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By | March 31, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Book – Two happy, well-loved cats helped inspire the design of the 20-by-50-foot, three-story row house that is almost as human as its needs. “Making a place for people, especially children, is often a big part of a project,” said architect Alexandra Barker of Windsor Terrace-based Barker Freeman Design Bureau, who worked on the project. In this case, instead of having children, it was a place for a cat.

A couple of writers who just bought a house (she’s an artist/poet/teacher, he’s a librarian) decide they like watching their two shy but curious cats from their house. Another important thing was to get enough shelves for the family to store their endless collection of books.

Interior Design Ideas Book

Interior Design Ideas Book

Barker overcame all these problems and built bookshelves about 50 feet tall on one side of the open, airless space of the hall, with stones that allowed the cats to climb on a continuous open shelf near the ceiling. Sliding doors at the end of the fence give them access to the upper rooms on both sides of the house.

Chic Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Other visual, purpose-built elements, such as a wall-mounted diorama and a “nest” for learning space, fit into the renovations, which “really destroyed everything” that was there before, the architect said. ” Said the architect. sections that turned the hall into three separate rooms.

Barker removed the entryway and opened up the space, creating a new kitchen and new bathroom, opening the back wall of the house to three levels.

The entry doors and interior fittings, as well as the existing stairs and pine floors, were designed and refurbished. Architects restored the building’s old doors and handles.

The smart use of bright colors and the choice of furniture are the tasks of the clients who created the decoration.

Gorgeous Rooms With Built In Bookcases

Barker calls the large floating wall in the center of the hall a “functional wall,” with a TV on one side, storage and a cat litter box.

The dining chairs were found locally at Cobble Hills’ Cabin Modern, as was the table from Recycled Brooklyn in Red Hook. The lamp is from FLOR, the Foscarini Big Bang chandelier from Y Lighting.

The cloud paintings from the English company Timorous Beasties are a pleasant surprise in the 30-inch powder room under the stairs. Empty – IKEA.

Interior Design Ideas Book

Victoria + Albert’s claw-foot bathtub sits next to a wall of tiles that recall the mermaid scales from the Mercury Mosaic.

Modern Classic, The Enduring Chapter Of Modern Contemporary Ideas Book

Set up a guest house, garden level and cat-free area for guests who may have bodies. The floor is concrete with an epoxy coating.

Barker used an aluminum display system from Solar Innovations to open the back wall and large glass.

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Calling all readers: if your collection is overflowing, it’s time to upgrade your storage and create a dedicated home library. No matter how large your collection is, adding a dedicated bookshelf makes reading easier and adds more space to your home.

Stunning Bookshelf Ideas For Every Room In Your House

A home library can turn any unused corner into a wonderful art gallery or any empty wall into a social space. From colorful shelves, the storage possibilities under the stairs are endless.

Read on for 20 home libraries that will inspire you to create the study space of your dreams.

A great way to proudly display your books? Consecrate the whole fort to them. The library has wall-to-wall shelves filled with books. With an entire wall dedicated to reading, this living room instantly turns into a real library.

Interior Design Ideas Book

If your home is minimalistic and natural, consider an interior design technique: turn your books so that the pages face forward so that your shelves are harmonious and neutral.

Modern Interior Design Ideas By David Netto Design

This amazing bookshelf stretches the length of the wall and takes another way of looking at books. The books are sorted by color and placed on top of each other, leaving space to rest on adjacent pages. It creates visual interest and organizes books perfectly.

This neutral bedroom has a great book for reading at night. The stacks are at the right height and use the aforementioned trick of moving the spine to support the neutral color of the room.

This large library combines bright colors of books with neutral decorations like a brown leather sofa and a beautiful acrylic table. The separate library room is soft, warm and inviting, and looks polished and elegant.

Before you put your books on their shelves, organize them in the order that you can follow: author, genre, even fans.

How To Hit The Boho Style In A Interior Design Project?

This living room has large shelves that easily store your old books. To offset the dark wooden shelves and brighten up the space, the room has a gray sofa and a rug.

We take inspiration from modern design to add a book to a small space. A personal cabinet surrounds the small area, which not only has cubbies to fit all your articles, but also a bench to relax and read. The Nook combines high-end style with the comfort of a hidden reading space.

Books than under your stairs? (Potterheads, you got it). This modern design makes use of every inch of the stairs with tons of shelves. Display not only books, but also art, candles, and other nice things to complete your living room.

Interior Design Ideas Book

This shelf space elevates your regular shelf: it features antique heads along with unique ceramic accessories and wicker baskets. The final look is created effortlessly and makes the books stand out.

Home Library Ideas To Make Your Bookish Dreams Come True

Every corner of your home has a home library, and this bookshelf and bench prove it. With a little elbow grease, you can use any space to store your books and other memorabilia.

This reading room screams hygge: the corner room has been transformed into a comfortable place to sit, relax and choose from the many books that fill the shelves. Soft cushions and rocking chairs complete the look, creating a space that embodies what a home library should be.

Need some spice for your home office? Look no further than these built-ins filled with books, decorative baskets and houseplants. Touches like these will help you enjoy your time at the office.

Live on the edge and let your books live on the edge. These shelves bring life to this simple space and the green walls add a rustic element that balances out the stacked shelves.

Home Library Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

The space looks harmonious and successful, the small library reflects the small design of the room. Even small bookshelves have a lot of personality and can keep your favorite books next to your favorite sofa.

If your living space is cluttered with the addition of beautiful books, choose books with black and white covers to display on open shelves.

With the addition of stunning artwork, this library comes to life. Here, books provide the most important space, while high-quality lighting and sculptural furniture add finishing touches to the design.

Interior Design Ideas Book

Grow up and go home. Setting up this library makes us feel like we are looking at the shelves of an old bookstore, with full and varied shelves with a sunny window and a folding sofa.

Interior Design Ideas: Inside An English Home: Rosalind Burdett: 9780517662854: Books

This large office will instantly delight in adding books to its shelves. The combination of beautiful old roofs and modern novelty makes the place beautiful and luxurious, good for work and stability.

We don’t know what’s more beautiful: a ladder on a beautiful bookshelf or a dog sleeping in a stroller. This beautiful library is fun, amazing and unique. Adding shelves and books makes a room feel warm and adds to its collected feel.

There’s a lot to love about this small home library: the way the books fit neatly on the shelves, the beautiful blue door, and the overhead lights you can turn on when you want to read at night. Just because the corner is thin doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a storage space for work and organization.

The beautiful floating shelves are responsible for the good look of the library. There is so much visual interest here that books play a small role in completing the picture. Student desks and globes accompany stories hung on the walls, and a hot pink chalkboard, probably filled with books, sets the scene. A typical Brooklyn home requires internal columns to support the floor above. In modern renovations, I-beams are often run through the roof to carry the load while the columns and walls are removed to open up more.

Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Architect Alexandra Barker of Barker Freeman Design Office (BFDO) in downtown Brooklyn gave him another answer.

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