Best Interior Design Universities In Europe

By | February 26, 2023

Best Interior Design Universities In Europe – Where do you study interior design in Europe? In this article, I will cover the top 5 design schools to become an interior designer.

I will share my research on this issue here. I decided to discuss this hot button topic because a few years ago it was important to me as well. As many of you know, I moved to Denmark in 2014 and lived there for almost 3 years. One day I got the idea of ​​studying for a Ph.D. (this is the analog of our undergraduate studies in Russia) in one of the universities of Copenhagen. In addition, I considered different ways of studying in other European cities because in Old Europe everything is close.

Best Interior Design Universities In Europe

Best Interior Design Universities In Europe

In Copenhagen, there is the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and I was lucky enough to have a tour there. I had such an opportunity thanks to my friend’s friend Kai who got a bachelor’s degree in Furniture Design and after 4 years of study he founded his own company where he successfully engaged in furniture design. I have 6 years of interior design training at Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. So I asked Kai to visit his alma mater. We walked around the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and looked into the classrooms. At the time I didn’t know for sure if I wanted to do an undergraduate course in architecture or art history, so I was testing the waters. The first thing that caught me in the Academy was the large white, neutral and large workshop areas that are very different from ours (for example, in Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design there is a luxurious interior in an eclectic style. ). Analyzing it, I came to the conclusion that this option was not my cup of tea (but apart from it I would like to note the excellent equipment from projectors and MacBooks to 3D printers – in general, it works in all universities in Europe). After the trip, I started looking for options in England and the Netherlands.

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By the way, as a rule, everywhere in Europe you will see exactly those art schools with the same light and small interiors with a lot of air and zero decoration (maybe, Italy and France are the only exceptions). There is a phrase “walls can teach” that directly reflects our Russian universities and above all the Academy of Stieglitz since we studied surrounded by amazing interiors, so all this beauty and the corresponding values ​​were seen and kept at a subconscious level. Our school is our Russian Hogwarts.

In England, there is a well-known College of Art and Design in Central Saint Martins. Don’t be afraid of the word “college”, it is a traditional historical word but, in fact, it is a university. The college is well known in the field of fashion design but interior design is also studied there. An interesting fact is that even those who study interiors are taught topics related to fashion, for example, creating a platform and a place to hold fashion shows for houses, salons, and boutiques, that is, everything about the fashion industry, as well. It is common for interior designers who graduate from College to stay in the fashion industry. You may have noticed that interior designers are often interested in clothing design. Sometimes these technologies overlap: fashion designers are involved internally and vice versa. I often consider such situations. By the way, most of the Russian furniture and interior designers, whose names are often heard, were studied at this London College.

Oh, Paris and its École des Beaux-Arts! It is the most famous and one of the oldest art schools in Paris. It is good, but the only thing that can cause problems is that the students are taught only in French. That’s why I had to kick it right away. Although I love languages ​​and learn them with pleasure, I speak English, some Danish (I studied Danish for a few years when I lived in Copenhagen), Spanish and a little French, but I was not ready to learn the Danish language. another few years to do a Ph.D. of course. Of course, it would be nice to know the language of French luminaries perfectly, but it takes a lot of time and effort and requires a lot of motivation. For those lucky enough to speak French, this option is undoubtedly perfect.

The institute is Italy’s largest private school of fashion and design. It is based in Milan and is known all over the world. Admission to the Marangoni Center is a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to receive a creative education within the walls of a world-renowned institution, where famous people such as Franco Moschino and Domenico Dolce graduated. By the way, in general, in all Italian universities, advanced students are taught in English. The Marangoni Institute is different: the same educational program is offered in Italian and English. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

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Speaking of the Nordic countries, the Bergen Academy of Art and Design is worth mentioning. It is much bigger and more famous than the one in Copenhagen I was about to enter. The Academy has high academic standards and is cited throughout the world. So if you prefer Northern Europe, you should consider this option.

This is the famous Dutch Academy of Design. Compared to many large European cities, Eindhoven is a small town but has a large number of world-class universities. In general, the town is very popular in any field of study. It’s amazing how such a small country has had such a big impact on the world of art – it has created so many artists and left a huge mark on art history. The main advantage of this Academy is that the educational programs are conducted by well-known modern designers who directly share their experience and expertise.

As for the payment, there are interesting nuances. In some universities, foreigners can study for free. It is possible, for example, in German universities, although the entrance is large. But all the options I have listed here offer paid education and the price varies from 4, 000 to 17, 000 euros (in the year 2014 when I made this study, now the prices may vary).

Best Interior Design Universities In Europe

Does that sound like you? “I’m afraid to start drawing as I have no art education”; “it’s about time we started drawing”. What to do?

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Learn top drawing secrets from 4 interior drawing masters that can instantly improve your sketching (plus, find out why all Art Academies teach their students to copy the works of the old masters?)FIDI is an international design school in the heart of Florence, Italy. As an Italian design school the Institute specializes in courses in graphic design, architecture, furniture design and interior design for students from all over Europe and the world. Offering master’s, bachelor’s and diploma courses, our school focuses on Italian international students with a choice of courses in all classes taught in the English language. Students already enrolled in universities can apply to study abroad. FIDI is happy to offer both an online course or a ‘face-to-face’ course in Florence.

GRAPHIC DESIGN MASTERS AND EDUCATIONS Graphic design at the Florence Center can be your next step in a career in graphic arts. Diploma and Postgraduate courses provide students with skills in the areas of graphics, web design, smartphone applications, and graphics. Students interested in a bachelor’s degree can apply for the 3yr Bachelor of Arts Degree BA (Hons) Design graphic design offered in partnership with the University of Chester. Students who already have a 3-year bachelor’s degree in design can apply to our Masters programs. Graphic Design Master: 1 Year Bachelor Degree: 3Yr Diploma Courses: 1 Year or 2 Years Language: English

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INTERIOR MASTERS AND COURSES Interior design is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world. Our interior design school in Florence, Italy offers the perfect place to study abroad. Interior design Diploma and Bachelor Degree courses are offered at the Florence Institute. Students can apply to the Interior design track of the 3yr Bachelor of Arts Degree BA (Hons) in Design which is offered in partnership with the University of Chester. Interior design courses provide students with creative skills in the areas of space planning, furniture design, and interior design. Students with an associate degree in Architecture may apply to Our Lord. Interior Design Master: 1 Year Bachelor Degree: 3Yr Diploma course: 1 Yr or 2Yr Language: English

DETAILS OF FURNITURE DESIGN The Masters in Furniture Design offers students the opportunity to combine in-depth theoretical research with design and historical knowledge. Furniture design is one of the most respected and developed areas in Italy. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of design theory

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