High End Interior Design Singapore

By | April 26, 2023
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High End Interior Design Singapore – Do you want to feel like royalty when you walk into your home? There are many ways to exude luxury and in the world of interior design, it’s your choice of high-end materials and finishes that will make your home stand out from the crowd.

Combined with luxurious details, the modern concept of luxury can provide an unparalleled level of comfort when executed well with a reliable interior design company in Singapore. From the finest marble flooring to custom cabinetry designed to perfectly meet your needs, find out how you can create something stylish with 96 Interiors.

High End Interior Design Singapore

High End Interior Design Singapore

Luxury is a state of mind, and your interior design can reflect that. Maintained with the goal of providing an elegant and comfortable living space, the key to achieving a modern luxury home design will be personal attention to detail. When it comes to interior design, there are a number of features that can be given extra attention to make your home feel more luxurious.

Great Interior Design Ideas For Your Hdb Executive Condo

To help you achieve the look you want for your home, it’s important to seek advice from your trusted interior design company to make your home feel as special as you want it to be.

At 96 Interior, customer satisfaction is always our priority. The ultimate in luxury living spaces, find out what to expect from our interior design program here. We’d love to schedule a chat to learn more about your beauty preferences. Based on your HDB, condo or residential property in Singapore, we can then work to make your luxurious dream home a reality.

Contact us today for more details. If you’re not sure what scheme you want, take a page from the latest French interior design trends, luxury interior design and more with us today. DM Interior Design Pte Ltd is a team of professionals with extensive design background and experience who have been designing attractive interior designs incorporating high quality and luxury elements for over five years. The contemporary and relevant hotel, commercial and residential designs featured in the company’s portfolio incorporate the skills and expertise DM Interior Design Pte Ltd has accumulated over a successful career in various sectors. The unique ability to create a harmonious blend of design, luxury, creativity and lifestyle has brought the studio the recognition it deserves from the professionals of the Luxury Lifestyle Award, which was a winner in the categories of Luxury Interior Design Studio in Singapore. . and Luxury Commercial Interior Design for ‘Pop Futurism Karaoke Club’ in Singapore.

DM Interior Design Pte Ltd specializes in providing creative and intuitive interior design services. The studio’s projects show indisputable excellence in creating breath-taking spaces in full compliance with their purpose. The team deals with each client and project individually, quickly, and freely adapting their advice to the exact needs. It has created the perfect foundation for building long-term relationships and trust with many customers.

Interior Design Firm Singapore

The studio was founded in 2016 by Wang Linfeng, an experienced interior designer who put a strong ethos of creating interest in interior design into the company’s foundation and instilled it throughout the team. His love and passion for design and architecture found a solid theoretical foundation when he graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and was fully involved in the establishment of DM Interior Design Pte Ltd.

Since its establishment, the company has not stopped growing, growing continuously. Talented professionals from various disciplines have joined the team, greatly expanding the studio’s expertise, and providing one-stop shop benefits to its customers. For each project, a dedicated manager is assigned, whose responsibilities include general monitoring of work progress, and overseeing adherence to project deadlines and budgets. In all, the stable work of the studio is ensured by the coordinated actions of the teams of designers, managers and directors.

DM Interior Design Pte Ltd’s in-depth knowledge of subtle ways to incorporate branding into interior design has enabled it to create outstanding projects in the commercial and retail sectors. These include a luxury car display project, where the clever distribution of color cues allowed the customer’s brand to be incorporated into the design of public spaces decorated with high finishes.

High End Interior Design Singapore

The studio has implemented excellent solutions for various office projects, showing a comprehensive approach to interior design and maximizing the potential of each project. One of the main principles of the company is a caring attitude towards the preferences of each customer. This principle manifested itself clearly in the main project Palazz. The team was tasked with giving a luxurious look to the interiors of the mansion. The aim was achieved through the careful selection of fabrics, interiors, artworks, and the combination of floor and ceiling finishes with bronze, marble and exotic woods.

Dm Interior Design Singapore Blending Practicality And Creativity For Imaginative Spaces

Among the various projects in DM Interior Design Pte Ltd’s impressive portfolio, the jury of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards was drawn to the Pop Futurism Karaoke Club, which reflects the vision of Asia as the home of karaoke, and offers a harmonious space where individuals or groups can enjoy singing their favorite songs. The founders of Pop Futurism Karaoke Club envisioned a venue that would appeal to both young guests and experienced musicians. At the same time, the club had to be high end in line with the nature of the club and its target audience. The owners wanted to create an avant-garde atmosphere inspired by pop culture, using a fun combination of comic book themes, urban images, and stylized objects.

For the successful implementation of the project, DM Interior Design Pte Ltd used the experience and skills previously gathered to design different karaoke rooms with designated public spaces. A distinctive role in the interior design of the club was the matching lights, which not only provided a functional design, but gave the dark room a dynamic and personal touch. An important element of the stylization of each room was a carefully selected painting, which provided a visual identity and a suitable focal point.

According to the client’s requirements, DM Interior Design Pte Ltd installed technical equipment such as cameras, multimedia, and audiovisual screens in the project. This interweaving of organic design elements and practical solutions is an important part of the studio’s unique approach, which demonstrates its expertise in creating the most unique and creative spaces in Singapore’s competitive market.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award that selects, recognises, celebrates and promotes the best in luxury goods and services around the world.

Luxury House In East Singapore Impresses Through Its Seductive Simplicity

While creating new stylish developments, the design team at Atelier TEKUTO prides itself on exploring existing social structures and establishing … We collect the most beautiful interior structures in 2021 from Juz Interior! Based on an unbiased poll of the amount of love received on Instagram, we present the top 10 most loved by Singaporeans. While we’d expect more love for stylish homes, it was surprising that the coolest ones made it onto the list.

It’s a place we can’t do without in recent years. Since the beginning of 2021, we have had more design requests for customized desks and home office spaces in HDB and condo units.

Marble bathrooms were a huge interior design trend in 2020 and we don’t think this luxurious look will go away anytime soon. So, save these HDB and marble condo ideas for your next update.

High End Interior Design Singapore

Known for his creativity and innovative designs, Interior Designer Peter Su hits the ball out of the park with this HDB resale conversion!

Modern Luxury Interior Design Singapore

First, the seamless eclectic mix of Japanese-inspired design and Scandinavian sensibilities is amazing. Therefore, wabi sabi interiors are widely accepted to run less space due to traffic restrictions.

Second, the simple HDB interior design concept deserves a double click. Aside from the humble work of custom carpentry, simple interior design ideas are the way to go. For a home on a budget or for those looking to update their style on the go, the home is an opportunity canvas.

Bad habits made the list this year. For example, this HDB resale bachelorette pad has curved design features and decorative elements. Here, the sink is pushed out into the main bedroom. Take a spin and you’ll find out why!

Here is an HDB retail unit that adds depth and class. With a little help from Juz Interior’s Home Stylist Christine, the living room je ne sais quoi.

Classic French Elegance Meets Singapore Chic At Sofitel So Singapore Hotel

Next, every home deserves a grand entrance. We feature custom carpentry solutions next door! We have done these two now. Upper and lower cabinets hide clutter. As a separate niche holds small trinkets and photos to touch the home.

First, check that your room has the right lighting conditions. Cove lights and pendant lights are helpful in creating a cozy atmosphere.

Greetings on the other side. If light and air do not appeal to you, do not be afraid to enter them

High End Interior Design Singapore

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