Home Interior Wall Design Ideas

By | April 9, 2023
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Home Interior Wall Design Ideas – No one wants to live in a plain white box, but sometimes spending your money on art just isn’t an option. Choice? Turn existing objects into decorative objects and create your own works of art to hang on the walls. It really has a lot of revolutionary differences and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. We found lots of creative and designer-inspired DIY ideas, from framing children’s pieces to making your own wall hangings. If you’re worried about using a nail gun or hammer, don’t worry – you have these… Because these examples are so simple and easy to replicate. So go ahead and grab some glue to get ready to decorate your space with these seventeen creative DIY wall decor ideas.

Leanne Ford is the queen of sophisticated DIY. “I have forever old canvases and I don’t dare throw them away… One day I nailed them to the wall and called one of my favorite artist friends, Alexandra Gracik, and asked her to come over with some charcoal and draw whatever she wanted,” explains the designer. Reuse your old tarp or buy a used tarp.

Home Interior Wall Design Ideas

Home Interior Wall Design Ideas

If you have a large Chinese collection, why not show it off for all to see? It’s also an unexpected twist on a classic gallery wall look, as you can see in this pink living room designed by Janie Molster. Once you’ve mapped out your gallery wall, all you need is a picture hanger. Get the tutorial here.

Clever Kids Room Wall Decor Ideas & Inspiration

If you have old rugs or blankets that you don’t use anymore, you can reuse them by hanging them on the wall. Get a tutorial on making your own wall hangings from Sugar & Cloth.

Frame your children’s best work and display it with pride. They feel like proud artists and don’t have to spend a fortune on art – it’s a win-win. It can look sophisticated when done professionally with a clean modern frame and then set in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid. Consider this charming contemporary living room designed by Lilly Bunn, where colorful art pervades the entire space.

If you live in a minimalist environment, this project is for you. Just shoot the photos you like without frames. This way you won’t damage the artwork, but you can also go frameless.

Make your own wall decoration with beads and twigs. We love the bohemian elegance of this asymmetrical look. It has a fancier appearance and requires less visual real estate than hanging plaits.

Setting Up Your Dream Home? Count On These Design Ideas

Even a skateboard can be a wall decoration if designed properly! Here, Leanne Ford just propped him up on the ledge and leaned against the wall. Musical instruments and surfboards are other great examples of Found Objects that double as decorations.

Paint architectural oddities with bright colors for unexpected pop. Here, Emil Darwis enlivened this minimalist corridor by painting the Arch’s interior a vibrant orange color.

A pegboard looks good basically anywhere, and you can customize it any way you want! Learn how to make your own at Vintage Revivals.

Home Interior Wall Design Ideas

Try a hat wall. This is a great storage solution for anyone with limited closet space and adds dimension. Consider this one by Katie Hodges Design.

How To Decorate A Home Temple In 2023

In a cozy home like a cottage, you can use twigs and leaves to make a temporary wreath arrangement. To add a bit more contemporary style and polish, Leanne Ford also painted the walls and breathed the bottom in a deep ocean hue.

A twist on the typical gallery wall? Vintage hand mirror gallery wall. This simple, eclectic mirror works equally as art (and reflects light beautifully). It consists of a hand mirror and is configured in the shape of a hand mirror. It’s functional and beautiful. No need for further convincing.

You may not be able to upholster a chair in your favorite print, but you can accentuate the design of the fabric. Hang some linen or fabric designs. It’s perfect for relaxed, breezy environments, and you can take it off whenever you get bored.

This wood veneer wall art is the ultimate rustic accent. Now if only we could get one of those chairlifts. Learn how to make your own from Dorsey Designs.

Chic Entryway Wall Decor Ideas For A Welcoming Home

Who needs a headboard when you have a flower wall? Total boho goals. Get tutorials from Sweet Tea.

Making your dream gallery wall even more affordable. Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

This is your chance to show off your artistic talents. This would be a fun project to do with the whole family. Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

Home Interior Wall Design Ideas

Hadley Mendelsohn is the senior design editor at House Beautiful and the host and executive producer of the Dark House podcast. When she’s not busy writing about interiors, you can find her browsing vintage stores, reading, researching ghost stories, or stumbling because she might lose her glasses again. Along with interior design, she writes about everything from travel to entertainment, beauty, social issues, relationships, fashion, food and on special occasions, witches, ghosts and other Halloween events. His work has also appeared in MyDomaine, Who What Wear, Man Repeller, Matches Fashion, Byrdie and others.

Home Wall Art Decor Ideas

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Totally Free Ways To Decorate With What You Have

When you are decorating your home, the topic of interior wall design makes many people wonder. Today, walls no longer have to be smoothed with ordinary paint. There are paints and materials available that work literal wonders on walls, even covering up visible flaws. You don’t need to hire a professional, just use your imagination and create your own masterpiece. Even better news is that many of these designs can also be made on a budget. Here you will find the 45 best interior wall design ideas to beautify your home.

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This classic stone wall treatment offers an interesting contrast to the modern one

Home Interior Wall Design Ideas

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