Interior Design Ideas Drawing

By | May 13, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Drawing – Rapid sketching has been one of the most important tools in design development for centuries. The Design Institute of San Diego’s Quick Sketch class taught by Ann Parker gives her students the opportunity to develop and communicate ideas and concepts through free quick sketch styles. Rapid visualization and visual sketching techniques are key factors in communicating ideas to clients in the real world of interior design. The examples below (created by our interior design students and lecturer Ann Parker) show not only the connection of ideas, but also the development of various design decisions.

Interior design ideas often start with a quick sketch or series of sketches. The drawings above show the early stages of interior design development. Three-dimensional spaces begin to come together and rooms begin to form, allowing the client to visualize the origins of these grand ideas.

Interior Design Ideas Drawing

Interior Design Ideas Drawing

Shadows and shadow layers can eventually reach the top of the media, revealing enhanced shape and texture. Clients then begin to place themselves in a place where they feel the authenticity of the situation and arrangement.

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As color enters the painting a truer sense of reality begins to emerge. What was once a simple black and white drawing is now an advanced concept that brings a three-dimensional scene to life.

An interior design career begins with learning to draw and paint. Design Institute students quickly develop the skills they need in their drawing class to really realize their interior design ideas. The design progression of these ideas usually starts with a sketch, and learning these techniques is not as difficult as one might think. Watch our interior design instructor Ann Parker in action as she demonstrates techniques for developing the invaluable tool of rapid sketching. Interior design and architecture starts with an idea, and drawing is a great tool to express this abstract concept, to give it shape. That only exists in the designer’s head for a while. Based on my experience, I can assure you that drawing is the fastest way to design, yes, even if you know all soft design programs like 3DS Max, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, and all other programs very well. be Drawing is natural for designers.

Drawing is a process of discovery; It’s like breathing, meditating or exercising, let it flow

Most importantly, in my opinion, we think during the process of free drawing, changing ideas. You communicate and translate your ideas into our world through visuals. An experienced architect or interior designer creates the drawing first, automatically. A well-designed painting establishes loyalty with customers from the first meeting.

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A professional dancer thinks about the act of dance. His body literally “thinks” during that beautiful process, and creates the choreography. It thinks as it walks. It couldn’t be more true, that we, as designers and architects think of the act of drawing to express and express and draw something that resides within our minds.

Drawing can take many forms, and it’s important to find your favorite, the one you’re most comfortable with. This can be a free drawing on a piece of paper or a digital drawing on the iPad in ProCrate. Perhaps a quick Photoshop concept sketch or mixed media is more appropriate. For example, I have noticed that sometimes interior design students do a drawing by hand, then scan it and later color it into the computer. As one architect said: “Painting is the first visible form of thought, a place that changes from invisible to visible.” It is a certain kind of thought, brought to the top.

Painting is the first visible form of thought, the transformation from an invisible force into a tangible object. This is a kind of special idea that has been brought to the surface

Interior Design Ideas Drawing

Different stages of the interior design process require different types of drawings: clear and quick initial sketches are followed by more precise perspective, layout and scale sections. It all starts with a painting first, although often these early paintings, almost invisible, have meaning only for their creator. This is the beginning of everything.

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Remember, the best way to create beautiful interior drawings by hand is to do a lot, quickly and by yourself, until it becomes natural to you. Do you want to master interior design from scratch? Welcome to my online drawing school.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share it on social media so that more people can learn about perspective drawing and freehand drawing. Thanks in advance and good luck with your drawings!

“Base”: A course that teaches all the basic techniques needed to use drawing in your interior design program (for designers and interior designers).

Top 15 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Really Make Us Happy + Christmas Drawing Challenge Bonus My personal love is incorporating hand drawings into the overall design process. I find this to be an incredibly important step when creating a design, which seems to be a very powerful tool for presenting a complete vision to the client in an attractive and informative way. My team of interior architects and designers are handpicked for their extensive knowledge, their passion and their technical skills. Including painting, something I always look for when selecting new team members. Although some clients prefer CGI, especially in the commercial interior and hospitality sector, I have always found that in the design of a private residence, drawing is much better, adding an attractive and personal touch to enhance the client’s experience. .

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This drawing shows a ballroom from our interior design project in the South of France. The room’s good proportions and symmetry of space, especially the arched windows, lend themselves well to painting. Here, my wonderful interior designer has paid attention to some important details that are important to the balance of the overall design. Embroidery on curtains is one, flag collection is another. An important technique, yet perhaps surprisingly effective, is not to show too much detail; It can overwhelm and overwhelm the viewer. I find the best paintings free and impressionistic, for example, in this painting, only a small part of the Parquet de Versailles flooring is shown in detail – a simple suggestion is enough.

The rooms that work best as paintings are those with strong, straight, connecting pieces; Typically games rooms, studies, dressing rooms and libraries. Partly because they can be drawn in 3D to provide enough bare bones on which to lay the drawing, but also because the clarity of the drawing really suits the clean graphic lines of complex compositions. In this study, a light wash of watercolor helps to select the show-wood schemes in the bookcase and desk, showing how it balances with the attractive, curved and finished of the armchairs. Some clients like to add watercolor paint, while others find it distracting. I usually present black and white sketches at the concept development stage and only add color washes when discussing fabrics and finishes in detail with clients to help them understand the overall design scheme. can be done

Bedrooms aren’t really suitable for painting, as CGI and high-rises are rendered, although this is an important design tool, it never captures the way the atmosphere, soft curtains and fabrics at the heart of bedroom design are created. is Painting is the perfect way to display overlapping bed cushions, throws, window treatments and soft, stacked lamp shades. A light shade can be added to the background, creating a sense of depth and depth; Something that can be successfully achieved in Photoshop is working on the original drawing to allow it to develop, without muddying the original idea.

Interior Design Ideas Drawing

Finally, I like to use drawings to add landscaping or gardening. This helps keep the soft natural growth that will cover the hard structure of the new garden. This diagram shows how a diagram can combine many different elements and clearly show how they will interact. This is very useful for both the client and my team, our designs are always evolving and drawing helps us think about the space and imagine it from every angle, making sure every detail is correct.

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