Interior Design Ideas Entryway

By | April 26, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Entryway – The hall is the first view of the home, so make sure to make a good first impression! Creating a beautiful entrance is second only to a smart hall interior. You want the first room in the house to be as functional and beautiful as possible. Did you know that the way you enter your home can affect your mood? Luckily, the entrance is small enough that you can go wild and start experimenting with different looks that suit your personality. So get the design right with our checklist of 8 essential hall and entryway decor ideas to perfect your space.

Corridors tend to be dark and often lack natural light. Make the most of your small space with more light. Skylights are perfect in the interior of a narrow hall, while coated glass doors are perfect for more compact spaces. Alternatively, consider replacing one wall in a very narrow and dark hallway with a paneled glass wall to give a modern look.

Interior Design Ideas Entryway

Interior Design Ideas Entryway

It can be difficult to change the texture of a small space, so include decorative features in your artificial lighting. Wall lamps are ideal for low ceilings, while pendants or chandeliers work well with high ceilings and also work as a great hall decoration.

Organized Entryway + 5 Tips To Keep It Organized!

The entrance is the last part you will see on your way to work in the morning and the first when you get home. Therefore, the appearance and function of this space can affect your general mood. Keep your hall furniture well organized with smart storage solutions to give your family a daily boost.

A coat rack is a must for any home and, with many designs available, it’s a great idea for hall decor. Choose a coat hanger that matches the style of your home, make sure it is sturdy and strong, but that the size is relevant to the area available.

Never lose your keys again with a dedicated key compartment or key rack. You can even install it as part of your coat rack if there is no extra space.

Storage holes or narrow shelves with pull-out drawers are ideal for keeping random items sorted. Use the box by category; one for the mail, one for the kids’ toys, shoes and more!

Old Meets New Foyer Ideas & Reveal

A large basket made of wicker or rattan next to a thin table is not only a beautiful idea for decorating the hallway, but also comfortable. Put away oddly shaped items such as soccer shoes and footballs, but be sure to clear any piles in the evening or at the weekend.

If the hall is part of a new build or renovation, remember to leave enough space between the hall and adjoining rooms or stairs for free movement and storage.

Keep in mind that the hallway should be clutter-free and, most importantly, easy to navigate. Pinterest is a great tool for discovering great hallway ideas that have a minimalist and practical design.

Interior Design Ideas Entryway

Invest in solid floors because the hall is the place that gets the most home traffic. A non-slip floor finish is ideal, but if you have a floor area throughout your home, get a non-slip mat or runner.

Elevated Entryway Looks

A dark color will make the adjacent rooms next to the hall appear larger, while a light pearl color will make the hall feel larger and also reflect light. Another trick to make a small space feel a little bigger, especially one with a low ceiling, is to paint the walls and ceiling in different colors. Stick to a lighter shade on the ceiling to add height. Or add a fun feature like a colorful stripe to celebrate a room despite its size!

Make the entrance bigger by expanding some of the interior details. If the hall opens to an adjoining room, continue with the wall color or keep a special floor finish such as tiles from the entrance to the next room for continuity.

One of the easiest ways to visually enlarge a small space is to place a large mirror on the wall. Create a glamorous hall decor with an ornate gilded mirror surrounded by velvet slats for visual impact.

When you’re ready to update or create your perfect entryway, get started with a free online interior design consultation! Entries are the unsung heroes of the home. While the entryway may not have as much stationary use as, say, the kitchen or bedroom, it works just as hard to organize you and make a good first impression on everyone who walks in. And while the small entrance can make the design a little intimidating, you’ll soon see that size isn’t everything—strategic, elegant problem-solving goes a long way. If you need some inspiration to pave the way for your own small entryway, these design examples will do the trick. From narrow hallways to front doors without dedicated foyers and awkward nooks that open right into the living room, consider 31 small designer front entries to prove that limited square footage does not equal a smart design plan.

Essentials For Harmonious Hallway And Entryway Interior Design

Designer Lathem Gordon made the small entryway of her Georgia home pop with a gallery wall of black-and-white photographs in gilded frames. The gray color cools all the golden shine. And since it opens right into the bathroom, she made sure to choose a formal and beautiful shower curtain that flatters the hall.

A desk with chairs tucked underneath makes a surprising style statement, but it also means a small entryway can double as a small work-from-home. Designer Juan Carretero chose a dark green color to contrast with light wood finishes.

As the stairs enter the space in this small house entrance designed by Studio Osklo, the agency decided to focus on materiality. With less space for decoration, the materials have to work extra hard. Enter the dark herringbone floor and striped paneling around the curved staircase.

Interior Design Ideas Entryway

“A happy note of lavender (Benjamin Moore’s Grape Ice) greets you as you walk through the front door and sets a happy tone for all who enter,” says Leah Ring of Another Man. They tucked a bench into the small dining room that serves as an in – and exit seating and decided to add a skirt because it enhanced the overall whimsy, but also because it provides out-of-sight storage for shoes and dog leashes.

Simple Scandinavian Entryway Decor Ideas

A small, demilun wall table adds old-world opulence to this Patrick McGrath-designed apartment, while vibrant and eclectically inclined artwork and stacked books add a relaxed vibe. The mirror reflects natural light, and the small surface provides enough space to support photos and flowers without peeking too much into the path.

A small floating shelf and a basket are all that is needed to make this small entrance designed by Emil Dervish. The hallway leads into the large living room and the open kitchen, so there isn’t really a separate entrance. Oh, and a bold paint color can make a door really pop.

Stairs are often the first thing you see when you enter a home, so you can make them memorable! Intricate parquet floors and a Carrara marble staircase with dramatic marble veins complete the scene designed by Tamsin Johnson Interiors. A modern glass and metal table complements the front door’s artistic doorknob and mirror, giving a glimpse of the elegant glamor that lies at the front of the house.

To inject some color into your entryway and keep it fresh at the same time, lean a few oil paintings on the floor under a narrow console table. We love the eclectic vibe of the rug, antique table and farmhouse jugs in this space by Andrew Flesher.

Creative Hallway Decorating Ideas

Designer Eneia White optimized the niche in the hall by adding built-in shelves to the base elements in coral. Wardrobes could make it feel cramped, so she left the shelves open and added seagrass baskets to ensure eyesores were hidden. The shelf has enough space for several decorative pieces.

Highlight a beautiful rug or runner that sets the tone for the color palette in front of the rest of the home. A rich art deco rug is always welcome. Designer Sean Parker then added an upholstered bench to warm the stone floor.

A classic runner and a few decorative pieces liven up this eclectic entryway designed by Juan Carretero. A pendulum and a standing lamp light the way for tasks.

Interior Design Ideas Entryway

Lauren Waters’ elevator opens straight into the living room, dining room, kitchen and open-plan office space, so it was difficult to decorate the immediate area around it. It would be functional and nice, but also fit in with the rest of the space. She placed a full corner mirror in the corner next to the womb chair. It’s neat, but it also makes it easier to approve clothes and tie shoes. On the other side is an industrial side table with a small key ring, and although you can’t see it in this photo, there are hooks for jackets and coats on the left side.

Entryway Decor: Adding Elegance To A Tiny Back Entry Foyer

Adjust the workforce for the entrance

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