Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

By | April 23, 2023
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Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern – Organic modern style is a friendly hybrid that combines modern minimalism with the beauty of nature. This modern design duo showcases warm neutral tones, rich textures and natural materials in funky contemporary spaces for an uplifting, stylish aesthetic – the best of both worlds.

While modern design evokes a sense of sophistication, it often leaves behind the warmth and comfort desired by the home (and its residents).

Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

Add an organic touch with rich natural textures and warm tones, and spaces suddenly soften to reveal a warmer, more inviting atmosphere, bursting with character and soul, while keeping their grandeur intact.

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Influenced by our innate desire to be close to nature, practiced by designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and the mid-20th century Brazilian modern movement, the organic modern style is the result of industrial forms meeting natural influences.

Arguably with more time spent at home these days, there’s a new standard for home comfort – and a desire for spaces and environments that are both elegant and relaxing. Modern, organic design transforms our spaces into sanctuaries of style.

Not too hygge or rustic, organic modern style is its own unique design principle with specific building blocks to create a completely raw and sophisticated look.

Less is more. At the core of organic modern style, we focus on a minimalist approach with clean silhouettes and simple furniture for visual flow. After the terrain was established, we added organic shapes with smooth curved lines to warm things up and add visual interest.

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A soft, neutral palette is the key to an organic oasis. Think warm, calming tonal tones all mixed together to bring warmth and comfort. Designers often bring in multiple shades to inject depth, but keep them all within the same palette to ensure visual flow. If you want color, choose touches of terracotta or olive green to stay in the earth tone family.

Bring natural materials like wood, jute, stone, bamboo, clay, concrete, linen and wicker into spaces to instantly create an earthy essence. Contrast natural materials with contemporary metals like brass or stainless steel to add a modern edge.

Embrace imperfection. Imperfect organic materials inject a sense of character with their historic finishes and patinas. Wood accents and unique reclaimed architectural elements bring unparalleled richness to homes.

Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

As different materials make their way into spaces, textures inevitably begin to blend and blend harmoniously. Pair soft linens with the soft leather of raw, porous stone and smooth marble and see your space filled with depth and character. Consider concrete sculptures and plaster decorative pieces to add tactile warmth with contemporary silhouettes.

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Create a luxe look with layers of organic materials. Just as simple furniture provides the foundation for a modern, organic design, accessories are key to achieving that curated, relaxed look.

Layer with plush blankets, woven baskets and small textured decorative items like crystals and rocks – ensuring the room doesn’t feel overcrowded. When we let our decorating room breathe, we have room to breathe.

Keep the spaces open by choosing the right number of pieces in the right size. In general, large accessories provide a large impact without overwhelming the space. Opt for a large sculptural piece over a small group of objects, and find enough pieces of art to fill an empty wall rather than a gallery wall.

Look for foliage and bring the outdoors indoors for a finishing touch. Plants not only enliven space, but are a key element of organic modernity.

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Bringing in green instantly adds a little soul to modern design and has been scientifically proven to improve air quality and reduce stress.

Hang houseplants above, display trees in room focal points, and style large branches in clear, dramatic pots. Sprawling plants like Monstera will make your space feel a little wild and free, while bamboo and succulents create a Zen aesthetic.

The beautifully imperfect shapes and textures of marble sculptures will help break up the clean contemporary lines, while plumes of dried herbs will add the perfect understated organic touch.

Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

Organic modernism and organic modernism furniture work well in shared spaces as well as private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms – perfect for anyone who loves the clean look of contemporary design and the historic style that organic touches bring.

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Take a seat at an elegant yet natural dining table, complete with a flora or fauna centerpiece and accent chandelier or ceiling pendant lighting. Mix and match wood tones with soft seating materials and metallic and organic accents.

Get the perfect modern organic style living room with a modern sofa or loveseat paired with a swivel chair in a complementary material like warm rattan. Opt for a curved coffee table atop a clean, minimalist rug, and opt for a large palm or olive tree in the corner to frame the room in front of a floor lamp that doubles as a sculptural work of art, like our table lamp. lamp or our Lido White Gypsum Floor Lamp.

Create the ideal bedroom environment with soft, sumptuous linens atop an understated bed frame with textured accents on nightstands, throws and baskets. Place quiet foliage plants in intimate corners and on dressers or nightstands to complete the look.

Brighten the bathroom with an airy, clean design, complete with an elegant marble or stone vanity complete with wooden cabinets, organic shapes and brass finishes. Add pops of botanical effects to counters and above showers and bathtubs.

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Liven up a room with modern organic furniture that offers sophisticated elegance and natural beauty.

Style and layer spaces with the perfect modern organic decor to add character and depth to spaces.

Organic modern style is achieved by combining modern style elements such as sleek silhouettes and minimal shapes with natural textures and warm colors.

Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

Organic design is an approach that emphasizes the use of natural materials, greenery, sustainable fabrics, curved lines and warm colors in interior spaces.

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Organic design was pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed in creating harmony between man and nature. This belief was expressed through the use of natural materials and smooth rounded shapes.

You can transform any room into an organic oasis by adding the right natural touches. Add natural materials, warm neutral colors, curved lines, textured accessories and plants. Lindsey is a design expert at Lanquist, covering the latest home trends and design tips. He has more than 6 years of experience in digital media. In addition to serving as a former senior editor for StyleCaster and a copywriter for Self, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Byrdie, Verywell, SheKnows, Nylon, and more.

As the modern design became more popular, it inspired many offshoots. These hybrid design styles take modern design as a starting point and branch out in new directions, combining the style’s clean lines with unexpected elements like beachwear and gorgeous mirrors.

Modern coastal design has given us amazingly stylish beach houses. Desert Modern style has proven that clean-lined furniture looks great with patterned fabrics and gorgeous cacti, and the modern Victorian movement has given us layered interiors fit for a contemporary queen. Put a new spin on modernism, making the usually elegant style feel warm, earthy and surprisingly comfortable.

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Organic modern design blends the clean lines and minimalist approach of modern design with warm, earthy details such as cozy fabrics, natural materials and lots of greenery.

“Organic modern style is a subtle departure from traditional modern design, emphasizing organic materials and nature-centered elements,” says Ginger Curtis, lead designer at Urbanology Designs. Style hallmarks include natural materials, muted neutral tones, lush greenery and warm accents.

“Organic modern feels more earthy and warm than modern design—that’s the main difference,” Curtis adds.

Interior Design Ideas Natural Modern

To help you make sense of this hip, trendy new business, we spoke to three experts who have mastered the style. They walked us through the basics of organic modern design – and shared their favorite organic modern design ideas with us.

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Organic modern design is earthy and minimal, so set the scene with a neutral palette. Fill your home with earthy browns, creamy whites and soft grays, and don’t be afraid to play with contrast.

“The colorway is neutral but still allows you to use really saturated colors,” say Anne and Jordan Oberman, lead designers at Forge and Bo Washing.

There are many natural ingredients – and they are all welcome in a modern, organic space. “Add shag or natural rugs, select fabric chairs, and choose raw wood bowls for kitchen and decor,” says Dennis Reeves, principal designer at Reeves Interiors.

Plants are a staple in modern organic design, so stock up on greenery and put it anywhere.

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“If the design lacks natural materials, it’s not modern organic,” says Obermanns. Curtis recommends sprinkling your space with plants and organic accents.

Organic modern design is full of curves and arcs. Why? Mimicking some of the softer edges found in nature, the shapes shake up the sleek lines of modernity. Curtis recommends stocking up on “earth, organic sculptures and pieces.”

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