High End Interior Design Blogs

By | May 8, 2023
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High End Interior Design Blogs – Pregnancy is a skill that not everyone has. If you’re looking at an empty room in your home and wondering how to decorate it, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The same can be true if you are trying to renovate a room with existing fixtures, or turn a room into something new.

There are thousands and thousands of interior design blogs on the web that can help give you some inspiration for your design projects. However, not all of them provide good advice or useful information!

High End Interior Design Blogs

High End Interior Design Blogs

That’s why we’ve read countless interior design blogs to find out which one is worth your time. We’ve made sure to choose blogs written by knowledgeable professionals, but we’ve chosen blogs with a variety of specialties, so you can find helpful tips regardless of your budget and style of design. .

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In our previous blog post, we shared 12 of our favorite interior design blogs. In this article, we will explore 12 other blogs where you can get inspiration for your next project. There’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste and budget, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced interior designer.

The Tao of Dana is a blog founded by Dana Claudette – a feng shui consultant, interior designer, and art curator. Dana uses these different skills to transform interior spaces and help clients improve their homes. Dana’s Tao brings the art to online readers, focusing on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui and how you can use it in your home to create good and spiritual balance.

Power couple Shea and Sid McGee have been designers for almost a decade, run their own studio called Studio McGee, and have their own show on Netflix called Dream Home Makeover. Studio McGee’s blog is a great place to find design tips, home inspiration, style guides, and more. If you want to binge watch Netflix style shows, this is the blog for you.

Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel runs one of the most popular blogs on the interior space. Sarah’s design work spans disciplines, including textiles and cosmetics as well as interior design. Her background in product design (she has a BFA in education) informs her approach to interior design, and the two are often combined. Interiors and blogs often feature unique decorative touches, and Sarah recommends some products that will transform your living space.

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CocoCozzi is written by Colette Shelton, also known as Coco. Coco is an interior designer and interior blogger who covers everything related to the interior design world. Cocozy’s blog became so popular that Coco launched her own clothing collection named after her, and landed a show on Amazon Prime called COCOCOZY Design House! In addition to each article on the blog offering Coco’s beauty expertise and practical advice, there are also a number of product recommendation guides based on listings.

Another blog run by the couple, Chris Meets Julia, features the couple’s petting zoo design project. Many of the services are reviewed, and each product included is carefully selected and explained to the reader in detail. Along with mood boards for inspiration, the blog also has lots of useful interior design tips. If you’re looking for a good, home-friendly example and don’t have time to spend hours researching each product, this blog is great.

Icewoon is a blog “dedicated to everyday beauty and taste”. It was founded by creative designer Athena Calderon, who combines the love of food and entertainment with interior design. This comes from a blog post, where kitchen product recommendations are given for both practical and decorative purposes. As well as the kitchen, there is a design guide full of inspiration and useful advice for every other room in the house.

High End Interior Design Blogs

California influencer and interior designer Becky Owens has been renovating homes for over twenty years. Its unique aesthetic incorporates the sounds and textures of the Southern California coast in a modern, functional space. Becky’s blog includes examples of her renovations as well as product tips, design guides, and dives into well-known features and how to use them effectively. While Becky’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, and others, her personal blog is the best place to find inspiration.

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Spruce is a one-stop shop for all things interior. In addition to the basic instructions and inspiration, there are also many useful tips on how to keep different home designs and furniture clean and tidy. Spruce’s dedication to being a trusted source of product advice is reflected in the lab, where the team conducts extensive testing on various products to ensure they are both beautiful and practical.

Multidisciplinary interior designer Holly Baker’s blog Decor8 has been around since 2006, making it one of the longest-running interior design blogs on the web. Holly believes that “your home is the beginning and end of your day, it should make you happy, safe, comfortable, and give you a feeling of love and affection.” The purpose of the blog is “to help you design a beautiful place to live using what you have”. Decor8 not only features inspiring interior spaces, but also includes lifestyle tips that link to related content on the site.

Design Milk is a design blog that aims to give you “daily vitamin D (that’s the “D” for design!) From the creative to the tried and tested tips, Making Milk features lots of places and inspiring ideas. If you like creative and unique changes to design, this blog is worth checking out – and there’s also a shop where you can buy a lot of furniture and home accessories.

The FreshHome blog is part of the MyMove site, a site that offers advice on planning all aspects of moving house. Freshome focuses on “interior design, decorating, and design ideas for your new home,” and provides resource guides, descriptions of different design styles, and tips and ideas for every room in the home. the body. For teaching instructions for specific projects (eg, building a meditation house), Freshome is a useful resource.

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Interior Design is the blog of Melissa Michaels, designer and author of Simple Decorating and Loving Your Home. This inspired room focuses specifically on budget-friendly design tips and DIY hacks, which are great if you’re looking for inexpensive projects you can complete. However, the rooms shown look very good and high-end, and are sure to give you inspiration!

Whatever your budget and whatever your interest in interior design, there must be an example of such a successful project online. These interior design blogs are worth checking out if you’re looking for inspiration, and they offer useful tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and make the most of your home. If you want to combine some quality furniture with other high-quality pieces, be sure to shop our most popular brands such as Living Essentials, Kane Line and Four Hands.

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High End Interior Design Blogs

When we work with an interior design company in LA to help us with most of the work, we have to complete the bells and whistles (styling and accessories) over time. But … it really is as it should be. Your home should be cohesive, not like you went to Crate and Barrel and bought everything from Athena Calderon’s collection (ahem, note to self, but it’s okay!).

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There are a lot of resources for design, and although I love home tours for inspiration, my favorite blogs are the ones that give solid advice and help you figure out what kind of bed you want or what kind of table you want. on the side will work again. in your bed. On that note, I’ve rounded up my favorite design blogs that check all those boxes. If you have a favorite I missed, let me know in the comments. happy New Year!

1. Style by Emily Henderson: There is really not a good blog that shows you how to do everything from measuring your curtains to finding the perfect budget sofa and what size rug you need. I love that Emily shares that

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