House Design Up And Down Simple

By | April 19, 2023
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A single bedroom can be spacious if you know how to arrange things. There are many ways to set up a room, regardless of its size.

House Design Up And Down Simple

House Design Up And Down Simple

This small room has a colorful kitchen and a small balcony, which is perfect for a young couple.

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Placing the room on the opposite side of the house from the living room creates a noise – and life – separation here.

Although the room has no space beyond the bed itself, it opens up to natural light.

When it’s a long apartment like this, it’s important to be able to move easily between rooms.

The living area is left open here, while the kitchen, dining room and living room are divided into pieces. It makes things feel bigger and more modern.

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Five dining tables can be easily moved to accommodate more guests in this one room.

With no outdoor space, this one room needs to remain colorful and in plenty of sunlight.

The wedge shape of this building gives a little more space in the bedroom and a little less in the bathroom.

House Design Up And Down Simple

The circular motif adds some visual interest here with a mirror, dining table and rug completing the look.

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You can really see the difference that a dark floor makes the space seem smaller than it is.

The rendering of this floor plan is particularly nice. The large outdoor space and the living room are a space for relaxation and entertainment.

This space is somewhat labyrinthine in design, with a closed kitchen and cramped dining table.

In the spacious version, the kitchen has a little more space and removes a large area of ​​the terrace.

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The dining room is particularly large in this space, as is the living room. It’s a good plan for a couple who would like to have their own areas sometime.

They are stored in private areas of the home, including the bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom. Guests are welcome on the other side.

This large and functional apartment has a kitchen, a large living room, a large bathroom and a large bedroom. Additional space is also enough to add a room.

House Design Up And Down Simple

In this option, the kitchen space is wasted, which is beautiful for one person, but difficult to get for two.

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This home forces guests to walk past the living room to enter the home. According to the structure, a necessary evil, but not exactly ideal.

The bedroom has a nice big window in this arrangement, which is always a good way to wake up.

If this apartment is really simple (with 2 separate beds), more space will be freed up for the common area.

In this particular arrangement, there is no separate space between the bedroom and the living room, which is more of a study than a bedroom.

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In this house, there is some separation between the laundry room and the bedroom, which means you can throw your clothes in front of the bed and have fresh clothes in the morning.

The bathroom at the entrance is pleasant for those who have many guests and little space.

If you’re looking for modern house plans that include architectural drawings, check out our 10 plan package here: Modern House Plans While its face is undeniably modern, the Pink House by Scott Posno Design is designed with a sense of style for other homes in the pleasant Mount neighborhood Vancouver. One house manages to squeeze 3,000 square feet into its plan, despite the front elevation not exceeding the houses next to it.

House Design Up And Down Simple

The house is clad in black-stained cedar planks that run horizontally at ground level and vertically on the second floor, giving the cantilevers a sculptural feel.

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The entrance niche is covered by the second floor and creates an additional break in local planes on the face.

The color palette shines from within and directly contrasts with the black exterior. White oak, custom millwork and white walls are the basis of a modern interior mixed with colorful moments.

The open floor plan offers the appearance of a larger space downstairs that includes a kitchen, dining and family area along with a living area that is separated by a wall with a triple fireplace.

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House Design Up And Down Simple

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