How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

By | February 4, 2023

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer – A house is home to your creative flair and creative vision. Our interior design courses give you all the training and skills you need to create a beautiful and comfortable home.

The interior design courses are conducted online and consist of 12 modules and 12 interactive assignments. You can study at your own pace and at your own time. Students studying for a certificate course can complete their studies in up to 12 months. Additional extensions are available as needed. The modules are designed to be read sequentially and will help you plan your living space.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

At the end of each module there are exercises that require you to participate in the design experience. It is through participation and interaction that you will learn to gain confidence and find your creative voice. The exercises are designed to help you build your first professional portfolio.

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Each student is assigned the same home renovation task, including uploading new flooring and lighting plans, recommending furniture, fabrics, window treatments, lighting, upholstery, and accessories, exploring decor and different design styles, providing color schemes, and posting mood boards. . , writing quotations, preparing newspaper advertisements, writing scopes of work for contractors, creating preliminary costs for clients, etc.

As these are online courses, we understand that some of our students may not be able to make real-life repairs or access clients, so every project completed throughout our course will be hypothetical.

As you gain more knowledge and skills, experience change as your thoughts and perspectives change. Enjoy the process of learning skills that allow you to communicate your untapped creative potential.

It is a course of a very high standard and very competitively priced. The course material is used internationally and the delivery and format is the same as the Diploma version of the course. The only difference is that the Certification course is less rigorous.

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The teachers are not necessarily accredited by the Government, but all are selected for their expertise in their field and their ability to impart knowledge to students.

This course is not accredited in Australia but is recognized worldwide by the following organisations.

To become a professional interior designer, you don’t necessarily need a degree in interior design to have a great portfolio. This is what our Certificate courses focus on, giving you the practical skills and technical knowledge to build a professional portfolio, a freelance interior design career or an exciting new hobby.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

You will learn the design elements and principles used to create a harmonious and balanced interior.

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• Develop your “designer’s eye” and understand how to apply your knowledge and create inspiring designs for your home or work environment.

This comprehensive module takes you on a fascinating journey through the history of design and architecture to the present day, from the origins of decorative finishes seen in cave paintings and ancient dwellings.

Packed with visuals and information, Module 2 will convey the meaning and message behind the patterns and decorative images you encounter.

• Learn to recognize architectural and decorative details influenced by ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian architecture, Neo-Classicism and recent design styles.

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• Appreciate the history of art and design and gain an understanding of how it continues to influence the present and the future.

In this module, you will learn how to make strategic and conceptual decisions for your design projects based on the desired function, style and mood of the space.

• Develop knowledge of various structures, common problems and solutions to communicate clearly with customers, suppliers and vendors.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

• Assess the site and assess the existing structure to create a master plan and implement the ideas.

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Now you will discover how to use design elements in your space planning and design concept, which will take into account different furniture arrangements that suit the intended function of the space.

• Learn how to draw floor plans, modify existing spaces, and plan new layouts for renovation projects.

• Explore the various architectural elements that will be reflected in the floor plan, such as doors, windows, fireplaces, and lighting fixtures.

• Explore the function of different rooms and understand the role of furniture in the design process.

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This module will allow you to discover how light sources, characteristics, types of lighting and spatial trends affect natural lighting.

• Understand how to communicate ideas clearly to electricians, builders and suppliers by specifying the right product for the purpose.

• Learn about the different types of lamps available to interior designers and how to choose the right one for a client’s room.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

• Turn your creative vision into reality using natural and artificial lighting for dramatic effect in your interior design projects.

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• Incorporate these ideas into your plans as you continue the renovation project started in Module 4.

This module will introduce the power and psychology of color and how it can be used as a key design tool in your projects.

• Learn about the properties of color and understand how it can change the mood of a space, change perception and create a purposeful style. Discover the effects of natural and artificial light on color and surface texture.

• Use the color wheel as inspiration and guidance to develop a coherent scheme and gain the confidence to use it effectively. Learn that there are no bad colors, only bad combinations.

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• Experience the power of using color in every aspect of your design projects to create a variety of responses: energetic, upbeat, muted, calm, and more.

You will learn how to apply three-dimensional design concepts to the reality of finished spaces.

• Discover the importance of ensuring quality floor, wall and ceiling finishes to create a stunning and functional background for furniture and window treatments.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

• Gain the product knowledge required to select and specify affordable finishes appropriate for the end use to create a professional, long-lasting interior space.

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• Learn how to plan and schedule the sequence of floor, wall and ceiling finishes required at different stages of a project.

Regardless of your budget, you’ll be shown how to appreciate the importance of incorporating luxury and aesthetic appeal into your design.

• Discover the endless possibilities of using fabrics with style and flair to create eye-catching interior spaces. Gain the confidence you need to use design elements and transform spaces with textiles, fabrics and other decorative accessories.

• Learn about the technical properties of fabrics and their suitability for various end uses. Understand the functional and aesthetic characteristics required for bedding, carpets and decorative textiles.

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The pinnacle of great design is working with beautiful objects, furniture and art. Referring to Module 2 and the History of Interior Design, you will learn how furniture styles have been developed over the years for specific applications and uses.

• Apply your knowledge of design elements to the reality of placing beautiful objects in perfectly designed and well-thought-out spaces.

This module teaches you the working practices of professional designers. You’ll be shown the vital procedures and thought processes that lead to the completion of a design in the real world.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

• Learn how to support your creativity with practical applications that ensure success from start to finish on a project.

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• Your proposal and management skills will bring work on schedule and on budget for any design project for yourself or a client.

In this module, you will learn how to document your ideas and designs for clients, contractors and your own reference.

• Learn how to easily create 3D drawings from floor plans to help visualize spaces and make better design choices.

If you’re considering design as a career, this could be a crucial stepping stone to your future success.

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• Learn how to build a professional portfolio and gain insight into building your own website and social media networks.

The Institute of Interior Design offers you the most advanced and comprehensive online learning solution available today. We offer the most comprehensive Interior Design home study courses using the latest online learning techniques. We have created a unique teaching and student support system where our commitment to providing the highest quality curriculum has resulted in unparalleled results.

Vicky is excited to share her wealth of knowledge in graphic design and interior design with the students of the Institute of Interior Design.

How To Become A Certified Interior Designer

Wendy has worked in theater for 25 years in costume and set design, which has taken her around the world to study architecture and interior design. During this time, he acquired a real estate license and worked on many interior design projects for theater actors.

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Jasmine is the main brain behind the design of our learning materials and social media platform, and works with Vicky and Wendy to deliver learning modules to students.

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