High End Home Interior Design

By | April 30, 2023
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High End Home Interior Design – Incorporating a different culture or period into your design decisions is one way to make your home stand out from its neighbors. Whether you have a special connection to the Asian continent or simply enjoy the lines and colors that make up modern “Asian-inspired” decorating schemes, there is much to learn from Asia’s rich tradition. The homes featured in this article take inspiration from Asia and include luxurious rooms, whimsical decor, and high-end spaces. Take the time to learn more about how you can begin to expand into other cultures from the comfort of your own beautiful and peaceful home.

If the Asian-inspired decor could be described in one word (which, of course, is impossible), it would be “tranquil.” An essential cultural touchstone such as Buddhism requires a color palette that is ultimately calm and peaceful.

High End Home Interior Design

High End Home Interior Design

Indeed, this soothing, neutral palette adapts this living room with its coffered ceiling and decorative lighting to Asian traditions.

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Simple colors taken from nature as a unifying force throughout the home, as seen here in the kitchen and breakfast table.

Balance is another important element of Asian design when it comes to color and texture. This living room has the softness of pills and moldings in contrast to the smooth marble floor and wooden table.

The low seating in this dining room is a modern take on the traditional floor style found in many Asian cultures, including Japan. A low chair is not the same as a floor cushion, but it has the same effect. Beautiful pendants in the dining room support the Asian atmosphere.

In the first bedroom, we get a colorful palette of Mondrian-inspired artwork. Colors like red and yellow are popular in Asian decor.

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The second bedroom returns to a calmer palette, but is interested in bedding, bedspreads and curtains.

Finally, natural wood in the bathroom draws attention to the importance of nature in a private luxury home.

The second house is somewhat similar to the first, using a similar palette, with vaulted ceilings in the main living room.

High End Home Interior Design

Sculptural lighting designs, such as the luxurious contemporary chandelier in this living room, are a popular element of Asian design.

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Gold and marble accents in the living room are a luxurious touch that matches the Asian inspiration of this home.

The natural light in this space is enviable and once again pays homage to the importance of nature in Asian design.

The neutral color palette of this house is slightly warmer than the first one, bringing only red to the edges of the area.

Gold is another popular Asian design material, especially antique gold. Although the light fixtures and fixtures in this home are new, they bring a bit of vintage luxury to the space.

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This elegant dining room does not deviate from the tradition of low seating, which clings to sliding dining chairs.

The dining room lighting and ambiance also use beautiful gold accents.

We are immediately struck by the use of living plants in the home, green things that show respect for nature.

High End Home Interior Design

Natural light is let in from all sides, illuminating the greenery and bringing the outdoors in.

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Lucute dining chairs and simple black accessories evoke the simplicity of a traditional Japanese home.

Share on one of these social media channels to give us your voice. Your feedback helps us improve. Private Residence Atlantis Private Residence Atlantis, with panoramic views of the waterfront of Worli, Mumbai, the design concept is inspired by the surroundings with exotic marble walls throughout the house. Sculptural light fixtures and striking bold wall colors throughout the living room and bedroom make this a unique residential interior project by Sumesh and his team. This project is about luxury interior design with a wonderful first bedroom design. The client initiated the idea of ​​owning a house. The client’s favorite idea was a master bedroom with an additional bedroom and a luxurious bathroom with a bathtub. We’ve brought this idea to life with a spacious home featuring a master bedroom with a large ensuite, two king-size beds and a designer bathroom with a tiled shower. The current trend is a more modern design vision. Sumessh Menon & Associates is one of the top hotel design firms in India. A luxurious living room is the epitome of elegance, comfort and luxury. High-end residential designers can provide the perfect touch for those who want their home to be the envy of their guests. Contemporary interior design is one of the most popular styles for luxury living rooms, as it combines elegant elements with timeless and classic details to create an inviting atmosphere. Custom Home Interior Design Sumessh Menon is India’s best interior designer for ultra-luxury dining room designs, whether you’re looking for a modern contemporary design for your modern home. He and his team have won many awards as the best residential interior designers in India. It is one of the leading interior design companies with luxury interior projects in New York, Dubai, South Africa and many other countries. His team approaches the interior design process of each project with minimal aesthetic interior design ideas. This project shows the perfect combination of modern and contemporary interior details with the best craftsmanship of its team in every corner of this luxury residence. This is a luxury design project where each piece has its own story. All interior projects are planned from the beginning when the architects design the architecture. After that, the interior specialist provides a complete plan with interior design recommendations. Residential Interior Designers Residential interior design projects by one of the best interior designers and architects in Mumbai. This project features a unique luxury bedroom interior design that meets international standards. The project is a great example of modern interior design for Indians looking for a lifestyle in their home. Modern and minimalist interior design creates a larger space. There is no better choice than a full-service interior design company that employs renowned interior designers. With decades of experience managing the design and construction process, our professionals have the skills and resources to create great commercial design that will stand out from the competition. Sumessh’s contemporary approach sets him apart from other Indian designers. Sumessh has worked with many other interior design studios. The interior design company has experience in managing residential interior and hospitality projects. The design of living rooms in private houses is inspired by the trend of mid-century modern interior design. Luxury interiors and modern luxury home interior design plans bring beautiful style to any space. SMA is an interior design studio with many years of experience in architectural design and interior design. They are among the best interior designers who give luxury homes an eclectic vibe through detailed concept plans that incorporate contemporary design principles into the space. Design firm Sumessh presents works that reflect creativity and clarity with a design philosophy. As an interior design company, they specialize in residential interiors for modern high-rise buildings. They believe in creating a luxurious interior design experience for every project. In addition, they have a dedicated team of real estate developers backed by experience. Interior designer Sumessh’s main idea when creating a luxury living room is to create something that suits your style, to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. When planning home interiors, he always recommends referencing magazines and YouTube videos that give you a better understanding of popular aesthetics to create an interior design experience. Interior design technology is changing the way people design and decorate their homes. With more sophisticated materials, homeowners can create luxury designer homes with less effort. Our interior design tips will help you transform your home into a beautiful space that reflects your style. Many different ideas were discussed and reviewed before this was finalized. As a result, the decoration of the living room has many and impressive features of different design styles. Designer Sofa is a basic furniture design for living room design for family to relax and sit together while watching Netflix. Interior design project management involves planning and overseeing all aspects of a design project from start to finish. Therefore, an education in interior design is essential for anyone who wants to pursue a career in this field. There are several interior design steps to follow to complete the project. The furniture design for this project included a luxury wooden sofa, bedroom and kitchen cabinets. Most interior design companies today prefer this

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