Interior Design Ideas India

By | May 19, 2023
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A modern and traditional mix of smart tricks and furniture that suits small home designs for Indian sensibilities.

Interior Design Ideas India

Interior Design Ideas India

The challenge of creating an interesting home with a small space can be really fun. There’s a lot you can do with less when it comes to interior design ideas for small homes in India. Since every nook and cranny is so obvious to the eye, every little detail matters. But that can be a good thing. Consider that having a small space makes everything at hand and every little detail can be given attention. Therefore, in a way, perfection is more (or only) achieved in small areas.

Low Budget Interior Design Ideas India

There’s something about small rooms that leave a lot of room for conversation. Read again. There is an undeniable comfort and warmth in a studio apartment, which cannot be compared to a large building. But this is not to say that your home does not have touches of grandeur, elegance and walls that reflect elegance, good taste and above all – pieces of your own personality.

Indian homes are uniquely suited to modern interiors that are flexible and specifically designed to accommodate small spaces. But needless to say, these designs have an added touch of tradition and culture that is within the four walls. Here are some important tidbits to improve your tiny house.

The beauty of pocket doors is not only in their incomparable properties that save space, but also in the way they neatly divide two spaces without adding bulk. In addition, they retract into the walls when not in use, taking up less space than front-opening doors.

Perhaps the oldest game that exists in the world of interior design, but still worth mentioning, is the use of many mirrors. Mirrors will automatically make your living room feel spacious and airy. More than that, they have done a lot by adding the artisanal feel to a small traditional Indian house. Even better, if you strategically place large mirrors in front of a window, they will reflect light and trick the eye into believing that your tiny Indian home is bigger than it really is. Besides being old, it’s also one of the few layers of glamor you can achieve in a single fashion.

Feature Wall Design Ideas For Living Room Interior

White is the new black. Using lighter colors will not only make your small Indian home look bigger but also add sophistication. Neutral colors, in addition to soothing the eye, are more attractive than wall coverings, wooden furniture and colored paintings that are best achieved on a white background.

Go big or go home. (Okay, maybe a little counter-intuitive, considering you’re big on the design of a small house in India) Even if it seems counterintuitive to what you’re trying to achieve, add something substantial enough to grab all the attention and get the rest of the place to a minimum, you can feel bigger. A mess of many small pieces, on the other hand, will make your home look messy and also add discomfort, among other things.

They say, walls have ears and if so, we say it’s better to accessorize properly! You can do a lot to dig niches in the walls of your small house and display antique ornaments, vases or house plants to add beauty to it. For a royal touch, think vintage bowls, handmade artefacts or an old rotary telephone – nothing says classy like retro. Wall niches work very well as interior design ideas for small homes simply because they not only save space, but much more.

Interior Design Ideas India

Now that you know how light plays an important role in making your small space look spacious, it seems like the only obvious choice is to play up your window. Don’t forget about the high ceilings or large French windows and witness nature doing its thing – and in full motion! Your room is sure to look more airy and spacious with this little design hack for small houses in India.

Best Apartment Living Room Ideas 2022 In India

All the furniture that makes the floor of your house visible is encouraged when it comes to designing small houses. The floor that appears corresponds to the floor that appears wider. Mirrored furniture for one, is a great way to add illusion to the space and its subtlety also highlights the bolder colors of your other focal items – such as large rugs, lamps beautiful pendants and wall art. So, go ahead and live.

Bad lighting is a deal-breaker for good interior design and the hardest element to ace. With the lack of space on your plate, aim to free each table from any additional mousse. Table lamps for one are a complete no-no. Be creative with your ceiling and fit hidden lighting where needed – especially corners and recesses. Think of it this way – parts of your house that are visible (mainly well lit), are considered space, others are not. Now you know where to put good lighting in your little indoor game – everywhere! Pendant lights are another good proxy for standing lights that complement spaces. Long pendants, apart from looking good, of course, also tend to emphasize the height of a room.

You don’t think much about the effect a rug will have on your space while you’re shopping, do you? But a small house design requires you to pay attention to the finer details as well. Small area rugs and especially those with borders tend to draw the eye to their dimensions and make your floor seem smaller. It’s getting difficult. Also, busy models reading too much? Not yet. So, what are the ideal rugs for small living rooms? Neutral colored rugs with lighter colors spread throughout the area create a treat that gives your living room the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication that it needs. Another way to go wild with rugs is to combine stripes – another amazing mind trick to make them look wider and more expensive.

Nesting tables are amazing space savers from heaven. You may have noticed sets of two-three tables assembled in furniture stores. What makes them smart furniture is their ability to be used separately when needed and also nested as a central coffee table for your living room. You can nestle in when it’s done and you’ll have your big, spacious room again.

Home Décor And Interior Design Ideas: Ideas For Modern Homes In India

If you are redesigning or renovating the interior of your home from scratch, you may want to consider low-cost furniture, especially in your living room area. Not only does it add sophistication and style, but it also makes your ceiling appear higher so that the room feels larger than it really is. Who doesn’t like high ceilings?

In the end, you will realize that the best ideas for saving space are just illusions or tricks for the eyes and therefore cost almost nothing.

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Interior Design Ideas India

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