Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

By | May 5, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens – Turn your kitchen into your happy place, whatever its size – it’s the heart of the home, after all. From cooking healthy family meals, to sitting around the island with friends, to organizing—then reorganizing—your limited cabinet space, you inevitably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Just because your kitchen is small, doesn’t mean it has to be.

Small To help you make the most of your limited space, we’ve rounded up the best kitchen ideas—whether your design style is modern, traditional, or country.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Even if you’re remodeling on a budget, you deserve a kitchen that feels functional and stylish. Use every window, clear the counter and decorate the empty walls. As you explore this photo gallery of small kitchen decorating ideas, you’ll find quick and affordable solutions like creating more space for hanging mirrors, using light colors to brighten up the room, and taking advantage of vertical space. Adding shelves for .

The Wire Shelving Unit That Solved My Small Kitchen Storage Woes

We’ve included kitchen storage tips that will keep your counters clean and organized — like where to store wine or the best way to organize a kitchen pantry. If you’re considering a complete renovation, we’ve covered DIY projects like finding fresh paint for the kitchen, building a separate bar or replacing the backsplash tiles. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or your home doesn’t have a kitchen, you’re sure to find an entryway to love.

Suspend open shelving from the ceiling or hang tall racks on the wall to add height and create the illusion of more space. At the same time, additional storage will reduce clutter on the counter.

Here’s a playful way to make your small space feel more vertical: Look for bright upper cabinets. what’s more? This modern kitchen has double stack cabinets for a ton of storage space. Keep the bottom neutral to create contrast.

Instead of installing a full stove, blogger Ashley Rennie went for something more versatile: a vent hood with a double burner and charcoal filter on a rolling cart. When the homeowner is not cooking, they can easily put the burner away and have unlimited extra space.

Tiny Kitchen Ideas For Max Style

Save on counter space by building a home for your microwave, whether it’s built under your kitchen counter or hidden in the pantry.

If you don’t have room for a wall-to-wall open shelter, go for a small corner shelter. Designer Kate Lester created quick storage by hanging three reclaimed barn wood shelves.

Don’t waste cabinet space on wine. Here, interior designer Rina Sutropa uses geometric bar cabinets to separate a small space.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Just because you’re working with a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t display your art collection. Use a mix of small and large prints to create a gallery wall that will add dimension to your kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Learn to work with the space you have by taking advantage of every nook and cranny you have. If your original kitchen is small, there may be a small crack or odd coke that can be repurposed into additional kitchen space.

Here, blogger Michael Wurm Jr. turned what used to be a full bathroom into a butler’s pantry and a small powder room—but the idea also works if you have a closet or small space you’d like to use more. do

We all know that light, bright spaces feel more spacious than dark, gloomy areas. Choose white cabinets, walls and trim for your small kitchen, then layer in wood accents and black cabinet hardware to keep things modern.

The work of John McClain Design, this small kitchen is a dining room and a living room – and yet it feels extremely spacious and sophisticated. Two small bistro tables near the couch provide additional dining space.

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas To Help You Make The Most Of Your Small Space

For those of us with limited cabinet space, a dishwasher can take up half the kitchen. If you want a clean and streamlined aesthetic, install your dishwasher under your kitchen counters in a seamless fashion.

Expand a narrow space with a long patterned runner, while also adding style and sophistication to your interior.

For a striking statement, bring the same color, wallpaper or wood paneling from wall to ceiling. Stick with light colors and small prints so you don’t overwhelm the space.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

While stainless steel appliances are very popular, this sleek Smeg fridge proves that white appliances just look chic. Brighten up your space by pairing it with white tiles, blonde wood floors and baby blue cabinets.

Small Kitchen Decor Ideas To Jazz Up Your Space

Paint the pegboard a cheerful color to create a functional focal point. Once connected, load it up with some of your kitchen essentials – measuring cups, wooden spoons, cast iron skillets and more.

In an effort to integrate the kitchen with the living room, Josh Paddock, founder of Studio Merlin, added a built-in kitchen set to these rich blue cabinets from Reforma.

Mirrors reflect light and trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it actually is—plus, they look great doing it.

Natural tones in rattan pendants add warmth, but the open and airy construction welcomes air into any small space.

Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Let the primaries – red, yellow and blue – come to life in your space. Paint the cabinet doors randomly, but leave something natural for maximum contrast.

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Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

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Diy Small Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is where the best cooking adventures happen, as well as where cooking accidents are bound to happen (most of which you’ll at least laugh about afterward). So it should be primed and ready to handle any of these needs while also looking great.

It’s easier than doing it in a small kitchen. When prioritizing concerns about storage and counter space, decor often gets in the way. Fortunately, even in crowded cooking areas, it’s still possible to chop, stir-fry, roast, and cook in style.

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Interior Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

Avoid the pressure to do it yourself. Update your countertops, cabinets, sinks and more with top-notch kitchen remodeling services from Angi.

Small Kitchen Layout Ideas

Don’t grab the paint swatches and decorative items just yet. Before delving into small kitchen ideas, it’s good to know the basics of how to best use small square footage and tips to make it work in your favor. Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stonehouse Collective, has a number of helpful tips for tackling kitchens that are down-to-earth without losing stylistic oomph and much-needed storage space.

Small kitchens are often limited horizontally, which means it’s important to work vertically. Use wall space, and also

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