Interior Design For Gray Walls

By | April 6, 2023
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We all know that black and white make a classic combination, but our gray and white living room ideas feel a little simpler. It’s a flattering look for properties of all ages and suits a myriad of styles, and is a slightly more designer take on our ever-popular gray living room ideas.

Interior Design For Gray Walls

Interior Design For Gray Walls

The two best neutrals, white and gray create the perfect backdrop to showcase your favorite accent color. They work equally well with warm-toned wood and stone to create a natural feel, or with cool metals and glass for a more elegant finish.

Black Accent Wall Ideas Our Designers Love

Gray and white offer many possibilities: you can go monochromatic or combine a distinctive accent for a real pop; You can choose icy cold or warm tones and soothing blooms or compositions; You can layer relaxed shades or intensify the drama with deeply contrasting duos…

Little Greene’s Loft White (bookcase) with Down, Ruby Ash, Soot Piping, Perennial Grey, Dolphin, Knightsbridge and Chimney Brick

To give the room an accentuating and airy effect, use the deepest gray floor or tiles and set the wall tones to white for the border and ceiling. This ombre effect is taken to heart in this shelf, where the graduated grays create an elegant design.

“It’s a really artistic way of elevating a functional area,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene (opens in new tab). “The shades of gray and off-white here are all based on the same pigment – red oxide – and produce a soothing, pleasant finish, from Ruby Ashes, which has a hint of pink, to Down, which is an off-white with a pink base.”

Grey Gold Black Abstract Wall Art Canvas Poster Print Luxury Painting Alcohol Ink Texture Artwork Living Room Decoration 20x30cmx3 Frameless

Adding midtones of gray and white between the two most contrasting shades creates a more relaxed feel, as in this Victorian patio extension by interior designer Ciara Ephson of Fentiman Design (opens in a new tab). Dark hardware and white ceilings are combined with warm white walls and tone-on-tone furniture.

“Here I’ve paired Mylands Ludgate Circus with Maugham White,” she says, “I’ve been using Ludgate Circus a lot recently – it’s a really versatile mid-tone neutral that looks good in so many different settings.”

Every color scheme needs a starting point, whether it’s a work of art, a carpet, a scene or a wallpaper. Here, the monochromatic Fornasetti-inspired sideboard is the center of the whole, and its colors are repeated around the room in the colors of the carpet and walls.

Interior Design For Gray Walls

There’s a wide range of grays and whites, but experiment to make sure you’re getting the right shades.

Slate Gray Walls

“I usually go for grays with a green or taupe base to make them feel warm and welcoming, like Farrow & Ball (opens in new tab) Purbeck Stone, which I used here on the walls with Wimborne White,” explains interior designer Fiona Parke. From Johnston Parke Interiors, who designed this living room. “The gray is Farrow & Ball’s Ammonite – I think it goes with almost any room, modern or old, and it’s not too dark or too light. It’s very calming and works well with all white.

Why is everything fun on the walls? For design drama, try a deep gray ceiling with lighter walls. While lighter colors make the ceiling appear higher, a dark ceiling can feel more cozy than claustrophobic.

And if you break some design rules, don’t think you can attach a matte surface to the ceiling. Try an eggshell or satin finish for a reflective sheen that will help lift the room, just make sure you correct any surface irregularities first.

For a cohesive finish, repeat the gray furniture in the rest of the room, as in this Arteriors living room (opens in a new tab), where the charcoal gray of the ceiling is repeated in the furniture and window frames.

Grey Bedroom Ideas

“Solid colors softened by various tactile textures, such as natural sheepskin, linen, candles and plants – all warmed by wooden elements, inspire much-needed Nordic simplicity,” advises Sandie Wallman, founder of Nordic House (opens in new tab). ).

Just as a rug can be used to demarcate a living area, you can use a quiet area of ​​the living room as a place to work with colors. “Think Knightsbridge in alcoves or draped down against the walls, like here,” advises Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene.

“Both of these shades have a warm undertone, so they combine really well and make a small living room feel inviting and focused. This pairing is versatile and pleasing to the eye, so it’s easy to integrate into the whole.

Interior Design For Gray Walls

For a permanent aesthetic, stick to a sophisticated palette of white with many subtle shades and variations. “I love the sheer simplicity and versatility of white,” says Chrissie Rucker, founder of the White Company.

Modern Gray Living Room Ideas For A Stylish Home (2023 Edition)

“It’s classic yet modern, and like the little black dress, it’s also wonderfully timeless. When decorating with white, I’d always go for soft, calming whites, off-whites and some neutrals like grey. It’s a great canvas to build on when the walls are all over the house painted either to warm white or very light gray Here we have used a combination of neutral tones, natural materials and finishes to create texture and beautiful character, wood, stone, sisal and greens to bring hints of the outside world.

The perfect fabric to start a room with – gray and white are light neutrals, so there aren’t many colors that won’t work with them. From olives and peaches to teal and heather, highlight to your heart’s content! Here, white walls, gray couches, and a gray-and-white terrazzo floor are paired with richly textured accents—an earthy red rug, maroon chairs, and dark wood tables—to bring warmth and energy to the scheme.

Switch from blue and white with charcoal and warm white for a new take on ocean-inspired living. In this mountain retreat designed by Studio McGee (opens in a new tab), wood and rattan elements warm up this relaxed interior.

“Wood flooring brings a room to life in the most natural way,” says designer Shea McGee. “The rustic elements and textured chairs are complemented by a soothing landscape artwork whose earthy tones bring out all the elements and textures in this room.”

Glamorous Transitional Living Room

There are many different shades of white and gray and it’s important to make sure they go well together and match the light in your living room. So be sure to experiment with your pair to see how their undertones complement each other. Using colors from the same color family makes life easier, as in the Zoffany collection.

“Our collection includes shades of Zoffany’s versatile neutrals, so you can use the same color but achieve different depths to expand the room,” explains Peter Gomez, Zoffany’s (opens in new tab) lead designer. “This allows you to create dynamic patterns within a color group, such as quarter, half and double colors on walls and woodwork.”

Here, the walls and trim are Architect’s White, a cool white with silver undertones, and the ceiling is a lighter shade.

Interior Design For Gray Walls

Choose an artwork or photo that you like in grayscale and white tones to add shadows to your design, or hire an artist to create something for you. In this cool and modern living room, the paintings take on the shades of gray used throughout the room and are also reflected in the pattern of the woven throw.

Design Of Luxury Bedroom With Dark Interior Of Black And Grey Walls, Big Floor Lamps And Modern Furniture. Diagonal View Of The Room Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 142466295

The mix of warm grays and whites and earthy browns and browns removes all traces of harshness and creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your living room. Make sure you use a variety of textures and shades for optimal effect.

In her own family home, interior designer Shea McGee of Studio McGee combined a variety of organic and neutral tones and added brass accents to create a stylish yet cozy feel.

“Creating atmosphere is all about layers,” he says. “I really like mixing patterns, so each cushion pattern here is different. We designed a wooden frame on our Beckett chairs and then this beautiful back. And my vintage rug is placed on top of a woven jute rug from Girona, so together they create this warm, creamy look that ties everything together.

When planning a design, it is often easier to choose wallpaper first, before choosing complementary colors. It can be used to combine different colors and is not only needed for walls – back shelves, wall panels and even ceilings can be well covered with wallpaper. In addition to offering a range of patterns from delicate to bold, you can bring your walls to life by choosing a wallpaper with added sheen, shine or texture. Choose warm gray for comfort and welcome, or if you want a more modern edge, choose cool tones.

Gorgeous Colors That Go With Gray

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