Interior Design Ideas High Ceilings

By | March 31, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas High Ceilings – We spend so much time talking about problems and design issues that arise out of limited space, the other end of the spectrum is largely forgotten. While we have previously talked about how to give a room with a low ceiling wide appeal and the ways to enliven an interior with sloping ceilings, today we will look at those who can suffer from a sufficient problem ‘. Tall rooms with high ceilings are just as difficult to decorate as those with limited vertical space and are a completely different challenge.

Interiors with high ceilings offer a great opportunity to express your design style in a more exuberant way while stealing the show with its grandeur. While it’s nice to have just the extra space, it takes careful decorating, without which things can go south very quickly. Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you learn this difficult art –

Interior Design Ideas High Ceilings

Interior Design Ideas High Ceilings

One of the easiest and best ways to solve the problem of an unbalanced room with high ceilings is to add wooden beams that reduce the overall scale of the room and introduce better proportions. This is actually the trendiest way to go, as exposed and even painted wooden beams have made a huge comeback of sorts in recent years. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, and even modern homes with sleek, contemporary designs are turning to wooden beams to bring in some personality and texture! If you’re already blessed with structural wood beams, highlight them beautifully. Alternatively, you can add some decorative beams to get the job done.

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Maybe you want to turn the ceiling itself into a good focal point in the room and at the same time give the space a big update? A creative ceiling design, suspended ceiling or tile ceiling can easily achieve this while complementing the room’s existing color palette and theme. False ceilings cut down the visual scale of the room just like wooden beams and give it a more interesting, cozy look. A creative ceiling design can also add a geometric pattern to the room and can be used to highlight individual spaces in a large open plan living room.

Remember that at the heart of every decorating tip here is an attempt to give the room a more proportional and elegant appeal. Adding architectural details that go all the way up to the roof instead of stopping short goes a long way to achieving this. If you have a fireplace or bookcase, make sure they extend all the way up and stick out completely. Tall display shelves are also a great backdrop in rooms with high ceilings, and they also add extra shelf space to your home.

A fireplace, beamed ceilings and wall art combine to give the living room an elegant look [Design: Wayne Windham Architect]

Whether you want to add a large focal point to the room, some cool wooden beams or a suspended ceiling, none of these improvements will make any visual impact without the right lighting. While stunning crystal chandeliers or large elegant pendants can be eye-catching features on their own in a high ceiling, don’t forget the importance of ambient lighting too. Statement pendants and large floor lamps are perfectly at home in such airy environments and combine form with functionality in an effective way.

Unique Ceiling Design Ideas For Interior Design

If you want to add joy and drama to the space without spending to renovate, “paint” is the easiest option. A large accent wall works well in almost any room and looks even more attractive in one with high ceilings. If your handbags are not that tight and you love art, choose large pieces and place them at eye level for best effect. If you are blessed with a larger art collection or want to create a gallery wall, use all available space and combine the artwork with other design elements to create a living accent wall.

If you have a room with high ceilings and large glass windows, curtains are the easiest choice of all. Add curtains that cover the entire length of the wall and never choose shorter ones that look messy and give the room a sprawling feel. While curtains that match the color of the walls help shape a tone-on-tone decorating style, those in bright accent colors will add glamor and playfulness to the room. Curtains can also add texture and geometric patterns to the room depending on the material you choose and the design.

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Interior Design Ideas High Ceilings

High ceilings are impressive, but what are the tricks of the trade when it comes to decorating the big, tall spaces? We have collected some of the best examples for you to go through

Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas

Hang pendant lights on long cord extensions so that the shadows can be enjoyed at normal viewing height, as dimming lights at too high a level will just look and feel wasted.

But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have a larger arrangement that can stand out on its own.

Chandeliers for high ceilings always look amazing when chosen in generous proportions because their intricate design demands attention and their shine looks expensive. However, you can install track lights that are not meant to be central, but can easily be moved over long distances for useful work lighting when needed, even if you were to change furniture quickly.

High walls can, and should, be used as extended storage spaces; A good example of this is installing a home library that not only takes full advantage of the extra stacking space, but also looks inviting, warm and homely. Also, don’t forget to add a home library ladder, otherwise you’ll be frustrated every time you see the ladders have to step back out of the shed to get the hard drive if needed to reach the top shelf; the top shelves in the rafters can be used to store less used souvenirs you just can’t part with, or to display art and objects far from the reach of clumsy visitors!

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With high ceiling heights, you also need to consider the impact this will have on the acoustics of the home; to reduce the echo remember to invest in plush rugs and plenty of diffusion cushions to prop up your soft furnishings and absorb some of those bouncing sound waves.

Tall panels with text or patterns are a good addition to a two-level space, either to act as a damper or to create a strong focal point among the airy layout; The panel also draws the eye upwards to appreciate the tall proportions.

The perfect setting for such a panel is as an extension of a fireplace, or as a modern entertainment wall rising from behind the TV or projector screen.

Interior Design Ideas High Ceilings

When choosing wall art for homes with high ceilings, choose the largest pieces you can find within your budget to fill the wall space with confidence, as smaller pieces can easily get lost among the wide range of walls.

Gorgeous Ceiling Design Ideas

High ceiling window treatments are common, but high ceilings can work well when created in sheer fabric to make the most of the wonderful natural light. Blinds provide a practical solution for taller windows, as they can be draped slightly to protect the room and its occupants from excessive glare while still letting in daylight.

If you are lucky enough to renovate a double height space to your own specifications, installing a mezzanine landing is a great use of the space and allows you to look down over your living space, as well as being an extra vantage point to look out over. You will have the ground through the ceiling height windows.

While high ceilings are a desirable feature for most Dallas home buyers, they can also present unique design challenges. People are often puzzled when trying to figure out what to do with the extra wall over the door frames.

The key is to bring everything together by visually connecting your furniture, walls and ceiling. Read on for eight design solutions that can help make rooms with high ceilings feel more inviting and intimate.

High Ceilings And Double Height Windows Keep This L.a. House Bright And Airy

A series of de Gournay framed wallpaper panels add drama to this elevated staircase in the Dallas home we designed.

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