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By | March 24, 2023

Game For Interior Design – Video games have come a long way in the past few decades, becoming such a versatile medium that there’s honestly something for everyone. And yes, that includes budding interior designers and those with a passion for decorating. Both Switch and mobile are home to a cornucopia of colorful titles, perfect for flexing your creative muscles and honing your eye for design.

Whether you’re looking to renovate an entire home from scratch or spruce up a stylish virtual space with the perfect accents, there are so many cool gems to choose from, your biggest concern is likely to be figuring out where to start. And that’s where we come in. Our list of the best decorating games for mobile and Switch offers a variety of hand-picked titles, each with their own aesthetic and gameplay. So sit back, relax and let us be your muse.

Game For Interior Design

Game For Interior Design

If you’re looking for even more recommendations, we’ve got plenty to choose from. Check out our guide to the best games like Stardew Valley for shining gems in the simulation genre, the best games like It Takes Two for co-op mayhem, or the best games like GTA for gear grinding and gun fun.

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There are plenty of interior design games on mobile, but there’s a reason why Redecor has a (very comfortable) seat at the top table. Start a new decorating hobby and let your creative style flourish, as you create photorealistic spaces with a wide range of beautiful materials in this relaxing interior design simulator. With an active community that offers plenty of inspiration, design battles, duels and the chance to vote for your favorite designs, this little gem is a great way to relax and let your creativity flow.

If you want to get started with this beautiful interior design simulator, check out our list of all the latest Redecor codes.

Moving can be super stressful in real life, but in Unpacking, it becomes a truly Zen experience. Explore boxes full of personal belongings, memorabilia and more as you move them into a new apartment, learning clues about the life you’re unpacking as you go. With no timers, meters, or scores, Unpacking is a wonderfully relaxing experience that combines puzzle solving with decoration, all underscored by a domestic and personal narrative, a beautiful visual style, and a soothing soundtrack.

Like Redecor, Home Design Makeover is a mobile game that lets you show off your creative talent in photo-realistic spaces, but stands out from the competition with its fun puzzle elements. Solve a variety of anagrams and crosswords while renovating your clients’ properties and expanding your vocabulary at the same time. With tons of spaces to decorate, lots of different personalities to work with, and lots of rewards available for all your hard work, this is a real treat for anyone interested in interior design.

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House Flipper has received a lot of attention from streamers and gamers alike, and rightfully so. Offering you the unique opportunity to become a one-man renovation team, it’s your job to buy, repair and remodel a variety of run-down houses, giving them a second life and selling them for a profit.

This title offers a more hands-on approach than most other decorating and designing games, allowing you to truly express your creative side (or your wild side – no one’s stopping you from making a one-room house with nothing more than 20 bathrooms in the interior). You have a variety of tools at your disposal, from hammers and drills to beautiful furniture, allowing you to focus on what appeals to you most. Whether you’re interested in fixing and installing, getting the perfect aesthetic, or focusing on budget management and profits, this game has it all.

If you have an interest in decorating and interior design, chances are you’ve heard of Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers. Well, in this game, TV’s favorite design duo needs your help. Allow your clients to achieve their design dreams, while you renovate and personalize spaces, using the charming style that the twins have become known for. Go behind the scenes, learn tips and tricks from the Property Brothers themselves, and take part in fun puzzle-based mini-games to earn coins to spend on decorating. It’s relaxing, fun, and a must for any Drew and Jonathan fan.

Game For Interior Design

The stylized design simulator, My Universe – Interior Designer, is a great little gem in the Nintendo Switch catalog, perfect for anyone with a passion for interior decorating. With a renovation mode, where you can completely restructure the house, build and knock down walls, paint, fix the electricity and water inlets, and a decoration mode, where you can decorate the property as you like, it offers a lot of freedom to let the your sample of creativity. Of course, you’ll want to keep your customers happy, so make sure you take their preferences into account.

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In this sweet and chill game, you play the role of a stray cat looking to start his own restaurant. Hire staff, serve customers and earn fish to customize your restaurant. Adding nice furniture and renovating the space earns you more fish, which allows you to unlock more furniture and space, such as the garden and the buffet bar. Animal Restaurant doesn’t give you the same level of customization and involvement as the other games on this list, but it’s a wonderfully relaxing experience full of adorable animals and cute furniture, and I can’t deny that I spent way too much time playing this one.

Cat Cafe Manager is a cute little gem, where you move to the small town of Catterwaul to revamp your grandma’s cat cafe. While it may seem simple on the surface, it has a surprising amount of depth, with resource management, unforgettable characters, a charming narrative, and of course, plenty of cats to pet.

Your main focus is expanding your coffee shop and making sure it meets the needs of your customers, which means you need to decorate your space with comfortable chairs, pretty plants, fun furniture sets, and all the necessary amenities to keep your customers flowing. funds (don’t underestimate). how much the quality of a toilet can affect a person’s mood).

Despite all this, it still manages to maintain a wonderfully calm atmosphere, with no crash states to stress you out. How seriously you take this game is up to you, whether you focus on maximizing profits by targeting specific design styles or kick back and vibe with the cats while choosing your favorite furniture pieces.

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Of course, we can’t make a list of the best decorating games without including Animal Crossing; we’re pretty sure it’s a gambling sin. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may not have the level of customization available in the main titles, but it offers a nice, relaxed option for when you want to pop in and see your favorite fuzzballs on the move. With a sweet little camp to design, tons of adorable furniture in a variety of styles, and loads of critters to appease your decorating decisions, it’s an adorable casual simulator that’s great for killing time.

And last but not least, we have Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo’s beloved social sim has made substantial waves since its release, with so many people signing up for the idyllic island getaway that it’s quickly become one of the best-selling Switch games of all time. However, if you are yet to dip your toes into its serene waters and are a fan of decorating games, we implore you to give it a try.

While scavenging for materials, befriending animals, and exploring new islands make up a big part of what ACNH is all about, the main draw is your ability to build your entire island however you want. Whether you’re planting flowers, terraforming hills and lakes, or designing your own perfect home, the level of freedom really lets your creativity run wild.

Game For Interior Design

The Happy Homes DLC only makes this better, giving you the option to decorate your neighbors’ houses however you want. It’s relaxing, it’s super cute, and it really captures that sunny island getaway vibe, while giving you plenty of room to develop your design skills. If you’re already booking your tickets, be sure to check out our ACNH Residents Guide to find out what critters you might meet on your new vacation.

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And that’s it for our list of the best decorating games for mobile and Switch. If you’re still looking for more titles, check out our list of the best mobile games for our top picks across a wide range of genres.

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