Interior Design Ideas For Drawing Room

By | April 11, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas For Drawing Room – Your living room is probably one of the most used areas of the house, which means it not only has to look great, but it also has to work hard. Meet the living room trifecta: function, comfort and style. Adhering to these criteria can undoubtedly be a design challenge, so we’ve compiled the best room examples to inspire your own decorating projects and make the process easier. From modern and formal spaces to affordable and rustic settings, below are room ideas you’ll want to take home. Read on for 71 great living room tips, ideas and shopping suggestions for any size, and “what color will make my room stand out?” Find answers to your burning questions. and “how can I deodorize a boring room?!”

We love this dark blue-green color in the corner of the living room designed by Avery Cox. It’s perfect for holding up richly textured velvet fabrics as well as layers of intricate prints. He only painted one wall along with the door and molding, so the opposite side could be used with extra wallpaper.

Interior Design Ideas For Drawing Room

Interior Design Ideas For Drawing Room

Victoria Sass of Project Refuge Studio set the record straight in this textured and minimalist living room corner. It opens directly to the kitchen, which has open shelving to accommodate an extensive collection of writing to the island seating area.

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There’s something about old books that instantly personalizes a room. Whether you collect used books or have inherited some, display them on an open shelf to let them shine. They add character and speak to the layered warmth of the furniture in this room designed by Oliver Thornton.

Designer Nicole Dohmen used hardwood floors in this room in a Hungarian dot pattern. This sophisticated and classic parquet floor works well with modern furniture and geometric patterns, as shown here. But the fun doesn’t stop! Dohmen also installed wood panels on the walls for added warmth.

If your living room has hardwood floors or stone tile floors and glass surfaces like this one by Carolyn Turner, soften it with a plush sofa and velvety materials like jeweled velvet. Accent lighting also helps reduce the scale of high ceilings.

Designer Nestor Santa Cruz, working with landscape architect Lila Fendrick, chose steel and glass windows and doors for this formal living room that overlooks the backyard pool. From the pendant light to the coffee table and the doors, the mirror finish makes a great impression, but the soft carpet and ethereal curtains also make it more comfortable.

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Embrace old fashions and antique furniture like this shaker in a nostalgic yet modern living room designed by Amity Worrell. Florals, ginghams and plains combine with modern touches and artwork to give classic prints a whole new meaning.

When designer Celerie Kemble moved into this New York City apartment, there was only one thing stopping it from being perfect: the building had no wallpaper. To overcome that obstacle, he painted bright pink in a plaster-like pattern that channeled the texture of the wallpaper.

In designer Devin Kirk’s living room, a blue-grey shade creates a colorful backdrop alongside clean furniture, with woven chairs, a light wood side table, and a wooden pillar coffee table creating a cozy atmosphere. A perfect balance of affordable and formal.

Interior Design Ideas For Drawing Room

Invite a little nod to nature into your room with indoor plants and trees. Designer Elizabeth Cooper placed a beautiful citrus tree in the corner for more life and color, then opened the windowsill.

How To Decorate Your Large Living Room

This room is located to the right of the open kitchen, so designer Regan Baker decided to visually divide it with a custom partition and area rug. The easy chair is placed diagonally, creating a perfect balance.

In this sleek and cosmopolitan living room designed by Sean Henderson, the rustic wood is a wonderful surprise. Instead of a classic white or warm white paint color, she chose a cool gray neutral that complements the other subtle tones in the room. It also allows textured accents to shine through.

This vacation home in Maui, Hawaii perfectly blends indoor and outdoor living. Designed by Breeze Giannasio Interiors, these two living spaces are connected by a sliding door that disappears when open for a shared connection between the outdoor patio and the living room inside. Materials, colors and fabrics are also coordinated for visual flow.

If you live in a shared apartment or have a small space, take inspiration from this room designed by David Frazier. Not only does it prove that size isn’t everything, it’s also full of tricks that bring more dimensions to an otherwise simple architecture. Polka dots of marigolds chat with antique wood pieces and break up the monochromatic color scheme, and a large rice paper pendant keeps things casual in what could be a more relaxed family room. A gallery wall, a large indoor plant and a ceiling curtain rod add depth.

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Instead of decorating your coffee table with the classic look of stacked coffee table books, opt for something subtle and unique. Here, Romanek Design Studio has surfaced with a collection of classic pots and pans that enhance and integrate the formal, traditional elements in the space, as well as the more modern elements, creating a fun and eclectic yet timeless impact.

Bring extra seating with daybeds, chairs, and window seats in smaller spaces. They have a low back profile, which prevents the flow of vision from being interrupted and keeps the space open. We love yellow in this bold room by Courtney McLeod.

If you don’t want to play with tons of patterns and bold colors, but appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful colors, check out this room. Instead of choosing all black and white, anchor pieces like sofas and tables stay neutral, while throws, artwork and lamps offer just a pop of color (not too crazy: just marigold, red, navy and green).

Interior Design Ideas For Drawing Room

In this room designed by Carmel Greer, the paint color (Benjamin Moore’s peach rose) and a casual jute rug create a pleasant foundation, while contemporary, angular artwork, right appliances, chairs, and rugs add an edge. One built-in area is optimized to function as a complete home station, while the other holds and displays firewood. A glass wall on the left also helps block out light and gives it a nightclub feel.

Gorgeous Yellow Accent Living Rooms

While classic teal wallpaper, floor lamps and curtains set the stage for a traditional living room, designer Heather Hilliard added an unexpected element. A floral sofa and a green lucite coffee table are a nice surprise that subtly divides the classic elements.

This neutral-toned living room by Christine Fine is sophisticated and mature, yet family-friendly. Soft and textured furniture mixed with cream paint, rustic wood pieces and lots of antique accents are partly to blame, but there’s also a large wall-mounted TV for family movie marathons. Beauty placed it on the mantle, but it was hidden in secret behind panels that doubled as modern art.

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