Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room

By | May 16, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room – Adding a pop of green, whether it’s a green accent wall or a few seafoam green pillows, can completely transform your living room. If you want a more dramatic feel, enjoy colors such as dark moss and emerald green. Are you looking for a quiet place? Paint the walls a soft color like mint. For those who want to make a big impact, there’s always a tried and true lime green. If you’re not sure which color suits you best, we’re here to help. Keep scrolling to see the best collection of eco-friendly living rooms, handpicked by designers and visualizers around the world.

The green walls of this modern living room are nicely offset by a white entertainment console and accent chair. A combination of green and white is a great way to achieve a fresh and vibrant design aesthetic. We love that sweet ottoman coffee table!

Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room

Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room

The unusual combination of dark moss green walls and a coral accent sofa make this room a modern haven. Not only does the modern pink sofa add visual interest to this room, but the red accent pillows and rug keep it from giving it a spooky Christmas feel.

The 20 Best Green Living Room Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

Large windows that let in lots of natural light keep this room from being overwhelmed by deep green. Pair rusty orange with sage green for a similar tribal vibe.

Kelly green and wood accents give this room a fresh yet rustic feel. A combination of green items like a luxurious sofa, ottoman coffee table and wooden side console is a great way to bring nature into the room and is the perfect combination to give your living room a fresh aesthetic.

This aesthetic living room accentuates the natural feel with nature wall art, large windows and unique ceiling fans. Adding orange accent pillows adds just the right amount of color to offset the green walls.

Oversized accent rugs, floor-to-ceiling artwork, and a marble fireplace give this custom living room a luxurious feel. It goes to show that you don’t need a crazy color palette to complete a great living room design, as the olive green walls are the only bold color in this room.

Amazing Sage Green Home Decor Ideas

Orange and green are the perfect combination for those looking to express their individuality. Take notes in this living room design and add a contrasting color to the bookcase backs. Not only is this a great way to accentuate your wall shelves, but you can also use this design technique to add some color to your freestanding bookshelf.

A bold green and gray pairing might be just what your living room needs. Remember that small changes in space can have a big impact. Try a floor lamp to add softer lighting for a more comfortable feel, or you can always try a unique coffee table if you want to add a functional statement piece.

This Asian-inspired living room design strikes the perfect balance of serenity and elegance. Black and white balance between bowl and vase. If you like the design, check out our contemporary Asian inspired designs for more inspiration and ideas.

Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room

Proof that a small living room can be stylish and functional. The bright lime green seen on the ottoman, pillows and vase pairs nicely with the geometric blue sofa cushions and wood accents in this modern living room. A bright color combination paired with wood is a great way to help create an inviting and fun space.

Green Decor Ideas

A high-gloss textured green accent wall blends perfectly with the large windows in this modern living room. Adding green gives a monochromatic room a lively and welcoming feel.

Accent pieces like this gorgeous chaise lounge chair are a great way to add a luxurious touch of moss green to a room without getting your hands dirty with paint. This chair is painted in velvet turf, but comes in many other colors and fabrics.

A pink accent wall combined with adjacent mint tones creates a calming atmosphere in this small living room. To keep such a small space from looking too busy, curtains were used on the bookshelves to hide clutter that could make the room feel overcrowded. TVs frame higher than walls and floating TV stands.

Dark and dramatic pink overhead lighting, a dark green sofa, and designer table lamps add to this living room’s strong aesthetic. Of course, the two lion heads attached to the wall don’t hurt either.

Green Living Rooms Set To Take The World By Storm: From October Mist To Evergreen Fog

If you’re looking for a mid-century living room, green can play a major role. The lime green accent walls in this design are nicely offset by dark leather accent chairs, large ottomans and a brown beamed ceiling. One of our absolute favorite pieces in this room is a mid-century modern coffee table called the Noguchi Table by sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

A large chevron rug and boldly patterned green curtains create a fun space. There’s plenty of seating with plush green sofas, white ottomans, and light blue accent chairs. A large, bold, blue living room table lamp sits next to a fireplace.

The white carpet in this living room contrasts charmingly with the medium green walls and mint sofa cushions, creating a cozy haven. With the addition of a matching floor lamp and table lamp, it’s the perfect place to pull up a blanket and read a book or watch your favorite TV show.

Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room

White always runs the risk of feeling barren and impersonal, but not in this living room. In this room, a sage green accent wall, a warm wood-based glass coffee table, orange pillows and a long-haired rug create the perfect balance of calm and chic.

Minimalist Living Room With Sage Green Walls

This open concept living room is simple yet rich in style. It is a flat-screen TV with a green background and a built-in storage cabinet. This cabinet is a great place to store DVDs, game systems, and other items that can visually clutter a room. Organizing your living room can make room for fun accent pieces, like the trio of decorative vases featured in this design.

Flow is essential to good design, especially in open spaces, and color can help achieve this goal. The same seafoam green color on the living room accent wall can be seen transferred to the dining area and featured on two chairs. Continuity of color is important to unify this space. It should be noted that both rooms used clean, bright white and modern gray colors.

In this living room, green is incorporated not only through the paint color and accent pillows, but also through the plants on the wall shelves. There is also a mirror above the sofa in this long narrow room. Not only is it stylish, but it also makes the space look larger.

In this living room, plants not only surround the green settee, but also soften the look of the concrete walls. Love houseplants but not sure what to buy? Check out our indoor houseplants post a while ago where we discussed beautiful and easy-to-maintain plants.

Living Room Color Ideas: 15 Color Schemes To Inspire |

Small but stylish and stunning, this cozy space not only benefits from the big impact of the bold turquoise window treatments, but also from small details like cushions and various green vases. See more great living room pictures <a href="http:///green-and-gold-interior-with-modern-eclectic-vibe-includes-floor-plans" target="

Bright, stylish and modern are just some of the words that come to mind when looking at this stunning living room. I love the green accent wall and the matching bookshelves, not to mention the stunning artwork by Tuan Anh Le, because every detail counts when working in such a small space. You can view this nature-inspired art print here. Also, do you like the table you see here? Check out our post on coffee tables.

This fun living room has a bit of a retro vibe with sputnik chandeliers, tiled floors and low furniture. Light colors have been carefully used in this space, with lighted green side walls and bright yellow artwork. Visualizer Mario Maleš knows that you don’t have to use a lot of color, just use it well.

Interior Design Ideas Green Living Room

These elegant Nordic-style rooms are small but large. Most people wouldn’t think of putting two chairs in the breakfast area, but this design works by combining a green cabinet with a sofa color. See more of this house here

Daring Red And Green Interior Décor Ideas

The color blocking an accent wall in your living room can make a big impact. Not only is it modern and stylish, but it’s also a must-have.

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