Interior Design Decorating Style Quiz

By | March 30, 2023
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Interior Design Decorating Style Quiz – Whenever a designer meets a new client, it usually takes time to help them navigate the different design styles. It helps them get what they want. This is a useful technique to know the direction the design decoration should take.

When working on designing your home, it can be overwhelming to define your design style. Is it modern or traditional? Beach or mid-century modern? Farmhouse or rustic modern? We’ve created this quiz to help you get started in the right direction.

Interior Design Decorating Style Quiz

Interior Design Decorating Style Quiz

It is important to note that patterns are constantly changing and evolving, and many people may be a mixture of several patterns. This quiz will give you a blueprint of your DNA, what the results say about your choices, and helpful tips for decorating your home. Featured design styles range from Scandinavian to modern, coastal, farmhouse, modern rustic, southwestern, traditional rustic, and more.

Interior Design Styles 101: 17 Decor Styles You Need To Know

When you click the Take Quiz button, you will be guided through a series of 8 questions. No written response. It’s quick and easy!

Each question has about 20-30 pictures of amazing interiors, color palettes, pillows, and lamps of different types. Just click on the picture that suits you. Choose as many as you like for the most accurate results.

At the end of the questions, you will see a list of options for your email form. This is not required to view your results. To skip this, click the Skip This Step button.

This beautiful ranch-style home is located high on a hill and is nestled among the trees that claim the right to a 200-acre property in Texas. The owners wanted a large but not small house with a simple natural structure that would easily blend into the surrounding landscape. Wooden columns and heavy stone walls anchor the house to the site. Restored facades and simple barn-like structures give the structure a sense of history and land. A reference to the owner’s love of the old west, many of the interior walls share the same stone and wood as the house. This characteristic refers to a time when goods were not mass produced but simply gathered from the area and shaped as needed.

Exciting Eclectic Interior Design Ideas For 2023

This post features a tour of beautiful country homes designed by Beth Webb, an internationally acclaimed interior designer for her tactile, calm, and dynamic spaces. Beth believes that beauty only works if it is measured against simplicity, and that elegance is based on simplicity. “Texture is my color palette,” says Beth, who uses a variety of materials and objects to create interest in the room. He combines symmetrical shapes with strong lines, combining masculine and feminine silhouettes to create an attractive, sensual space. Layered lighting is another important element that brings warmth, love and comfort to Beth’s interior.

Today we begin a tour of a beautiful Atlanta home where the palette is inspired by the homeowner’s (Jane Hight) blue-and-white Imari bag collection that she inherited from her mother and grandmother. Having worked as an accountant for interior designer Lauren DeLoach for several years, it was only natural for Hight to seek the designer’s help when decorating her home. When it comes to color palettes, the pair couldn’t seem further from the beloved Hight family. “Once we knew we were going to use blue, finding the right shade took some learning,” DeLoach said. “We don’t want the color to be too saturated, but we don’t want the color to be too loud. We also need another color to add here, so the salmon color comes from Imari porcelain.

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colors, with white being one of the most popular choices. One of the main advantages of a white kitchen is that they never go out of style, they coordinate with everything and create natural light. White kitchen cabinets are timeless and the perfect choice for those who want to create a blank canvas and plant to add interest to floors, window treatments, artwork, and area rugs. White cabinets can instantly brighten up your kitchen and give the illusion of more space. To avoid creating a cold kitchen, try adding color or texture, and mix white cabinets with contrasting countertops or backsplashes.

Interior Design Decorating Style Quiz

Cream kitchen cabinets have become popular over the past few years – and for good reason! Cream is warmer than white and gives a timeless and luxurious look to your kitchen design. Cream-colored cabinets work in a variety of design styles, from modern to rustic, traditional, country, and farmhouse. They are also available in a variety of cabinet styles including hinged, recessed, and raised panels. Cream is a soft and timeless color like white or gray but warmer, so it’s easy on the eyes and helps make every area feel less healthy. It’s also easy to add any color or material, from brass to black wood.

How To Find My Decorating Style (with A List Of Decor Styles In 2023!)

Sean Anderson Marries Rough & Refined Residence in Vestavia Hills: This modern travel home is the work of Sean Anderson Design who grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. Anderson’s home in Memphis, where he runs a thriving interior design firm, is moody, cerebral, and compact. It took him years to find the kind of art he wanted and after leaving college, he worked as a bartender, a security guard, and a house painter in his 20s. In his early thirties he decided to give his design ambitions a shot.

If you work at home in the country, or you want to bring a rustic atmosphere to your existing space, here are some home office decorating ideas with amazing pictures. Farmhouse style is all about keeping it simple, organic and bringing natural ingredients. A well-designed home office increases productivity and happiness. The style of contemporary modern houses evokes warmth, comfort and luxury without being cramped. Typical designs include reclaimed wood, wrought iron accents, chalkboard details, wide plank floors and vintage accessories. The front office of the modern garden gives you the opportunity to bring a variety of textures, a layer of mixed metals and add some well-placed accessories for extra character.

A well-designed modern farmhouse bathroom adds charm and sophistication to your oasis, providing the perfect place to start your day and unwind in the evening. Farmhouse style emphasizes practicality and simplicity with a touch of rustic charm. A few elements of a farmhouse bathroom are wooden floors, freestanding faucets, farmhouse sinks, wooden ceilings, shiplap walls and traditional copper or brass faucets. Although farmhouse designs often offer a neutral palette, modern bathrooms are the perfect place to add soft or soft colors.

Cottage style homes are known for their elegant charm, quiet comfort, and warm feel. This style is versatile and not limited to cottages in the English countryside. This is a style that is also suitable for rustic homes because it has a classic aesthetic that combines the old with the new. It’s easy to give your home a whimsical feel associated with country cottage style by introducing mood and soft colors, natural textures, additional furniture, and rugged textures. The main goal is to create a home that is welcoming, homely, and like decades ago.

Great Design: Home Decor Ideas And Inspiration For Every Style

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Welcome! I’m Tracy Svendsen and I’m an interior designer and editor of Log Homes Canada. My goal is to connect our readers with the latest and greatest trends in home design. Joy! I have something interesting for you today. For the past few months, I have been planning an interior design style quiz. Being able to define your design style is very important.

Have you ever wanted to create a more cohesive look in your home? Or maybe you’re tired of spending money on decorations that look good at the store but don’t really work when you get home. I find that the biggest problem with design is not knowing where to start.

Interior Design Decorating Style Quiz

Any good design starts with understanding your style. It should be at the forefront of every design decision you make for your home. If you think you know your design style, or maybe you’re not sure, this fun quiz will help you learn which style is right for you!

Discover Your Interior Design Style With This Quick Quiz

After you take the quiz, I’ll email you everything you need to know about your unique design style. Add the best places to shop and design ideas that fit your style.

My hope is that you will leave with the confidence to make design decisions with an overall design style

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