Interior Design Gift Ideas

By | April 21, 2023
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Interior Design Gift Ideas – Coming up with gifts for designers and design lovers can be daunting, right? They have a strong sense of style and you want to honor that with something different…but what!? This is your gift guide!

Here I have mainly focused on offers for interior designers and design enthusiasts. Most of them would also apply to architecture, product, or graphic designers. You will receive tips for anyone on your list who is interested in good content, item, or placement.

Interior Design Gift Ideas

Interior Design Gift Ideas

These are cute but practical and useful projects that any interior designer or design lover is working on!

Home Decor Interior Design Gardening Books

Idea and Project Pads: Amal Iqbal creates the best idea and project pads, with 1/4 scale grids for floor plans, elevations, pictures, or other layouts. There is also an additional area for items and more.

Brass Ruler – This beautiful brass ruler is perfect for decorating rooms or design ideas, and is something the recipient will have forever.

Color Reader: This portable tool lets you look at any color and find an exact paint color match! A wonderful addition to the designer’s layout.

“Pocket Doors” T-shirt: Depending on your style, if you are in favor of rescuing and preserving the character of old houses, the Cheap Old Houses store is filled with t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags so that you can share that passion with the world. Perfect to wear for meetings, or really any day of the week. Long live the old houses!

Great Gift Ideas Your Interior Design Client

Juniper Printing Gift Certificate: Juniper Printing is full of art in many forms. They offer both digital downloads and custom pieces. Art is personal, but a gift certificate to a store like Juniper (or Minted) supports independent artists and gives the recipient the freedom to choose a piece that fits their space.

Interior design books are always my favorite gift, and something I always have on my list. Magazines too! Here are some of your favourites. Also, a tip for designers who would rather find inspiration in the form of a video than a book!

The World of Interiors Magazine Subscription: I was gifted a subscription to this magazine and it has amazing homes and designs from around the world. I found it inspiring! It’s great to have hidden magazine inspiration that you can’t find in every grocery store!

Interior Design Gift Ideas

Jungalow: Decorate the Forest by Justina Blakeney – This creative book is part inspiration, part personal storytelling. It contains advice for anyone looking to make bold design decisions, along with Justina’s own experiences throughout her life and her creative career. She’s an inspiring design force for any maximalist designer or design lover on her list!

Favorites & Gift Ideas

Beata Heuman: Every Room Should Sing by Beata Heuman: One of my favorite sources of inspiration for using colors and patterns, I’ve only heard wonderful things about this book from her work. It’s about the person I want this year!

A Tale of Interiors by Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward: Designers to many celebrities, this book is all about striking, interior inspiration.

Discovery + Subscription – I enjoyed the great content and classic design features on the Discover + ad network. They have a full range of shows from HGTV and Magnolia Network and more!

Often those who like design like to arrange shelves and rearrange things. A small but well made item makes a great gift for a designer. They can blend in with your decor and be easily moved around while airing out your space. Here are some favourites, which are suitable for many design styles depending on the colors you choose!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Decorative knick-knacks look great on a nightstand, dresser, or dresser. They are great for holding rings, lipstick, phone chargers, or other small items. For someone who loves design, you will love it if something functional also looks attractive. You can see some of my favorites below.

Taper candles have many variations. They can go with a coat or wear for recreation. They come in neutral or beautiful colors, and even in different shapes and styles. They would make a great gift on their own. Here are some good options:

You can also match the candles with a candle holder that matches their personality. You can often find tapered chandeliers at thrift or vintage stores as an inexpensive option. Here are some of my favorite small businesses:

Interior Design Gift Ideas

Wooden Tapered Candle Holders – They can go with any shape and can be mixed, matched and added to create a complete collection over time. This would make a great yearly gift!

Interior Design Miami Professionals

Minimal Brass Tapered Brackets – If the person you are shopping for likes a minimalist look, these Brass Tapered Brackets are elegant, simple and understated.

A friend of mine who is a stylist calls the things on top of the stack of books on his bookshelf “friends.” I love that term. An important thing that can be used in the style of it is a wonderful gift for a creative lover.

Clay Objects and Bows: Many different styles of clay objects and bows are available at this store, with different patterns and colors to choose from.

Wood Link Décor – These links look great atop a coffee table and are a great neutral option.

Gifts For Him 2022 — Dvd Interior Design Fairfield County Ct Decorator Deborah Von Donop

Handmade Hoods: Not for your shelves, but for your walls! Handmade beads are a colorful addition to a wall or small space.

Hello! I’m Kelly! I have a lifelong passion for DIY, making memories, and making sure celebrations aren’t limited to special occasions, and I share all of those passions (and more) right here! I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Jeff, and son, Arlo, where we are renovating a 1930’s house into a colorful place to call home. Thanks for coming! Read more… comfort? We admit that finding the perfect gifts for the creative type is difficult at times, but a little help makes the process almost painless. All you need is this exclusive list of the best interior design gifts. Read on for stress-free seasonal shopping for the design-loving ones on your list!

Before you dive into great interior design gift ideas, think about the person you want to give the gift to. Their style, household needs, and available space will guide you in finding them a gift they’ll appreciate. Think about the person or people you want to get interior design gifts for and follow the ideas below.

Interior Design Gift Ideas

The easiest way to get an idea of ​​someone’s style is to look at their home and their fashion choices. You can get an idea of ​​what colors they like and if they prefer minimal or maximum styles. One way is to ask them, but the more direct, the better to ask what they think about the decoration of your home. People tend to focus on what they want and will promote what they consider to be good.

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When friends or family say things they want to change or need in your home, take notes. For those with whom you are not very close, choose items that no one can get enough of, such as decorative candles or serving items.

Walls, countertops, and floors are important. However, remember not to clutter your loved one’s house with something big if floor space is limited. For loved ones moving home, it’s best to stick to small pieces or a gift certificate.

Your gifts don’t have to be big. In fact, you can stick to a simple design template or an electronically designed gift card. Interior design services come in many forms, from consultation or available services to room-by-room design.

Art adds value to a home on two levels: first, it gives artistic love to an empty wall, and second, it can increase in value over time as an investment. Also, hanging art is one of the best gifts for interior designers who need less space. Boutique art and stationery retailers like Minted connect consumers with the work of individual artists. Designers deliver their products and customers can browse the online store and purchase any designer piece that catches their eye.

Interior Designer Coffee Mug 11 Oz. Interior Designer Funny Gift

Minted suits every style, making it easy to find interior design gifts. They range from realism to abstract art, simple lines and photography, as a type of interior decoration.

Gift interior design lovers can’t get any better than a unique design service. With the interior design of the gift certificate, the lucky recipient has the opportunity to make her dream home come true. To get started, you need to select the voting room(s) and the content from the content information.

Still wondering which interior design is right for your loved one? Click here to schedule a free consultation to have one of our experts customize a gift card for you today!

Interior Design Gift Ideas

After that, your partner will receive interior design inspiration panels in their chosen style from two experienced interior designers. The chosen designer will continue to work with them, providing realistic 3D renderings of their new rooms, a detailed floor plan, a shopping list with direct links to products and exclusive furniture discounts, and helpful design tools.

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The interior design of the gift certificate gives lovers maximum freedom in everything

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