Hall Interior Design For Home

By | May 16, 2023
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Hall Interior Design For Home – Believe it or not, your speech doesn’t have to be painful. While it’s a space that’s often neglected, a few decorating tricks can make it work harder and look better in no time. When it comes to design options, the possibilities are endless. You can install wallpaper, go two-tone with paint, organize a gallery wall, create a functional mudroom – the list goes on. Click through this roundup of 25 striking hallway ideas to get inspired to revamp your own space once and for all.

You might be reluctant to install graphic wallpaper in your living room or bedroom, but it’s a perfect place for a hallway. Stick to the theme by choosing rugs, lamps and furniture in the same color as your wallpaper.

Hall Interior Design For Home

Hall Interior Design For Home

Lean into the beauty of light corridors with a neutral palette, based on natural accents, such as jute runners.

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Black and white lines are the perfect base for a gallery wall. Play around with frames in different styles and sizes to liven up your room.

Take cues from the world of fashion and layer classic prints. For example, stripes and tartan are never wrong.

When it comes to rugs, you can’t go wrong with a bold print. Here, a rug with a zebra pattern, paired with an orange bench, adds a touch of sophistication to this hallway.

Let a trendy paint color, like hot pink, be the background to set your favorite game board and artwork.

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Place simple shelves in your hallway to keep everything from children’s toys to garden tools close at hand. To accentuate the look, choose a bold wall color.

Why settle for one paint color when you can choose two? Choose a pair of timeless color tones, such as black and white, to freshen up your hallway.

Don’t let your collection collect dust in the attic. Instead, put everything on full screen in the hallway.

Hall Interior Design For Home

Robert and Lauren from Blesser House not only created a contrast with the black door, but they hung a large architectural picture for added compliment.

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If your hallway is near a high-traffic entrance, design an emergency mud room. Create shelves and wall hooks for essentials like bags and hats.

The demilune table – the one with a crescent shape – is a great way to add character to your hallway. Display a few decorative items above and hang a selection of artwork on the wall behind and you’re all set.

If your home doesn’t have a dedicated mudroom, use the hallway near the entryway. A high shelf for baskets, some hooks and a storage tub is all you need.

Combine white and beige colors to create an interesting design scheme in the hallway, complete with upholstered benches that can be used to rest books, flower arrangements and other decorative items.

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Isn’t it better than a beach house? Try nautical-inspired prints and fun gray wall panels to make it stand out.

Corridors can handle fun stencils that are everywhere. Unlike the living room, you won’t spend much time in the foyer, so the view won’t bother you.

This blogger shows her family’s smiling faces in a delightfully symmetrical way. The coat hook matches the black frame to give you mudroom without sacrificing style.

Hall Interior Design For Home

Your hallway may contain the widest wall in the house, making it the perfect place to channel your children’s boundless creativity. Spread chalkboard paint downstairs, display your work upstairs, and take over the family room for less crowded activities.

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Gallery walls are nothing new, but placing one at the end of a long hall is unexpected and pleasing to passers-by as they walk through the building.

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Hall Interior Design For Home

This modern eclectic living room is colored under the ball with red and blue on black and gray. Oriental items in Turkish rugs and wooden table cubes give it character.

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Live in an oasis in orange and gray. This modern living room is kept interesting with various shades of gray, metal coffee table and canvas.

Scandinavian style can be ultra-minimalist. Block sofas play gray with light wooden chairs, rocking chairs and bright lemon light in this relaxed scene.

Center the living room with a unique rug. This 3D illustration work, Visioni A, by Patricia Urquiola is found by other tiles in three sets of lounges and fireplaces. A wooden partition and stairs from the glass wall frame the space.

Pop into your living room with a colorful rug. Paired with teal cushions and floor lamps, this retro-inspired look uses wood, cream furniture and elephant prints to evoke modern India.

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Go pastel in your next living room design. On the lino floor and walls in light wood, pastel green, pink, light terracotta and blue mix between wall lamps and bookcases with stairs. The only color that stands out is the teal on the floating wall units.

Looking for a lounge for book lovers? This is for you. Look closely and you will notice a unique living room wall decoration with a bookcase that reads ‘Read Your Book Bag’. Smart!

Make your concrete living room greener. This fusion of industry and nature is created with two living walls, gray linen furniture and a scattering of potted plants to tie it all together.

Hall Interior Design For Home

Don’t want to look rough? Make it more comfortable with white and wooden walls, soft carpets and monochrome abstractions – and beautiful living walls, naturally. One or two decanters of whiskey invite us further in.

Creative Hallway Decorating Ideas

Let the living room breathe an industrial look. The lounge is full of factory inspired extractor fans, coffee tables on single wheels, metal ladders and leather sofas. Check out our post on modern industrial style living room for more inspiration on this style.

A stunning piece of art can be the focal point of your living room. Surrounded by large Japanese windows, exposed brick walls and Scandinavian school chairs, this funky living room features a chic loft-style design.

Create a sophisticated living room. This aesthetic living room is lit by round pendant lights and designer table lamps, like the Flos IC T2 here, and uses blue, white, brown and denim to facilitate a relaxed look.

Monochromatic living room is timeless. This modern design combines black and white in a series of low bookcases, piles of wood, exposed brick and L-shaped sofas. Check out our post for more black and white living rooms.

Black And White Interior Design Ideas For Monochrome Magic

Do you have a legacy wall that you want to use as a feature? A black living room can give new life to old walls, like this lounge with a gray modern sofa, black and white pictures and a round coffee table.

The living room made of brick walls is the envy of many. Combine yours with sleek and soft materials, like this lounge’s black walls, fuzzy rug, and mushroom leather sofa. Recessed shelves and abstract frames add interest.

Don’t like the plain black front look? Put the LED through the raised corner, like this living room with zig-zag pillows, a geometric rug, and floral door art on the side.

Hall Interior Design For Home

Are you in love with a large wall clock, but not sure where to put it? It becomes the main feature of the living room. Vinyl sofas, silver cushions and stunning acrylic centrepieces, this room features mirrored doors and semi-industrial metal fittings.

Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay In

Trim your living room. Cracked walls and sculptural chairs, here the Q1 lounge chair, are given space by tall gray curtains and copper flooring and panels.

Prefer height? The decorative ceiling features in the living room and the geometric staircase have fueled our dreams. See how the shapes in the living room wall decoration reflect the light.

Think about the shape and

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