Home Interior Designs In Nigeria

By | May 3, 2023
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Home Interior Designs In Nigeria – Inside the Nest: View detailed interior design plans of Nest Houses Lekki-Abijo 3 Bedroom + 1B.Q. Terrace Duplex

Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo is located just off the Lekki-Epe Expressway, 5 minutes from Novare Mall Sangotedo, Lekki.

Home Interior Designs In Nigeria

Home Interior Designs In Nigeria

Spread over 12,000 square meters, this development has five (5) unique types of homes that are sure to fit you and your family’s living needs. In this article, we explore in detail, the interior Flower Interior Design – Nest Houses Lekki-Abijo 3 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. terrace duplex.

Residential Home Design Starring Bukky Lepe

228 square meters of space, love of lush tranquility and freedom of space, what do you do?

This is what we did in the first draft (DS1) of our BLOSSOM series. To begin with, the Flower Series itself is not the best for pushing the boundaries of creativity, introducing pendants that match the space, and yet, it still makes the space feel very close to home. This Series 1 project has a very high quality character, so we must admit that our design team has once again outdone themselves.

This 3 bedroom + 1 BQ Home was masterfully designed to flow seamlessly into one another with an open layout. This continuum ranges from large elements (like walls and furniture) to very small things (like the color of pillows or picture frames). It’s brilliant! Minimalism in the design is clear, especially in the area of ​​the staircase (away from the main living area) and in introducing the idea of ​​a small study area near the staircase, giving the home owner a lot of privacy for home office work. .

Entering this unit through the entry way, a pleasant anteroom welcomes you to the airy living and dining room, which leads to a U-shaped kitchen with additional storage. This carefully crafted design is a dream home for the middle and upper class.

Marlena Design Group

On the ground floor, white walls support the glazed floor tiles widely used in all spaces – living room, dining room and circulation area. This adapts to the needs of the user and enhances the creation of a more personalized environment later.

This rendering of the first floor plan shows a mix of textures within the space – wood (furniture), glazed tile (floor) and plush carpet (floor).

The first port of call on two levels – the family room on the left (first floor) and the family room on the right (first floor) is warm and welcoming, especially the connection of ceramic plants on each level. The anteroom looks bold with a geometric pattern rug.

Home Interior Designs In Nigeria

Picture frames and pictures on the white walls, a white POP band framing the TV and a simple console table underneath make the living room and dining room cozy and stylish. A set of gray throw pillows and a colored plastic center rug contrast nicely.

Top 10 Interior Design Firms In Nigeria

The use of gray tones in the living room and dining room, as well as the natural color of wood, will add a sense of calm to the interior. Considered in different parts of the space (under the stairs), the storage and display bags are finished in wood, the effect is warm and refined.

This orange kitchen looks great with front cabinet doors and white countertops. This island with a long base in the middle has a small appearance that makes the kitchen modern and elegant.

The master bedroom is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of life. Blue cushions and pillows, warm wood tones of the bed frame, side drawers, hanging wall units, TV console and wardrobe create a truly relaxing and peaceful atmosphere!

Storage units are needed to keep things tidy and prevent clutter. The master bedroom and bathroom shown in the comments above are full of great storage ideas – a niche near the bedroom door, a built-in wardrobe, hand basins, wall “kids” for storage, and more.

Nigerian Building Designs

With tastefully designed designs, we offer insight into the luxurious lifestyle that can be found in our modern homes, according to your style and preferences. If you are interested in owning this home, register here.

Taliesin Mod.Fab is a modular off-grid home, designed and built by students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at The Nest: Detailed View of Nest Homes Interior Design Plans Lekki-Abijo 4 Bedroom + 1B.Q. Semi detached house

Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo is located just off the Lekki-Epe Expressway, 5 minutes from Novare Mall Sangotedo, Lekki.

Home Interior Designs In Nigeria

Spread over 12,000 square meters, this development has five (5) unique types of homes that are sure to fit you and your family’s living needs. In this article, we explore in depth, the interior design of Thrive – Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. Semi detached house.

Decor And Rainbow

A thriving home distinguishes itself with luxury living and generous and fully functional spaces. The 1st Thriving Program is particularly suitable for this topic. It boasts luxuriously appointed spaces, with additional spaces such as a study (within the living room), a chest of drawers (within the family room) and a pantry (within the kitchen).

This domestic transportation offers the most convenient and luxurious life.


The basement is a beautiful interplay of spaces and activities that will delight family members and the occasional guest – a media wall for entertainment and a reading nook for quiet meditation! The arrangement is simple and efficient.

Small Modern Living Room Design Ideas


The first floor is designed for privacy and family entertainment, starting with the family room, which is the “heartbeat” of this home. A closet also helps to keep things organized and clutter-free.

Muted gray furniture paired with natural wood accents such as the TV wall add warmth to the living room. A splash of color wall art completes the overall concept of minimalism.

Home Interior Designs In Nigeria

The dining room is slightly separated from the buffet to the right, with an informal wine bar, making mealtimes a time for wine and refreshments. Designs are replacing purple and white from drab to fabric! The design sprinkles a lot of texture in the room – very visible wood grain, lots of dark rugs and the soft texture of the dining chair fabric. This real horse comes to life with a powerfully framed image. The dark frames of the windows act as holes, framing the seascape. An evening of partying and drinking in this great little bar, while marveling at the gentleness of love, will be a night to remember for any house guest!

Most Popular Interior Design Styles To Know Now

The kitchen in THRIVE Plan 1 is uniquely designed and eye-catching. The rhythm is so strong that it maintains its design style and is independent of other parts of the unit. The first element that fits this idea is the wooden cabinet! It is so cleverly arranged that it feels like waves on the beach. The backsplash tile is perfect for this theme as the color pops in navy blue and seashells! It’s just beautiful! The roof rack is a few inches above the cabin as is the light port. The wide grain trim area ties everything together in the tiles with great visual appeal. This restaurant is every foodie’s delight!

The study room on the first floor (pictured left) and the family room on the upper floor (pictured right) are temporary spaces with private activities. One of the interesting things about them is how they are individual and unique, but still, very well connected with the rest of the house. They can easily become a homeowner’s favorite!

Leaning feature walls in the study area are a great idea to keep the space interesting. Hanging planters dress up the family room and throw pillows can add a nice pop of color to this otherwise neutral space.

This bedroom headboard concept looks warm and organized. The saturated black style emphasizes the light grain of the wonderful black wood board. Round storage units are included in this attractive design for art lovers and art collectors who want a collection of sculptures. A. for a seat by the window

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