House Interior Design In India

By | February 12, 2023

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Twin houses are residences that have two separate entrances. They may be side-by-side apartments or two-storey apartments with different living units. With its unusual design and large canvas, there is a lot of creativity to explore. Duplex houses are higher than villas but in a much smaller size. In apartment complexes, they are created by buying apartments side by side or one on top of the other. Two-sided house interiors are also different from traditional designs. They can be two different looks, traditional combined with contemporary, contrasting colors and patterns and even two completely different looks brought together. The duplex house interiors are built in a way that divides the house into several functional parts, different living units with a shared kitchen and dining area ensuring privacy with an overall look.

House Interior Design In India

House Interior Design In India

Although the interior designs of twin homes are varied, it takes good planning and creativity to pull everything together. Small paintings in the interior are easy because the rooms and their functions are static. It is easy to design one bedroom, dining and kitchen. When this multiplies and the number of rooms increases, that’s when true creativity comes into play regarding colours, aesthetics and ambiance. Too many contrasting contrasting colors, too many stairs and windows can create an imbalance that throws the look of a two-sided home interior design.

Interior Design Ideas For Small House In India (updated 2020)

In duplex homes, there are some elements that are more important than the rest, and require more time and effort put into them. The design and decoration of these items must be done carefully. Some clever tips and ideas are detailed below.

As small as twin houses may look, it is possible to create a stunning staircase design with them. It can be the focal point of your home. Stairs are more than something that connects two spaces. They lift and decorate homes, create drama, and reflect your personality. Stairs can be created with different materials, designs and finishes. The trick to doing this is knowing what you want.

In duplex homes, heavy marble staircases and traditional carvings of balusters might sweep the floor. Likewise, winding and spiral staircases may seem inconvenient especially when the houses are one on top of the other. Double staircase designs work best when divided into separate levels. They are also best created as lean and minimal aesthetically pleasing. Nestle stairs in one corner of your home, instead of placing them in the middle and keep them with simple wood or light tiles that go with the overall aesthetic. Hanging steps are a great idea for their straight lines and simplicity, which makes rooms look lighter and brighter.

Another great double staircase design idea is the invisible railing. Light, thin and transparent glass balustrade with toughened steel staircase has become popular and elegant. Since duplex homes are not necessarily large despite the vastness of space, keeping the decorations and design elements to a minimum is an ideal way to go about designing such homes.

Salient Features Of Indian Style Interior Design

As previously mentioned, the interior of the duplex offers plenty of space to work around. Interiors are the mainstay in a home. The colors, layout, and materials used should reflect the homeowners’ personality. In a duplex home, it can get conflicting due to having multiple people living in the space and not understanding how to put things together.

Start with the colors and tones of your home to bring your interiors together. Light pastel colors around the house are the best way to start, with darker contrasting colors where you want to separate spaces. So if the living rooms are of moderate colours, the dining and kitchen space can be darker in deeper tones. Likewise, multiple bedrooms and resting spaces can be played with. The goal is to create one large space with individual pockets of functionality.

Flooring is another important aspect of duplex home design that doesn’t get much attention. Wooden or tiled floors throughout look better than the various designs all around. Red oxide or similar terracotta tiles in porch or outdoor areas round out the look and feel of the entire home.

House Interior Design In India

Adding mirrors to the interiors of the home adds an extra spatial element while making the room appear larger. Decorative mirrors add light and texture. They can be placed strategically, from the living room foyer to the stairwell landings, especially in spaces that seem too cramped or small.

Architect And Interiors India

Many of these design inputs also apply to the design of a small duplex house. Since space is a premium, the idea here is to make rooms appear larger, let in more natural light, open up your space to balconies as well as gardens and blend them together. Twin homes have many different ways to bring greenery indoors. From large window sills to small benches, living room interiors to stair landings, clever designs can transform the look and feel of these spaces.

Duplex house design in India is just going through a drastic change. Homes are no longer monotonous and boring, but creative and challenging. Questioning the status quo, homeowners make their homes feel nicer rather than limiting them to practical pieces. Greenery is a simple hack but it increases your house bet by several notches. Play with plants and flower pots for a fresh garden feel.

Due to the multitude of living spaces, duplex house designs may look like paid accommodation for guests. Stylish and modern interiors, a variety of different furniture, accessories and appliances can change all that. When selecting furniture, it is not necessary to stick to a similar range but similar design aesthetics. Select several chair and sofa pieces in similar finishes and colors, and mix and match designs. Place them in different sections of the house with appropriate furnishings and furniture. Doing this everywhere will change the look and feel of your home while keeping everything cohesive.

Designed with clean lines, a smart wood dining table with matching chairs is an elegant entry to this duplex home’s interior design

Designs In House Interiors

Building and decorating a duplex house requires some ingenuity but to sum up the points below are the ones to keep in mind:

Finally, design a duplex home as a place you would love to live and come back to every day. Also, a place that maintains harmony and a warm atmosphere for friends and the whole family.

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House Interior Design In India

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House Interior Design In India

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