inspect all window and door screens. Replace any broken screen. Clean the screen with a soft brush and mild detergent. Turn off the hose and let it dry before plugging it back in.

Now it’s time to decorate your front porch! If you have a seat with morning coffee add a chair or two and add a spring planter. A beautiful spring bouquet at your front door is a great way to welcome guests. Add a new mat for a quick refresh!

Test all your sprinklers, hoses, and irrigation systems, if any, to make sure they’re ready when the weather is warm enough to water your garden. Replace taps, hoses and damaged hoses.

Now it’s time to make sure your ventilation system is working! Plan and inspect and order all required parts.

Home Improvement Checklist — Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing

Garages tend to look for items during the winter and can be hard to find until April! Organize kids’ bikes, boards, pet supplies, gardening and gardening tools with shelves, hooks and cabinets. Wipe the floor or use a vacuum cleaner. Throw away the broken things and donate the things you no longer use.

Inspect the flowering plants and trees in your garden for damage and disease. Replace them and fill the empty space with new plants, flowers and trees! It will strengthen your sidewalks and you will love seeing the beautiful greenery and flowers every time you go home!

Next on the April home checklist are: winter temperatures, planks, fences, roofs and exterior stairs that can be damaged by snow and ice. Examine them and plan the damage to be repaired.

Home Improvement To Do List

April It’s raining a lot! Make sure your gutters and downpipes are working properly by cleaning them and removing debris and leaves.

Pro Stage Home Improvement Reviews

The pests are starting to move and gather from this month on, so watch out for them. If you find them, treat them yourself with the detection of this pest and kill the well-supervised pest, or make an appointment with a licensed pest control company to eliminate it as soon as possible. It is possible to prevent damage to your home structure.

Make a wooden chair using my DIY Potting Bench tutorial here! We really loved our potted chairs – they had running water, sinks and taps, lots of shelves and boards for storage and organization.

These Adirondack chairs are comfortable and roomy! We love them and our guests too! We created 4 places to put it around the regular seats of our summer fire pit!

I hope you enjoy the to-do list and home improvement tips for the month of April! Don’t forget to get your free printable April Home Checklist here!

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Heather is a True Color Expert® designer and a proud military spouse at Setting For Four Interiors. Heather offers interior design and painting services online. Check out all of our design tips and tricks on our blog and follow us on Instagram for more design and decorating inspiration! Is home renovation the solution for the new year? Planning the best way to spend your upcoming taxes? Despite the incentives, home remodeling is a worthwhile investment. Major repairs or minor alterations both increase the value of the home and increase its daily functionality.

There are endless options when it comes to home improvement projects. This is often the “Which project should I do first?” raises the question. Check out our list of projects to prioritize to help you get some ideas!

Home Improvement To Do List

Bathroom remodels are all worthwhile investments. The bath is an essential part of relaxation and self-care, so it should work at its best. Are floors cracked or leaking? Are your appliances outdated and paint leaking from the walls? A few minor repairs may be all you need to feel like you have a completely new bathroom!

Steps For Springtime Home Maintenance In South Carolina

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, consider renovating your bathroom as soon as possible. HGTV ranks bathroom design as the number one home update for ROI.

Taking care of your roof is key to giving it the longest possible life. The roof provides significant protection from external factors and is the right ventilation system for your home. If your roof isn’t working properly, it can cause your home to become moldy and cause high energy bills. It’s also important to know when a minor repair will pay off and when it’s time for a full roof replacement.

Examine the outside of your home. Wear and tear, such as sagging, leaking or cracking, is a sign that it’s time to repair the roof. If you’re starting to notice stains or worse leaks in the ceiling, carefully consider replacing it entirely.

Repainting is an excellent and affordable way to refresh a room! Many resources are available for professional advice, online and at home improvement stores. There you can find paint color options and consider the one that best suits the project.

Our Home Makeover, Renovation Journal: Room By Room Home Improvement Planner

Looking for a simple way to liven up a bedroom? Add new paint colors to the walls and the whole atmosphere will change. Want to add something new to the dining room? Repaint the dining room table to create a beautiful and eye-catching transition.

Whether you’re remodeling a space or giving it a brand new look, repainting is a classic and complete proof of the home.

Windows add personality and bring natural light into the home. However, if the process is not done correctly, it also brings results. The storytelling sign your window should replace is the draft. Uncomfortable air currents spoil the temperature of your home. In the summer, the draft window can withstand your AC, and in the winter it brings cool air into the heated house. As a result, air conditioners and stoves work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. With the draft window, the energy bill increases. According to the Energy.gov website, heating and loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential and cooling energy consumption.

Home Improvement To Do List

Windows is also highly customizable. They come in a range of shapes, styles and colors to help reinforce your pavements. That kind of flexibility means having options for everyone.

Ttf Home Improvement Planner

Replacing defective windows will increase the functionality of the home and reduce energy bills while adding new styles at the same time! Get a free home estimate to explore your options and get an idea of ​​what it will cost.

The exterior of the house gives the first impression to passers-by, and the front door is the first thing to greet guests! Make sure your home is in top condition.

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