Gray And White Interior Design Ideas

By | April 7, 2023
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We all know that black and white makes a classic combination, but our gray and white living room ideas seem a little lighter. It’s a flattering look for any age of property, suits a variety of styles and is a slightly more designer take on our ever-popular gray living room ideas.

Gray And White Interior Design Ideas

Gray And White Interior Design Ideas

As the two main neutrals, white and gray are the perfect backdrop for your favorite accent color. They pair equally well with warm-toned wood and stone for a natural feel, or with cool metals and glass for a more elegant finish.

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Gray and white offer plenty of options: you can go monochromatic or pair it with a bold accent to really stand out; you can choose cool or warm icy tones in pale or dark cocoons; You can combine soothing tones or intensify the drama with deeply contrasting duets…

White Little Green loft (bookcase) with fluff, ruby ​​ash, soot stain, evergreen gray, dolphin, Knightsbridge and chimney brick

For a wider, airier effect, use darker gray on the floorboards or skirting boards and add shades for the walls to white for the cornice and ceiling. This ombre effect is especially close to this bookcase, where gradient gray tones create an elegant design feature.

“It’s a really artistic way of elevating the functional area,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene (opens in a new tab). “The shades of gray and off-white here are based on the same pigment, oxide red, and create a soothing and welcoming finish, from Rubine Ashes with a touch of pink to Down, which is an off-white with a slight red base.”

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Adding a few midtones of gray and white between the two extremes will create a more casual feel, as in this Victorian terrace extension by interior designer Ciara Efson of Fentiman Design (opens in a new tab). Dark fixtures and white ceilings are set off by warm white walls and tone-on-tone furniture.

“Here I combined Mylands Ludgate Circus with Maugham White,” she says. “I’ve been using Ludgate Circus a lot lately, it’s a very versatile neutral shade that looks great in a variety of settings.”

Every color scheme needs a starting point, whether it’s a piece of art, a rug, a look, or a wallpaper. Here, a monochrome Fornasetti-style sideboard is the centerpiece of the scheme, and its colors are repeated throughout the space, in the color of the carpet and walls.

Gray And White Interior Design Ideas

There are a variety of grays and whites, but test to make sure the colors are right.

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“I tend to go for grays with a green or taupe base to make them feel warm and welcoming, like Farrow & Ball’s Purbeck Stone (opens in a new tab), which I used here for the walls, along with Wimborne White,” explains the insider. designer Fiona Park of Johnston Parke Interiors who designed this living room. “My favorite gray is Farrow & Ball’s Ammonite; I think it goes with almost any room, modern or old, and it’s not too dark or too pale. It’s very calming and pairs well with All White.”

Why let the walls have all the fun? For designer drama, try a dark gray ceiling paired with lighter walls. While light colors make the ceiling appear higher, dark ceilings can feel cozy instead of claustrophobic.

And while you’re breaking a few design rules, you don’t have to stick with a matte finish on the ceiling. Try using eggshells or satin for a reflective sheen that will brighten up the room, but make sure to correct surface imperfections first.

For a solid finish, repeat the gray of the furniture elsewhere in the room, like in this living room from Arteriors (opens in a new tab), where the charcoal gray of the ceiling is repeated in the furniture and window frames.

White & Grey Interior Design In The Modern Minimalist Style

“Soft colors softened by a selection of tactile textures such as natural sheepskin, bedding, candles and plants, all warmed by wooden elements, will inspire much-desired Scandinavian simplicity,” advises Sandy Wollman, founder of Nordic House (opens in a new tab). ).

Just as a rug can be used to define a living area, you can turn a quiet living area into a work space from home by using color. “Consider Knightsbridge in an alcove or against the walls in Down, like here,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene.

“These two shades are warm undertones, so they go together very well and make a space in a small living room attractive and focused. This combo is versatile and pleasing to the eye, so it’s easy to incorporate into the overall scheme.”

Gray And White Interior Design Ideas

For a lasting aesthetic, stick with a sophisticated palette of white with its many nuances and subtle variations. “I love the perfect simplicity and versatility of white,” says The White Company founder Chrissy Rucker.

Beautiful Gray Living Room Ideas

“It’s classic yet modern at the same time, and like the little black dress, it’s surprisingly timeless. When I decorate with white, I always choose soft, calming whites, smoky whites, and some neutrals like gray. This is a great canvas to build on when walls throughout the house are painted either a warm white or a very pale grey.Here, we use a mix of neutral tones with natural materials and finishes to create pleasant texture and character, using wood, stone, sisal and green tones to bring in touches of the world exterior

The perfect canvas to start a room with is gray and white – calming neutrals, so there aren’t many colors that won’t work with them. From olive and peach to turquoise and heather, accent to taste! Here, the white walls, beige sofas and gray-white terrazzo floor are combined with bright accents (dark red carpet, maroon chair and dark wood tables) to give the interior warmth and energy.

Swap blues and whites for charcoal and warm whites for a new take on ocean-inspired living. In this mountain hideaway designed by Studio McGee (opens in a new tab), elements of wood and wicker warm up this relaxed interior.

“A hardwood floor brings a space to life in the most natural way,” says designer Shea McGee. “Rustic elements and textured chairs complement a relaxing landscape with its earthy tones that bring out all the elements and textures in this space.”

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White and gray have different tones, and it’s important to make sure they work well together and match the light in your living room. So be sure to test your pairs to see how their shades complement each other. Using paints in the same color range makes life easier, as is the case with the Zoffany range.

“Our collection includes shades of Zoffany’s most versatile neutrals, so you can use the same color but achieve different depths to expand the space in a room,” explains Peter Gomez, Zoffany’s Principal Designer (opens in a new tab). “This allows for dynamic schemes within a single color group, such as using quarter, half and double hues on walls and woodwork.”

Here, the walls and moldings are in Architect’s White, a cool white with silver undertones, while the ceiling is a lighter shade.

Gray And White Interior Design Ideas

Choose an image or photo you like in gray and white to match the shades in your scheme, or have an artist create something custom for you. In this fresh and modern living room, the paintings echo the gray tones used throughout the space and are also reflected in the pattern of the woven tablecloth.

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Mixing warm grays and whites with earthy browns and tans removes any trace of austerity and creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your living room. Make sure to use different textures and shades for optimal effect.

In her own family home, interior designer Shea McGee of Studio McGee combined a variety of organic and neutral tones and added brass accents to create a chic yet homey feel.

“Creating an atmosphere is all about layers,” she says. “I really like to mix patterns, so here every pattern on the cushions is different. We designed our Beckett chairs with a wooden frame and a beautiful back. And my vintage rug sits on top of a woven jute rug from Girona, so together they create this warm and creamy look that ties everything together.

When planning a scheme, it is often easier to choose wallpaper first and then choose additional paint colors. It can be used to combine several colors into a single color scheme, and it doesn’t have to be exclusively for walls: shelf backgrounds, wall panels and even ceilings can look great with wallpaper. Not only can you offer a variety of patterns ranging from delicate to bold, but you can also bring your walls to life by choosing wallpapers with added sparkle, shine or texture. For a cozy and welcoming feel, choose a warm gray or, if you’re looking for a more contemporary style, go for cool tones.

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