Interior Design Ideas Ikea

By | April 17, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Ikea – It took three years to transform a World War II dance hall into a welcoming family home. Today, jazz music flows through the window, signaling another afternoon spent relaxing together. Enter in…

An open plan house was at the heart of Sarah and Gigi’s plan. The design makes it easy for the family to be together. “We got rid of all the interior walls,” says Sarah, who designed the space. Furniture and color are used to create zones. The soft gray is a neutral base for the picture wall, so Sarah can flexibly update the focal point to change the overall feel of the space.

Interior Design Ideas Ikea

Interior Design Ideas Ikea

“We don’t have a TV. Without distractions, we communicate better as a family. We read, play music, work, draw, eat and cook together”.

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“Of course I didn’t get everything right,” says Sarah. “I wanted a different layout of the kitchen, but we put our love into it and every room has traces of our family, precious everyday moments. Using the jars in the open space is a great way to organize dried goods, as well as mushrooms and nuts, that they collect during walks in the countryside outside their home.

“My viewing tips? Play around. Choose a color theme. Avoid clutter by using small drawers for things you don’t want to see, such as phone chargers and plug adapters.

“I read one book a week and the girls run with the books too,” says Sara. In an open plan, clutter-free home, a clever wall solution for book storage is essential. High shelves with spot lighting in the stairs transform the otherwise wasted space into both a storage solution and an art installation.

“For me, the key to feeling relaxed is good organization with just a few things on display,” Sarah says of her bedroom. The clothes are hidden in a specially adapted storage niche behind her bed, which is dressed in linens made from natural materials. Here we spend weekend mornings relaxing – “I like to lie down, lost in a book”.

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Sarah, an interior designer, lives with her husband Gigi and daughters Beatrice and Mathilde in a renovated house on a quiet hillside outside Genoa. The 120m² house has two bedrooms (one cleverly divided for the girls), a large open living room, dining area and kitchen, and a small studio for Sarah. “It’s where I find inspiration, update my blog and where my projects take shape,” she says.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go ahead! Please note, however, that changing or modifying the products in such a way that they cannot be resold or used for their original purpose will void the commercial warranties and your right to return the products .

Enhance the sense of nature with plants Visit the home: how to organize and create a calm trend Tina Prediction No. 3: Rattan in bright colors Better storage, organized spaces and some basic furniture updates… That’s all it took for interior stylist Ashlyn Gibson to help artists Donald and Ben transform the busy workspace theirs in a neat and inspiring creative center. See how…

Interior Design Ideas Ikea

Donald Marshall, his alter ego Ginger Johnson and partner Ben share a small live-work space blessed with high ceilings but little floor space. They are artists, writers and singers. There are many things in between. Filled with props and costumes, the house needs to be a center of inspiration – spacious enough to get ready and quiet enough to work.

Dining Room Inspiration

Donald and Ben wanted to get rid of random “missing” furniture. “Turning these pieces into an oversized L-shaped sofa helped create the illusion of more space,” says Ashlyn. “Together with custom storage solutions, the room is more streamlined.” Upsetting the sofa may seem counterintuitive, but the couple now have an inviting living area.

Ashlyn chose the ELVARLI storage range because it allows Donald to display items related to the projects he is working on for a creative boost and put other items away. The high ceiling in the room is also used to great effect. “In small spaces, think of dimensions in cubic meters, not just square footage,” she says. “Walls are never just walls. They are also useful and decorative storage areas.

“I never start from scratch with a remodel. I get inspired by what’s out there. What works and what doesn’t? What objects tell a story? What things need to be hidden?

The open-plan space, filled with tights, boas, drapes, scarves and wigs, presented challenges. Ashlyn drew inspiration from a solution the couple already had, a loft bed. “I just helped them make it a little better. The rails, labeled storage and lighting transformed the space under the bed into a walk-in wardrobe. And blinds attached to the bed are perfect to hide the clutter when time is too tight to be tidy.

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Bringing together collections of paintings is a great way to create a focal point without dominating the space. “It’s from a show I did last year in a pub. We have strange icons that we can hang on the walls,” says Donald. Adding blinds to the bed frame means the couple can turn their gallery corner into a photo studio by simply pulling it down.

“This house must have many things. But even small spaces can be multifunctional when you plan smart and simplified storage solutions. Everything is possible”

A clever configuration of wall units has created a storage space, with a mirrored dressing table underneath. Now there is room for both of them to prepare at the same time. “I prepare quietly at home. It’s part of the transformation process,” says Donald. “I can’t argue about the only mirror in the house. Now I can’t wait to prepare.

Interior Design Ideas Ikea

“I prepare at home, alone, in silence. This is part of the transformation process. I get into character when the lips part. This is the tipping point. I’m not Donald anymore, I’m Ginger”

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This 45 m² apartment has a lot. The fresh thinking of stylist Ashlyn combined with the creative spirit of Donald and Ben means that it is now an organized and fun place to work and play. There is a ‘bedroom’, living room, kitchen, workspace, walk-in wardrobe, dressing tables – and even space for Donald to make his stage costumes!

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go ahead! Please note, however, that changing or modifying the products in such a way that they cannot be resold or used for their original purpose will void the commercial warranties and your right to return the products .

Explore Angie Kent’s home sanctuary and bedroom sanctuary 4 new ideas to spruce up your workspace Visit home: brew some warming holiday tea Get inspired by the maximalist home of -interior stylist Hans Blomquist, conceived by a couple who love to travel and show their style through their unique finds.

The fact that our deco tells a story about us is what interior stylist Hans Blomquist wanted to express when he created this house in 2019. for the catalog. The envisioned couple living here loves to travel and collect.

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“I put some things that they like behind the glass so that they are safe and they don’t have to keep comforting them. When they are tired of something, instead of buying something new, the couple can replace the items in their closet with the items on display for a new look.

“The man who lives here is a travel journalist, so I created a personal display using maps and a frame hanging from a rope. Try to think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. It is quite interesting what creative processes you can stimulate just by hanging a hook or two on the wall or even the ceiling. These areas are great for use when you don’t have a lot of floor space.

“I chose a rather dark color scheme with jewel tones for this eccentric couple’s home. Stick with a few complementary tones to make your space more cohesive. White walls used to make the house feel so cluttered. Here, the color of the walls unites the whole room. Another tip for using dark colors is to create a sense of space with mirrors that reflect light.

Interior Design Ideas Ikea

“I recommend taking advantage of places that are often overlooked, such as the ceiling or the corridor between two rooms. Here, the dark passage between the kitchen and the living room takes on a new life with lots of shelves. At dusk, hanging antiques, frames and lamps create a beautiful play of light.

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“I think it’s fun to use your decor to tap into a particular interest or passion. When you love clothes and run your own vintage store, like the woman we imagine living here does, it only makes sense to make a statement and display your collection in open storage. I also think that if your clothes are on display, it means you use them more because you can see them all

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