Siding Companies That Offer Financing

By | February 25, 2023

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As the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, our business is still open and operational but we are making arrangements for the safety to help customers and employees maintain a safe and healthy distance.

Siding Companies That Offer Financing

Siding Companies That Offer Financing

If you would like to place an order, please call the office at 745-6262 or email contactus@ and we will be happy to process the paperwork.

Elements Metal Roof

You can pay by visa or mastercard over the phone, or send EFT. If you must pay by credit card, only 1 person can enter at a time to use the POS machine.

You can drive up to the tailgate and we will put your things in the car for you or we can deliver the things you need.

If you need books or samples, please call me and I will be more than happy to help you.

At this time, we are still able to complete exterior / renovation work so please call us to discuss if you need more information. We look forward to working with our customers, contractors and the public to help prevent the spread of COVID 19 and reduce risk during this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or clarification. My Simply Group may have just started offering residential HVAC, but below less than ten years, spread over four parts. Through our growth and expansion, we have not lost sight of what has made us successful: a single-minded focus on improving the energy efficiency of homes and businesses, outstanding customer service, and consistent revenue. for our investors.

Siding Repair Company, Financing Options Available

With a network of dealers, special relationships with new residential builders, and 200+ home heating specialists in Canada, we are one of the fastest growing HVAC companies in the country through our two primary brands:

Simply Green Home Services™ specializes in providing the latest collection of whole home energy efficient HVAC and water equipment, ensuring that homes are energy is conserved.

Sandpiper Energy Solutions provides its customers with top-quality, name-brand products and 24/7 service at no upfront cost. Whether working with builders or homeowners, it’s all about finding the right solution.

Siding Companies That Offer Financing

To make sure more families can enjoy high quality water, we’ve introduced Simply Green Retail services in partnership with Home Depot. Our agents help people find the best water to meet their needs. So whether it’s hard water, or just a desire for better quality, customers can improve what comes out of their faucets.

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Our lighting solutions business specializes in the installation and maintenance of retrofit LED lighting in commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings. We have a dedicated sales team and experience that has helped us earn a reputation as one of the most advanced and proven LED lighting renovation businesses in Canada.

Serving the Ontario region since 2007, SimplyLED has provided its customers with the next generation of lighting solutions and complete lighting retrofits. 750 in all categories.

Our new construction business has gained a prominent position in the construction sector in Southwestern Ontario. Our network includes relationships with over 100 new home builders in Ontario and 5-year contracts with some of Canada’s top 10 home builders 5,000 new homes per year.

The Sandpiper Builder Program helps builders reduce their capital investment and increase their income. The builders provide affordable, energy efficient homes and many popular Home Care Programs.

Siding Company Westerly, Ri (360+ 5 Star Reviews)

To make sure more families can enjoy high quality water, we’ve introduced Simply Green Retail services in partnership with Home Depot. Our agents help people find the best water to meet their needs. So whether it’s hard water or just a desire for better quality, consumers can improve what comes out of their faucets.

Simply Metering Solutions serves builders, contractors, landlords, suite owners, and tenants providing water, gas, and water led meters for many residential and commercial buildings.

Our commercial loan business provides a variety of unique financing solutions, including secured and guaranteed financing from HVAC lease contracts, project loans home improvement, etc. We work with our customers to develop the right solution for them, even if they don’t have traditional investors.

Siding Companies That Offer Financing

Simply Group Financial partners with customers to offer customers innovative and cost-effective programs for a wide range of home improvement projects through simple and intuitive applications, automatic approvals, and fast turnaround times. financing, opening loans, and more.

Roofing & Exterior Siding Installation Services

Crown Crest Capital provides innovative financing solutions for real estate, business, and industrial projects. Our financing is supported by our unique, hands-on Business Management Support team, which includes customer service, training, marketing, and other things.

To find out how we can add value to your project, please fill out the form below and one of our experts will get back to you are you.

Joining Simply Group’s executive team in 2018, Andrew Bowgen, PhD, brings a unique expertise—he holds a PhD in Comparative Physiology from the University of Cambridge – with decades of leadership from some of Canada’s top financial institutions. As Simply Group’s Risk Officer, Andrew has made a significant contribution to the company’s progress by effectively identifying, evaluating, and managing risks and opportunities. He is also responsible for laying the foundation for Simply Group’s strong risk management and developing a risk culture within the organization. Prior to joining Simply Group, Andrew was Managing Director of Risk at Flexiti Financial, where he was responsible for reducing exposure and building a environment of risk awareness in the organization. He also previously worked as a Senior Credit Risk Manager at Scotiabank and spent five years as a Senior Credit Risk Manager overseeing risk management at JPMorgan Chase.

As co-founder and CEO of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Joseph Krimker played an important role in building Simply Group into the company it is today. After graduating from Schulich School of Business in 2013, with many business experiences in his youth, Joseph joined his brother, Lawrence, to start Simply Green Home Services™. Due in part to Joseph’s tremendous sales success, the company exceeded $30 million in annual revenue in just the first three years of business. Today, Joseph is responsible for identifying new growth strategies for Simply Group, as well as increasing the company’s operational performance.

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Joseph proudly maintains a “lead by example” leadership style, while engaging in a “servant leadership” philosophy. A true salesman at heart, he is known for his competitive nature, strong instincts, and warm and friendly personality. Growing up as a single, immigrant mother in a co-working space in Toronto, Joseph believes in continuing to give back to the communities we work in and run businesses with excellence. humility and honesty.

Jerome Peeters is an accomplished business executive with over 22 years of financial industry experience leading business operations and transformation in B2B organizations and B2C. With his business vision and data-driven approach, Jerome continues to drive growth and empower organizations to thrive. results in environmental changes. Prior to joining Simply Group in 2019, he was Chief Executive Officer at Flexiti Financial, where he led the strategy and growth of the FinTech company. Jerome also previously served as Vice President of Operations and Customer Service at Laurentian Bank and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service for Sears Canada. Prior to this, Jerome played a key role in the growth of President’s Choice Financial as Senior Director of Marketing and Change Management for this award winning company.

Sean Milne, CPA, joined Simply Group in 2018. Since coming on board as CFO, he has been instrumental in increasing the growth of the organization through acquisitions through facilitating the improvement of work performance and the improvement of a plan based on financial responsibility. He is responsible for helping turn Simply Group into one of Canada’s largest non-bank commercial credit providers with over $1.45 billion in total assets under management.

Siding Companies That Offer Financing

Sean comes to Simply Group after two years as Vice President of Finance at Flexiti Financial, where he helped facilitate their $250 million acquisition of TD Bank’s Canadian private label credit card portfolio. . Prior to this, he was with M Partners Inc., an independent investment banking firm. Starting in Business Planning and Financial Advisory Services, Sean was promoted in less than a year to Chief Financial Officer, responsible for core financial businesses including equity, debt financing, and other operations. Starting as a Staff Accountant at Deloitte in 2011, he has been able to successfully grow many large companies and continue to point Simply Group in the direction of greater expansion. A graduate of Queen’s University, Sean is CPA-Certified with multiple certifications from the Canadians Securities Institute.

Siding Replacement Services| 18 Months No Interest Financing

Lawrence Krimker has become one of the most accomplished business leaders in North America. As the CEO of Simply Group, he has been able to innovate the residential and commercial sectors, disrupt and transform a business that has grown in popularity. Through strategic planning, innovative business practices, and the creation of a unique financing model that makes energy equipment more affordable for people. home and business owners, Lawrence has collected.

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