Interior Design Concept A

By | March 31, 2023
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Interior Design Concept A – Have you ever wondered how we create an interior design concept? What determines how bold we are with colors in a client’s home? When do we tend to coast less? How do we find inspiration for a show-stopping design feature?

Yes, all our clients come to us for a unique design aesthetic and we are proud of it. But you can also see that no two homes in our portfolio are the same! Our interior design concepts are always inspired by the personality of each of our clients and the lifestyle they lead or want to lead.

Interior Design Concept A

Interior Design Concept A

In other words, the life path you want guides us…then we raise the sails, steer the ship, and lift your goal beyond your abilities and wildest dreams. The value of an interior designer!

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Today, I’d like to show you how our rigorous processes are designed to maximize the creative output of your interior design concept. Come see…

Psst! Last year I shared an inside look at our interior design process here . Project Design Concept Phase 1: Design Development. After receiving the signed contract, we start the customer flight and the fun begins – for us and for you! Below are the steps for phase 1.

First, you will receive the Blakely Onboarding Package. It details what you can expect moving forward and guides you through some style research that will further inform your options. This means creating Pinterest boards or saving design inspiration from your favorite sources. (We can’t wait to see it!)

This is actually the step we take from the pellet and is critical to the success of your project! Based on what we’ve learned from you so far, we’ll walk through each room and discuss your vision:

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This meeting is often accompanied by on-site measurements, as these details will inform the space plan…and the space plan informs the design!

Now we’re ready for step 3, which takes place behind the French doors of Blakely Studios. Our design team meets to discuss what we learned from the Client Deep Dive and set the direction for our interior design concept.

To get started, we’ll look for consistency, common design lessons in the photos you share with us, and brainstorm ideas for an interior design concept we know you’ll love. Often, every room has its own color story, but we will find a single color that will be the basis of your project. It makes the whole house feel connected.

Interior Design Concept A

Here’s another interesting part of the process that happens behind the scenes: the development of the design concept. This includes the overall tone of each space, color palette, furniture ideas (we’re not looking for specifics yet) and potential examples to use. We create a space plan, schematic design board and budget for each location.

Interior Design Concept For A Modern Apartment

Let’s look at each of these individually – even though they technically happen at the same time – you can see how the magic works…

Inspiration boards give some ideas about the overall feel and appeal of a space. Our job is to create an interior design concept that speaks to whoever takes on the project, especially if they have different ideas.

While developing the concept, we consider the scale, layout, color, pattern, function, etc. We think of all the elements that bring the wow factor. The inspiration board brings all these elements together in a vivid and beautiful way.

New with amazing effects! P.S. This is the first insight we’ve shared on this project… It’s going to be awesome!

Interior Design Concepts

Concept development goes hand in hand with spatial planning as they directly influence each other. What do I mean by that? Here is a great example…

At the Jersey Palm Project, we came up with the concept of having a dark green stripe down the middle of the pit roof. A long sofa parallel to the strip was needed to pull off the look. Thus, space planning (arrangement and scale of furniture) and interior design concept (appearance and how it is achieved) came closer together.

Since this space is visible from the file, we also knew that the two spaces should work together in one view. We chose this large tile pattern tile design to balance out the brown, green stripe. Together there is a sense of will, grace and delicious courage.

Interior Design Concept A

Schematic design boards take our Inspiration boards a step further by identifying specific elements that can be used to achieve the desired look and feel. Inspirational pictures are the best way to do this. We find aesthetically pleasing images from your portfolio or Pinterest.

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Note: It’s important to remember that these are inspirational images of the design direction we want to take. We never copy another design exactly. It will be customized to you, your lifestyle, your goals and the Blakey signature that our customers know and love.

Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the interior design concept! We will provide information for each of our workplaces. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and if the concept needs to be iterated or further developed, we will. Since the design concept is the roadmap for your project, it’s important to define it before taking the next step.

Well, that’s it for today. You’ll have to wait and see how the Orchid project looks in real life. Sorry, I know my suspicion is rude!

If you want to start your own project and explore your design style, our Interior Design Project Planner is a great place to start. Download it, familiarize yourself with it and have fun with it. Until next time… Being able to communicate your ideas to the client is especially important in the early stages of the interior design process. At this level, it is sometimes difficult to convey your vision to your client when photorealistic renderings have not yet been implemented.

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After signing the contract, filling out the form, and discussing the project, I prepare the following set of visual tools to show my client:

An example of a concept board I created for a haircut design. It includes several inspirational images designed to convey to the client the style, colors and theme of the future design. I’ve included several examples of furniture and materials as well as hand-drawn sketches to show how it would look in a real space.

Another example of such a concept / mood board made for the bathroom. I use Photoshop to sketch furniture and materials. It’s a great way to show a design concept to a client.

Interior Design Concept A

Once the concept is confirmed with the client, I go ahead and start creating photorealistic renderings – which are the final stage of my visual presentation and overall design project. For example, we decided to go with a beach theme for this bathroom project (Plate 1). Photoreal results for the same bathroom:

How To Use Interior Design Concepts

Check out this video on my YouTube channel where I explain how I present my ideas to clients at the first meeting:

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Interior Design Concept A

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