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By | May 1, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Design – Designing your home to reflect your personality is one of the best parts of living a luxury lifestyle. If you live in a small house, such as a cottage style, it is a little more difficult to create the perfect look without ruining the space. But changing your home to reflect your personality isn’t a challenge, whether you rent an apartment in San Diego, CA or live in Chicago, IL.

To help you find the perfect design style for your home, we talked to interior designers about their interior design ideas. Find out what they have to say to start designing your home today.

Interior Design Ideas Design

Interior Design Ideas Design

“Kiss” – keep it simple. A philosophy for small and crowded homes. One floor everywhere – makes the house feel bigger. All white walls and ceilings – reflect light and make houses appear larger. Poof – your little house just doubled in size, or there you go. – Susie St. John | studio owner | led ap id+c | interior designer, embrio DESIGN STUDIO

Brilliant Interior Design Ideas For Small Houses In Cities

When beloved items have a place to display and valuables have a place to hide, a tiny home can be cozy and inviting. An entire wall of built-in storage can handle the multitude of things needed and create a focused display area at the same time. Allocating just 12 inches of wall space to think about storage – all collections and collections can be made but not seen. – Beth Welsh, Interior Transformation

It is less. It allows you to breathe and flow well and helps you create a comfortable and harmonious home. Light walls and light walls help make the space larger and more open. You can still use color if you like it like I do, but consider lighter colors. One trick I’ve used in the past is mirrors. They can really help decorate, create interest and enhance the room. – Kitchy Crouse, KC Interior Design

The main goal in designing a house-sized home is to give the illusion of more space while strategically planning that space for storage. It is possible with a little planning and working smart with what you have. Above all, we make sure we use every square inch of real estate, inside and outside the house. The key is to use vertical space. When you’re downsizing, moving indoors can be difficult, but you can simplify your life, get rid of unnecessary things, and lighten your load. It was a very refreshing experience. – Allison Andrea-Maestas, The Beverly Bungalow LLC

Neutral walls and layered lighting (think a combination of pendant lights, ceiling fixtures and floor and table lamps) can have the power to open up a room and provide a backdrop for exceptional artwork , i.e. a gallery wall. In small, bungalow-style homes, it’s important to consider every angle your wall will be exposed from, especially if the floor plan is open. If the gallery wall is visible from several areas of the house, make sure it’s bright and avoid adding other competing pieces that clutter the space. – Elizabeth Krueger, Elizabeth Krueger Design

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Whether you have a bold aesthetic or want to keep the palette a little less neutral, small spaces can make a big impact. The key to achieving bold design in a small space is to first pay attention to the size and shape of the patterns and materials you use. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right size and scale for your space, but it’s also important to pay attention to pattern combinations. Small areas can be layered with a lot of interest, but it’s also important to give the eye a place to rest and make some connections. This is why I think about picking a “star” feature in one room and working on the other side. Maybe it’s a table or wall, an oversized accent lamp, or a bold sofa as the main star of the room. – Kara O’Connor, Kara O’Connor Interiors, LLC

When designing smaller spaces, you need to be careful and have several pieces of furniture. Try extra ottomans or poufs instead of large armchairs for extra seating. Scale is everything. Sometimes large pieces or design features can weigh down a room. Focus on creating great lighting with larger windows and design elements that aren’t heavy or overwhelming. – Alyce Lopez, Real House

When designing spaces in small homes, there are certain themes to carry from room to room, but don’t be afraid to give each space its own personality. Choose the same metallic finish for things like lighting and door hardware, and match from room to room so everyone has an anchor. Choose the same paint color for common areas that flow with each other, such as the entryway, family room, and kitchen. But don’t hesitate to choose unique colors, even wall paper for independent rooms such as dining rooms, toilets and bedrooms. – Chad Esslinger, CHAD ESSLINGER DESIGN

Interior Design Ideas Design

The biggest advantage of having a small house is the possibility to create clean spaces without cluttering the room. Different aspects of the design can be used as long as the furniture and finishes are consistent in size and proportion to the size of each room. – Karen L. Johnson, CEO/Creative Director, Karen Lee Johnson Interiors

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For smaller homes, you’ll want to choose a color scheme that has a cohesive thread for continuity. You don’t have to choose the same color for every room, but you want it to flow smoothly from one to the next, such as choosing the same color in the living room and the hallway next to it. . Otherwise, it will feel awkward. It’s nice to incorporate some vintage features if your home is old, but you want a good balance of vintage and new to keep it modern. Size is more important when working with smaller houses, but that doesn’t mean they’re small. In most cases, a single display piece is better than a bunch of smaller ones. You can get a lot of features in things that don’t take up space, like light bulbs. – Marisa Wilson, Marisa Wilson Interior Design

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing their interior is that they don’t consider the size and amount of furniture they want to buy. What looks good in a large showroom space is a great size for small rooms in your home or apartment. For example, the sofas you choose are too big or too small for your space, or the sofas are too wide or too thin for the size of your room. The trick is to think of your space as a cityscape and fill it with a combination of pieces and heights that match the size of your room – Jean Atchison, Atchison Architectural Interiors LLC

When choosing an aesthetic design for your space, remember to keep it simple. As a designer, to manage certain areas, I design a concept statement. For example, the design of the environment on a winter day can include a cool neutral gradient, such as gray, white, and then use materials with different temperatures, such as some wood and metals. Choosing each piece to match your design theme is a great way to achieve a cohesive look. Additionally, eco-friendly design has been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness. – Ani Yufe, Chief Designer/Founder, Angle Interior Design

Small interior design for small spaces. Watch an old James Bond movie where the villain’s buildings show that less is more. – Jerry Hoffman, Jesetty

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Multifunctionality is important in a small house – think of tables as tables, chairs as bedside tables, and if you really struggle with space for guests, a day bed can be furnished as a very nice sofa. Know the walls and hang as much as you can. Glass, mirrors, televisions and storage. The right lighting is essential, so get some expert advice out there – a good mirror can make a room look good. – Joanna Wood, International Design Practice, Joanna Trading Ltd.

Alison is part of the content marketing team and enjoys writing about real estate and interior design ideas. Her dream home is a cottage-style home with a chef’s kitchen and a great room for storing and playing vinyl records.


Interior Design Ideas Design

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