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By | March 9, 2023

Home Interior Design Near Me – According to designer Joelle Nesen, “there are no rules” when it comes to interior design, but everyone can use a few tips and tricks. We spoke with Nesen, founder of Portland-based Maison, and Jenny Guggenheim, of Guggenheim Architecture and Design Studio, to get their insights into the interior design process.

“If you do [interior design] well,” Nesen says, “you can do anything” in your space. To find home design nirvana, make sure you follow these eight basic principles.

Home Interior Design Near Me

Home Interior Design Near Me

In the interior design process, “Space planning is first,” says Nesen. According to the American Institute of Architects, space planning involves defining interior spaces, defining circulation patterns, and developing plans for furniture placement and equipment placement.

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Both Nesen and Guggenheim suggest that every interior design project begins with an assessment of the functional limitations of a room and how the elements can be manipulated to suit the people who live there. “We try to be really thoughtful about how people spend their lives,” Guggenheim said. He often asks: “What do you need in your place and how do you go through your daily life?”

The goal of site planning is to create efficiency. For the Guggenheim, this means getting rid of recycled documents and styles, along with unnecessary extras. “We’re finding that most of our customers come to us thinking they need more space, more storage, more of everything,” he said. “We try to gently guide them towards simple solutions.”

For example, you recently had a client approach you with a request for a large addition to their home, but the designer realized that reconfiguring the existing footprint and incorporating a minimal addition would provide what the homeowner needed. “If we’re able to give customers all the service they need without moving bigger and bigger, I think that’s good for everybody,” he said.

Once the designers have an idea of ​​how the space should function, they combine those requirements with the aesthetic and atmosphere the client wants, to create a concept for the space.

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“We take a global approach as opposed to choosing just one color or furniture,” says Nesen. “It’s really about creating a vision. There is a timelessness and a long time [to the interior] when you can implement the vision that has been well thought out.”

For a composer, telling the story is similar to telling a story. Nesen says: “You have to be able to tell a story about how the interior will come together with all the elements and pieces.”

“Quality is key,” says Nesen, as materials and construction affect how people experience the finished room. Good quality materials have “a different sound and feel than poor materials,” says Nesen.

Home Interior Design Near Me

Natural materials reign supreme. Designers at the Maison often incorporate fabrics such as wool, silk, and linen, and favor furniture with solid wood construction and or well-crafted antiques. Nesen cautions that spending a lot of money on something doesn’t mean you’re buying something quality.

Interior Design: The 8 Most Important Principles

Rather, examine whether there is something in the material that lasts and learns to last. “Not everything has to be expensive,” he said. “There can always be great finds [at lower price points].”

When a designer combines different materials, shapes, patterns, and textures, the differences between them can enhance their individual properties. Understand this can be counterintuitive, Nesen said. Some customers will say, “I like this dress, the lamp, and the chair. But those things will all have the same visual value.”

“Many of our customers come to us thinking that they need more space, more storage, more of everything. We try to gently guide them towards simpler solutions.”

Juxtaposition is required so that the eye can appreciate the difference. “For example, they can all be geometrics because the customer is attracted to geometry,” he said. “But you can’t have all the squares in your house.” Throwing in a circle makes us appreciate the square much more and creates a better flow, he said.

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Guggenheim offers another example. “If a client likes a particular tile design, but it’s a very strong pattern, it’s important to me that the other elements in the room are quiet, to make that important thing strong,” he said. I want to make sure those things are seen and not muddied by the elements nearby.”

Acceptable attacks of interior design ideas are nothing without supporting details. Whether it is the size of the lamp shade or the size of the stile on the cabinet door, a good example must be detailed and will specify all the details in order to best support the overall vision.

“We’re always checking in with ourselves and making sure we’re moving in the right direction to meet that big picture goal,” Guggenheim said. “It’s very easy with so many products on the market to say, ‘I love this, this, and this.’ If you don’t go back and ask, do these meet my goals for the site, they may not be the right option.”

Home Interior Design Near Me

Every interior project should be personalized for the user, rather than catering to their aesthetic taste and preferences. Nesen made sure to integrate the customers’ everyday possessions, as well as antiques and possessions.

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“You want certain things to be authentic, original, and unique,” she says, whether that’s Grandma’s candlesticks or a one-off vintage find. “Even if the goal of a design is simplicity and modernity, we chose to add a little bit of substance, which I think makes the room more.”

Guggenheim prefers to evaluate the overall composition of a room for balance rather than deliberately creating focal points. Nesen agrees, suggesting that finding balance starts with the room’s features, like windows and doors, and then adding pieces until balance is found.

He also likes to read the room and evaluate the eyes from different locations. “Move yourself around the room and think about what you’re seeing from each angle,” he says.

“Hiring an interior designer is like hiring an editor,” Guggenheim says. A designer knows when to add or remove elements to achieve the desired effect. “I can say, one thing is too much or these two elements are exhausting each other, so let’s remove one,” he said.

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This includes bringing in “breathing room” and incorporating negative space into the overall design, to present the strongest composition possible. Don’t be afraid to remove things.

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Home Interior Design Near Me

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Our main designer, Yumi Murayama, grew up in Japan and is inspired by simple, natural-based architecture and design. Yumi pursued her true passion for design by attending the Interior Design program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and received her Certificate in Interior Design in 2013. Over the next 5 years, Yumi honed her design and skills decoration while working in an international Danish company. in the senior designer/stylist role. Working closely with her clients on design projects inspired Yumi to create her own design company. In 2018 YU + ME Design was born, enabling Yumi to continue providing “WOW” interiors to her clients.

Yumi is also an interior design representative for Casaza.ca, founded by Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, and an interior design contributor for Canadian Home Style Magazine.

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